100 Replies to “Talking to an Imaginary Friend (HIDDEN CAMERA UBER PRANK 21) | AYYDUBS”

  1. 4:10 why is that so true tho,I’m Filipino and when I go to the Philippines everyone calls me chubby and fat,but I don’t really care because I live in Australia and I always go to my Lola’s (grandma in Filipino) house and she's like "dont eat a lot so you won't get fat"🙄🙄

  2. It would have been cool if she was in a Tesla and she opened the door with the remote control and said "Hey Newman, has was the bathroom? and then closed it.

    Valerie would have been mind blown.

  3. Umm the disease that you talked about "hyper thyroidism" is called hashimotos 😂 I have it, and u explained it perfectly

  4. Am I the only one who thinks this woman is a bitch? She could have went a long with it knowing that she would eventually get to where she needed to be and wouldn't see Alyx anymore.

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