Tala – Sarah Geronimo Music Video Reaction – You Need To See Her Dance

hey what’s up everyone its tennis here
back with another video and today I’m gonna be checking out sarah geronimo
pala music video this has been trending over the last couple of weeks I believe
there’s a dance craze happening on tick-tock on YouTube and Facebook
wherever and I’ve actually seen her perform this performance she did in
Japan I think back in 2018 music festival or something and yeah that the
performance there was really really incredible lots of lights blowing up her
dancing her vocals really great so I was like well you know what I want to check
out her music video so I know some of you been commenting for me to react into
this so yeah today is that day now before we continue on make sure you
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see any of my new videos alright now that’s out of the way
let’s get started I know she’s a popular singer in the Philippines she’s been
going strong for the last couple of years I personally haven’t listened to
any of her songs I may have here India but this is the first song / music video
that I’m gonna be checking her Wow does that sound right wrong anyway let’s get
started boom desert okay there’s gonna be a cinematic mutant
cinematic music video I hope so I’m just gonna turn on silence my mobile phone oh
wow sound like a fake tattoo clothing okay
so it is a fake Tata tattoo her skins bronze
I really love her voice in here it’s good I like that photo focusing and out
of focus and focusing on again and the body movements in the dance that now I
know why this is trending so this is the dance I’m saying through tick-tock it’s
different when watching live and checking out her music video in here
it’s you know I like I like how she dances here it’s probably because this is my first
time watching the full sort of music video and I like how she dances in here
live performance you know this little slight variance in there but the main
gist of it the main dance of it the made it popular or made it trending
is here I can see it clearly now why are people are liking this song specially
with tick tock apps you know you know that social media app a lot of people
there’s been there’s been a lot of dance challenges that’s been happening in
there so it’s pretty cool to finally see this music video and her voice here and
the song the melody it sounds really nice typical pop song that you could you
would hear I like the aesthetic aesthetic I like
how she you know all the makeups and the costumes here so you know it’s pretty
good let’s continue on so that means start al-amin star yeah it’s an English subtitles which is good
because it allows me to understand some of the Filipino where it’s a little bit
better I really love that autofocusing thing
that they’ve done in there it’s good all right going to the course and this
song just makes you really want to dance Oh look how she dances you know with her
legs in there you know I don’t know what it’s all right by anybody you know what
parts you know I’m you know what I mean it’s kind of like weird but not so weird
but it works in this music video filming another out of focusing and happening in
it I think that’s way a little bit too much but you know I’ll give it away
oh okay this is you realize this this part I don’t think that’s Aaron or
around mo dancing name or not it is her thing can’t tell because of the hair it
suddenly from curly can’t be hurt now it is her let her or
not comment down below let me know okay sorry that’s her all that that’s the one
that she did on the Japan music video uh sorry
music performance okay now you now remember this just different sound in
the music video compared to the pur live performance if she looks way different in here
because probably because of the hairstyles change of the darker makeup
and the eyes I don’t know she looks different here again obviously
with the hairstyle just hold on tight because together
we’ll reach for the stars it’s good liking the song can’t believe this was released back in
2016 and it’s only trending now I don’t know maybe it was very popular back in
2016 I know then again I was really reacting to any Filipino music songs
back you know 2016 but I will definitely be checking more of Sara her own emo
your cool and our out-of-focus style happening in there cool oh yeah
absolutely favorite records she should actually
have our own you know YouTube channel out subscribe for that one it’s funny
that this song is actually you know it’s an it’s trending because of the dance
craze and a lot of international artists are using or not using sorry are dancing
through to this song teen mole and dance you know with this song and I actually
reacted to that video I’ll drop the link down below buy it so it’s pretty cool
that it’s being recognized internationally again with the advent of
social media all around the world if they hear something that’s nice to
listen into that you can you know sing and dance along with yeah yeah it goes
trending like this one so yeah I’m sure there’s a lot of fans are pretty happy
with what’s happening which are Otomo up alluding to read more about it but need
to find out more about her and what’s going on in what it is gonna be new song
coming up or yeah probably gonna check her more videos of her so yeah anyways
thank you so much for dropping by and hanging out with me if you enjoyed this
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is Dennis and I’ll see you in the next video bye

9 Replies to “Tala – Sarah Geronimo Music Video Reaction – You Need To See Her Dance”

  1. Sarah Geronimo performances :

    Sorry not sorry
    Don't let me down
    In the name of love
    New rule
    Ain't my fault
    Jumpin jumpin
    Drunk in love
    best thing I've never had
    Dija vu
    Independent woman

  2. Please react REFLECTION
    SALUTE rendition of Sarah geronimo. Thank you so much. ❤❤❤

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