– I got money and I just put it in there, and I’m going to get these two Skittles. – (laughs) These two. – [Bryan] All right. – [Missy] Careful. They’re all gonna fall.
– Put your hand under. – [Bryan] Oh. Put your hand under it and then open it. Silly. (laughs) (“This is Home” by Bryan Lanning) ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said ♫ This is home ♫ Just running around
you’ve never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight ♫ Cuddlin’ all I could saying ♫ I am home ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – Good morning Luna. How you doin’? (laughing) Being such a good puppy. Yes she has. You too, Karma. You’ve been such a good boy. Seriously, you guys. (Finley laughing) Luna, I had her do a long
down stay in the bathroom while we were all getting
ready for the day, and she just laid there
and just watched us. There were so many distractions going on and she did so good. It’s been really kinda
refreshing, I think. – It’s been so nice ’cause
it can be hard with a puppy. Puppies are crazy, and– – Yeah, and I wasn’t
expecting a whole lot, so maybe that’s why I’m happy, but I definitely have been
happy since they returned. (dogs whine) She does annoy him still, but
he seems to not care as much. – Yeah, he’s been a lot better. – [Bryan] Although, Luna is kind of in this awkward teenage stage where she’s like long and
scraggly (Missy laughs) and still finding her place in the world. Aren’t you? Can I get that leg going? Where’s the leg? – [Missy] Oh. Oh. Oh. – There it is, there it is, there it is. I hit the button. I hit the button. There it is. She’s like, “Oh, I likey.” Boys are wearing matching shirts today. We are gonna go out and go to the mall and see if we can find a B-U-N-N-Y. I also have to grab a couple of things- – [Missy] Not a real one. – Yeah, not a real one. I still have to grab a couple of things for Easter dinner tomorrow ’cause we’re gonna have a lot
of family members over here and I wanna make it just perfect. But I broke into the
Easter treats, you guys. We got Easter SweeTarts. This is like chicks, eggs
and bunnies, I think. Those are amazing. I got Missy another
chicken and a pig. (laughs) Just some flowers. And this morning, while
Ollie was eating breakfast, he was like, “Hey, there’s
eggs in those flowers.” (laughs) So we’re gettin’
things a little bit set up. We didn’t have any time to even decorate for Easter this year, and we really do like to
decorate for the seasons and kinda just get into it and make your house feel
changing and different, but man, we traveled so much last month that we just did not get around to it, so. Now we are headed to the mall and gonna see if we can
get some stuff done today. – [Bryan] Ollie, be careful. – Don’t fall in. – [Bryan] Oh, my gosh. – [Missy] You’re gonna fall in. – [Bryan] No, Ollie. Okay. You’re really kinda
scaring me now. (laughs) – I know you’re not great with it. The waterfall, huh? – [Bryan] What if you both
fell in? (Finley speaks) – [Missy] Woo. (Bryan laughs) (Finley wails) (Missy and Bryan laugh) – [Oliver] Let me. – [Bryan] He wants to feel it. He’s just like asking
to fall in, aren’t you? How does it feel? – [Oliver] There’s money in there. – [Missy] There is money, huh? (Bryan laughs) – I don’t know what
attracts Ollie to fountains. – [Missy] I don’t know what it is. – But it always happens. (soft pop music) – I got money and I just put it in there and I’m going to get these two Skittles. – (laughs) These two. – [Bryan] All right. Okay. – [Missy] Careful. They’re all gonna fall.
– Put your hand under. – [Bryan] Oh. Put your hand under it and then open it. Silly. (laughs) (dispenser clinking) Ooh, you got some? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Make sure you share
with your brother, okay? – Okay. (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] So this is normally where the Easter Bunny hangs out, but it seems he has gone into his hole. – Yeah. He’ll be back later. – [Bryan] We missed him. It might be a good thing. (laughs) Honestly. Have they ever met the Easter Bunny? – [Oliver] Mama. – Ollie has. – [Bryan] Yeah, Ollie has once. – Fin hasn’t. I don’t think it would go great with him. – [Bryan] Yeah. (laughs) – But Ollie was excited. – [Bryan] Yeah. – [Missy] Look what opened up at the mall. Oh, my gosh. You better believe I’m gonna
be gettin’ a cookie here. – Oh, jeez, guys. Lookit. It’s a big one. (shrieks) Mom, it’s got flowers and it’s big. (Missy laughs) – [Missy] You gettin’
the sugar cookie, Ollie? – Yeah. Look at those chocolate chip cookies. – Look at all these
cookies. (Missy laughs) – Yeah, I want a blue chocolate chip– – [Bryan] A blue chocolate chip one? – [Missy] You mean the blue sugar cookie. – Yeah.
