Take a 360 tour of the photography studio at Georgian

it was 2005 when I enrolled in Georgians
photography program and I knew nothing about photography lighting or working in
a studio the instructors literally taught me
everything so how did I become a successful photographer with my own
business it all started at Georgians photography studio I am Cyndal Lorch art
faculty at Georgian College and welcome to our sneak peek of our new photography
studio in downtown Barrie Photography is a full-time program however the studio
is open at flexible times to help you complete your assignment at a time
that’s convenient to you take a look around and you’ll see current students
working on their assignments click on the hot spots anytime to see more
especially our equipment room the equipment in that room makes me wish
that I was a student again the students on the orange and the green backdrop are
working on their product photography using a variety of our lights and
modifiers like the strip box the small and the medium soft boxes as well as our
Bowen and Hensel lights the students on the black and the blue backdrops are
working on their portrait and fashion photography using some of our other
modifiers like the large soft boxes beauty dish and umbrella you’ll notice
that the students are also tethering to our iMac computers that are equipped
with capture 1 and Lightroom software so you can get a real-time view of your
images as you’re capturing them students at Georgian have access to over $100,000
worth of photography equipment so they get hands-on experience using industry
standard lights and modifiers that many high-end photographers use in the
photography program you can gain career and business development skills so if
you dream of starting a photography business you’ll have the know-how
remember I didn’t know anything about photography lighting or working in a
studio and now I run a photography business and teach at Georgian everyone
has a different path to a photography program get in touch with us by email or
give us a call to arrange your tour of the photography studio at our downtown
very location thanks for watching

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