Stunt photoshoot off skyscraper with everyday atheletes

I love hanging off tall places.
My friends though? A little less. Unfortunately they didnʼt have much of a choice because we were there on a mission, to take epic photos
of everyday athletes defying gravity. This my friends is how the adventure began. Oh my gosh, guys, you won’t believe…
what just came in the mail. First off, I got this personalized note
from Nike, it said, “Dear Ben, what would you do
if you could walk on air?” and there’s a telephone number on the back. They also sent me this pair of shoes,
that looks like they’re made out of air. So, putting these two together,
I can’t help but wonder, is this a challenge? It… was a challenge. I thought up an idea,
I had never done before. How hard could it be, to hang someone
and have them run on the side of a building? Only one way to find out. Our experiments started off at ground level, with a small team and some basic scaffolding. Now, the master plan was to build up
a 20 foot structure, with a metal beam in the centre,
equipped with an electrical car winch. A few short hours later, it was time to test it all out
with me as the chief Guineapig. experimenting with different harnesses
to see how long I could stay up. It was a lot harder than I expected. This is going to be hard for the models,
itʼs sorta painful and itʼs been like… a minute. To make things even harder,
I didnʼt want to use professional models. I wanted to showcase everyday people
that were making a difference in their community, and celebrate them as role models. We had Ian, a Doctor and Triathlete
promoting strong as the new beautiful, Bryan, founder of Bambike,
a social and ecological enterprise. Nikka and Krizanne, empowering your women
through sports with ‘Girls Got Game’, and Mike, a rapper building communities
through ‘Pinoy Hoops’. After days of hard work,
all the pieces were finally falling into place, it was game time. Those who were scared of heights
would only have to hang off a 7-story building, while those who said they werenʼt,
were dropped off the side of a 30-story skyscraper. Like most things in life,
the hardest part was making a commitment. It was that first step to hang over the edge
that was really the most difficult but, once they conquered that,
once they finally let go, they were suddenly free to basically run on air. With gravity pulling
in the completely wrong direction, just trying to look good was a challenge in itself. Adding on a large bulky prop,
such as an eco-friendly bicycle, and that meant a whole lot more trial and error. And while shots from only 7-stories up
looked a lot less dramatic, they were not any easier. Some were almost harder to create
because they required trying to coordinate two people, horizontally at the exact same time. These were just everyday people, pushing themselves to the limits
to participate in this challenge, so that they could motivate their community. And, while a photo alone canʼt change the world, it could help inspire someone who can. And, who knows… that person, could even be you.

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  1. Woww!! impressive, nice shots, can't wait to see the final results! Great challenge of creativity, engineering and defy gravity!

  2. Já estava sentindo falta de vídeos de seus projetos… Parabéns por mais esse projeto único… Gosto muito de ver seus vídeos, é muito interessante…

  3. You are the best my friend!In my photoshoots if I manage hair makeup and model in the same time it's a miracle and you did all this excellent!!!

  4. That's amazing! I would do anything to work on these interesting and creative projects!

    Lucky you @VonWong and remember, if you need an active and very motivated crew member just let me know!

  5. You are brilliant. What a great challenge and I loooooove your take on it. Well executed!!!! And I looooove your message you are giving about the power of a single photograph.

  6. You inspired me to get off my lazy butt and do one of my photo projects as well, Benjamin – thanks as always for being amazing!

  7. Its a great idea but i think there is too much lighting on the people that makes the photo looks edited instead of taken from that hard process

  8. Thumbs Up! Impressive shooting and challenge. Love the passion and the drive to accomplish on both sides: Photographer and Models (and assistants)

  9. Love how you chose everyday people. Makes for a more interesting production and inspires us to challenge ourselves to do and do it better each time.

  10. I like this a lot. Also, have a look at the following photo vlogger, Lewis von John (X-T2, A7Riii, GFX, 4×5, etc.):

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