Swimwear Photoshoot In an Exotic Location in Ghana

Hey guys and welcome to a new video here on
Phloshop my name is Joseph. If you haven’t subscribed yet to my channel
please do so as it lets me know you’re interested in my content and please stick through to
the end of the video to see the amazing images we were able to create. In this video we’re going on a journey to
the eastern part of Ghana where we have this amazing waterfall. For the outfit choices,
I spoke to the model and asked her to basically put a look together bearing in mind the place
would be full of rocks, water and lots of greens. She suggested bringing some bikinis
and kimonos so we went along with the looks she put together. When we got to the place, the sun was diffused
for the most part and it was like we were just lighting her up with this huge soft box. In the beginning her skin wasn’t picking
up a lot of highlights like I wanted so I had to oil her up a bit with some sheen spray
just so I could get a bit more dimension in the images. I swapped between my 24 to 35 lens and my
85mm whilst finding places to shoot at and directing her just a bit to spice up the shoot. One thing I noticed and loved was the fact
that the rocky location made her skin tone pop a lot as the light bouncing off these
brown surfaces really complemented her skin tone. At the end of the video I’ll leave some
of the images for u to look at along with the camera settings I used in shooting those. If you have any questions or suggestion please
leave them in the comment section below and let’s have a conversation. If you like this video and want to see me
shoot in more locations like this let me know in the comments below as well Also don’t forget to subscribe if you’re
new here, leave a like to let me know you enjoyed the video, also help by sharing the
video with your friends and….. Enjoy the video, enjoy the scenery and I will
see you in the next one.

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