studio portrait photography with a low cost monolight Golden Eagle LED-200

Hello everybody, welcome to the channelbefore continuing with the video
I tell you some information regarding this monolights
is a monolight of the Golden Eagle a Chinese brand that has put this 200 w led light on the marketthe particularity that in addition to having 200w is offered at an attractive pricein the previous video I showed you the model of the Godox the 150 w model a hybrid monolight because it also has the flash functionToday I show you this model of the LED Godel Eaglea lamp led indicated both in photography and in videolet’s see the characteristics of this Golden Eagle led 2000in the package we will find the led 2000a standard Bowens reflector,
a remote control that will serve to change the power from a minimum of 5% to 100%
as regards the quality of construction, I consider it good and it is not the best as it deserves a vote 8the frame is all metal obviously there are plastic parts, such as the handle but overall I consider it goodhas a lower weight you have 3 kg, all in all it is not even to be considered heavythe color temperature is 5600k CRI 95 %there is also the model with 3200 kI prefer this 5600k
because in photographic and video dress I consider it more suitable
now let’s see the controls that we find in the backfirst of all we find the 200 w led cooled
by a heat sink and in his opinion this will be cooled by a fan
a fan that will always be in operation since when we turn on the led 2000the fan does not; a lot of noise but can be heard but not disturbingwe said that the construction is fine but now we see the backwe have this practical handle that serves to tilt the lampwe have a solid bracket to insert it into the standa small display that indicates the color temperaturethat I remind you can not change, and the power of lightstarting from a minimum of 5% up to a maximum of 100%by pressing the same dimer we can change channels, we have 4we could control up to 4 elements simultaneously with the remote controlwe find the power button and three-pole connection for electrical power cable socketwe have nothing else here, the essentials are there and our flashlight is ready for usean important thing to underline is that the led is gratinated for over 100,000 hours which should not be underestimatedand there will be a decrease in energy consumption of up to 90%ok guys we got to the end of this video, thank you for watching itI hope it has come in handy as it is served, as you have seen it is not bad at all, it is a product that I recommendalso because with just $ 300 you can bring a 200 w multifunctional flashlight homealso because with only $ 300 buy a multifunctional 200w monolight200 w are not a few 20,000 lux are not a few, and a torch to considerI think that under $ 300 it’s difficult to find a product with these qualities’you can buy it on the manufacturer’s websiteI leave you all the links in the descriptionif you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them below in the comments or contact me via DM in instagramI think I said essential, I’ll do more videos with this flashlightI greet you all ! see you in the next video

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  1. I love this channel particularly for things like lights that people might not be aware of. It's just great being able to see what they are capable of without someone only talking about them. Decent results.

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