– Okay. – I want a real big sugar cookie. (soft pop music) – [Missy] All right. We’re doing something kind
of fun at the mall right now. We are gettin’ ready to take pictures and you guys look so cute in
your little matching outfits. – Bop bop. – [Missy] We’re gonna take pictures like Easter pictures, ‘kay? – All right, guys. We found this awesome place called Art Touch Photography in the mall, and the boys just did the
cutest Easter photo shoot ever. I’m gonna show you
these pictures right now with a little slideshow
because it was so adorable and the kids did so good. They were able to give
us all our pictures today so we can put ’em in the video so check out this adorableness
that’s about to happen. (soft pop music) It’s ice cream time. Tomorrow we are having–
– Dad. It’s ice cream time. – (laughs) Yes, it is. Isn’t it? Tomorrow we’re having lots of people over so I’m going to make three
batches of ice cream. I got my tubs all laid out. So probably gonna do two
chocolate and then a… What’s the other one? Cake batter. So I got the chocolate one goin’ now. They even got these cool
little cups for Easter and toppings and stuff, too, for the kids. Ollie, you watching Om Nom? – Yeah. – [Bryan] He’s cool, huh? He’s like a green alien. – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] And he’s got a
little snack for the day. Oranges, carrots and apples. Is that yummy? – Mm-hmm. – [Bryan] Mm-hmm? What do we got goin’ on here? – You caught me red-handed. – [Bryan] Caught in the act. (laughs) – I’m making the cutest little
Pinterest Rice Krispie– Stop it. (Bryan laughs) They’re gonna be like little nests with little M&M robin eggs inside of ’em. – [Bryan] Yes, the peanut
butter M&M eggs are so good. So those are good.
– Yeah. The only problem is
that Rice Krispie treats are my weakness and I literally
can’t stop eating ’em. – [Bryan] Wait, is this
for right now or for the– – No, I’m supposed to be making them. – [Bryan] Well, just
make another one, babe. We bought plenty. – I know. I bought so much. (both laugh) – [Bryan] Yeah. – ‘Cause I knew this was gonna happen. – We go through like two
boxes of Rice Krispies when her family’s here ’cause we just are making
Rice Krispie treats. – They’re so good. – [Bryan] ‘Cause it’s pure marshmallow. – I know. And they’re just like, they’re so good. It’s all over my face. – Yeah, so we’re trying to
get a lot of stuff done today so tomorrow we can go to church and not have to worry about setup and then just get what we need done, done. But there’s lots of people
coming over tomorrow so we have to prepare. (charming folk music) (machine whirs) (machine plays “Turkey in the Straw”) That chime means we
have ice cream. (laughs) – So we are also enjoying the
(dog barks) courtyard today ’cause my dad thought it would be fun to buy a little charcoal barbecue. I guess he was craving charcoal (Missy’s Dad laughs) barbecued stuff so he got one of these little
ones for us to barbecue on. We actually haven’t barbecued in so long that we don’t even have one anymore. We’re waiting for it to all be installed. So we’re just hanging
out in the courtyard, which is really nice because it does tend to get
really windy where I live, but the courtyard kinda blocks the wind. Then my Dad came up with the genius idea of not only getting a little
pool for the boys to play in, ’cause we’ve been missing the water, but he hooked this hose
up to my hot water heater. And you might be thinking, “I
mean, what use would that do? “You’re just gonna run out of hot water.” I have a endless hot water tank so you can literally just
use hot water forever. So this is a very warm
bathtub temp pool right now. (laughs) And they love it. They are so, so happy, huh, guys? And I’m like, that was genius. I would have never thought to do that. – [Oliver] Mama. – [Missy] Yeah? – I love you. – [Missy] I love you. All right. It is the day before Easter and that means it’s time
to color eggs. (laughs) So what are we doin’, bud? – We’re gonna put the eggs in the water. – [Missy] Yeah. So my mom picked up this
No Spill Egg Coloring Kit. – [Oliver] Let’s do it. – [Missy] And it’s pretty cool. – [Oliver] Let’s do it, guys. – [Missy] There’s water
in here, and watch this. Oh. (laughs) It doesn’t spill out. It’s so cool. – I’m gonna get you a towel just in case. – Yeah, just in case. (Missy’s Mom laughs) We’ll be careful ’cause this … Don’t wanna get the wood stained. But I did have my mom
also pick up white eggs because for one thing, I
feel like coloring brown eggs probably wouldn’t be very successful. Two, I just can’t ruin my brown eggs. – Hey, Mama, this is broken. – [Missy] Oh, it is cracked, you’re right. We should probably not use that one. Oh, it’s actually really weird-looking. – [Oliver] Kinda looks like Spiderman. – [Missy] Yeah, it does
look like Spiderman. So we’re gonna go ahead and start. We gotta put the little drops in it and we gotta get ’em all ready
so you can put ’em in, ‘kay? So hang on. (laughs) Not yet. (charming folk music) – [Missy’s Mom] Let’s
gently drop it in there. I don’t know how to do it gently. – [Missy] Just go ahead and drop it in. – [Missy’s Mom] Just go
ahead and drop it in. (Missy laughs) Maybe longways, so that way
we can kind of lower it. Or you just have to literally … (Missy laughs) – Whoa, it’s yellow. – Yeah.
