100 Replies to “T1 LoL AMA | T1 CAMERA”

  1. 0:28 역시 빛리드 빛상혁 대상혁
    파인애플따위은 피자랑 어울리지 않고
    민트초코는 먹을게 못돼지 역시 근ㅡㅡ본

  2. When faker had teddy in his team in soloq, wouldn't he always go support alistar and troll him? I remember something…

  3. 영상 이런식으로 올리실거면 그냥 선수들 개인 편집자 구해서 유튜브 운영하시면 안 되나요? 개인방송 많이하고 그 중에서도 방송각 잡히는 경기 되게 많은데 게임 경기는 시청자들이 제보해준 트위치 클립짜집기만 주에 한번씩 올라오고 ㅋㅋ 일을 하는건지 안 하는 건지 ㅋㅋ

  4. the moment you go through comments and just like every korean comment even tho u dont understand anything said in it.
    The whiteknight arrived

  5. Effort's like, "I don't want to beat my team members."
    Faker on the total opposite is like, "I have the most fun when I kill my team members." xD

    So funny how Faker's sarcastically like, "my teammates don't let me play support for some reason" knowing fine well that it's because he trolls them, and in fact him trolling Cpt Jack as a support back in the day did go viral. xD

  6. One of the reason why Clid is uncomfortable to the team, Khan and Teddy is very loud, SKT commercials, and Teddy stealing his farm. But the truth is SKT can't buy Clid's offers.. Gen G bought peanut last season. Rich asf

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