– Woo. – It’s yellow. – [Missy’s Mom] Now kinda shake it gently. Like pick up the thing right here, yep. And give it a little shake. Should we just let it sit? Remember, if we let it sit the longer– – [Missy] Yeah. – [Missy’s Mom] The better, the better. Go ahead. There you go. Good job.
– Yay. – It makes blue. It’s blue. It’s stop blue. – [Missy] Ooh. (Missy’s Mom laughs) (egg splashes) – Hey, it’s black. – [Missy’s Mom] Give it
a little shakey shake. – Whoa. It makes blue, too. (Missy laughs) – [Missy’s Mom] Give it a little– (egg plops) (laughing) – That was so cool. You can just drop them in here, and they don’t even splash or anything, and then they just color and then you’re supposed to tip it over and it’s not supposed to spill. So I’m interested in how that’ll work. I think it’s good that we have this down. I will say Fin is sleeping. We actually ended up
doing this pretty late, so Fin’s already in bed. But he wouldn’t really be
able to do much anyway, so next year he’ll be able to
enjoy this a little bit more. Are you gonna catch the egg? – Yeah. – [Missy] Yeah. – [Oliver] Oh no. – [Missy] It definitely– (laughs) All right. – I wouldn’t call it
no-spill. (Missy laughs) I would call it less spill than usual. – [Missy] Yeah. – We’re gonna set it right there, ‘kay? – [Missy] Ooh. – [Missy’s Mom] And then
kind of turn your hand over and dry it off on the towel. – [Missy] They’re all gonna have whatever color’s before the other one. Oh, no, don’t take your– – Do you not wanna do anymore? You want me to get him out? – [Missy] Is it too
messy for you? (laughs) He’ll take the clean egg
and put it in the thing. Then he’s done. (laughs) – I guess it’s a– – [Missy] Ooh. – [Oliver] Egg. – [Missy] The egg get stuck? – [Oliver] Oh, jeez. (Missy laughs) – [Bryan] Oh, jeez. – [Missy] Oh, jeez. – [Missy’s Mom] I mean, they’re pretty. – [Missy] Yeah, they’re really pretty. (charming folk music) – Guys, we have to color eggs. – [Missy] We colored all the eggs? – Mm-hmm. – [Missy] And how do they look? – They look pretty good. – [Missy] Pretty good? – Yeah. – [Missy] And what are
the colors? Show me. – [Oliver] This is yellow. – [Missy] Mm-hmm. – [Oliver] And this is pink. – [Missy] Mm-hmm. – And this one’s I can’t
get out. (laughing) – [Bryan] Some of them are stuck. – [Missy] Some are stuck in there? All right. What are some other colors we got? – Red. Blue one. – [Missy] A blue one. – [Missy’s Mom] Be careful, they slip. Sometimes they slip. – [Missy] Let’s just, you can just point to them, ‘kay? – [Missy’s Mom] Sometimes
they slip like Mimi’s did and made a big ol’ hole. (Missy laughs) What about that one? – [Oliver] That’s the green one. – [Women] Yeah. – We got so many cool colors, huh? We did all these and we even
broke a few of the white ones, so I brought out some of my brown ones. These are all of my brown ones and they actually colored
pretty nicely, I’m– – They’re both green ones. – [Missy] Yeah, those are green ones and there’s some different colors on ’em. – [Missy’s Mom] That one’s kinda orange. Purple. – [Missy] Yeah. – [Missy’s Mom] This one’s multicolored. – We did not hard boil them because we do not (laughs)
like hard boiled egg, so we’ll just use these. – In case you missed
Missy’s video (Missy laughs) where she claimed that. – None of us really are big fans of that. Ollie, Ollie, don’t do that. – [Bryan] I like hard boiled eggs. – All right, I should’ve
hard boiled some for Bryan, but I didn’t ’cause I
can’t stand the smell. So I think we’ll just
eat them for breakfast and just remember Easter. And tomorrow we might play
a game with them, too, with all our family and stuff, so. Yay, that was fun, huh? (lips smack) All right, bedtime. (laughing) All right. It is gettin’ late and it is
finally your bedtime, huh? – Mm-hmm. – I just had to put
some stuff under his lip because he has some chappedness and so he gets all stressed out. He doesn’t like it on there, huh? – Yeah. – Is it hard to talk? – Yeah. (Missy laughs) – We are gettin’ really
excited for tomorrow, Easter. I just think it’s gonna
be a really fun day and we’ve been doin’ a lot
of preparing for it, so. Wow, this boy needs to go bed, huh? I hope you guys have a fun Easter. I guess we’re gonna go
ahead and end the vlog. Can you give the video a thumbs up? – Yep. (Missy laughs) – Like … Yeah. All right. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. What do you say? – Bye. Boop. (“This is Home” by Bryan Lanning)


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