TENET | Official Trailer | A Film from Christopher Nolan | Filmed with IMAX® Cameras

We all believe we’ve run into the burning building but until we feel that heat we can never know. You do. You chose to die instead of giving up your colleagues. That test you passed not everybody does. Welcome to the afterlife. To do what I do I need some idea of the threat we face. As I understand it we’re trying to prevent World War III. Nuclear holocaust. No something worse. All I have for you, is a word Tenet. It’ll open the right doors and some of the wrong ones too. You have to start looking at the world in a new way. Don’t try to understand it feel it. What the hell happened here? It hasn’t happened yet.

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  1. The youtuber Jor els said he say this in the sphere IMAX and it blew him away… Like, literally. He said it was well worth it.

  2. "We all believe that we understand Christopher Nolan's movie the first time, until we watch an interview of Michael Caine who clears it off!
    1:18 that moment you realize that you will know whats really happening in the movie in 2030

  3. This site tells you which U.S. locations have true IMAX instead of LieMAX. Look for 1570 next to the theaters. Those have true IMAX screens.


  4. I think the main character did die and he is an operative from the after life like there is some scientific crossover. Robert Pattinson is his live human counterpart he is partnered with.

  5. Clock: No, please!
    Nolan: Yes. Put on the blindfold.
    Clock: Haven't you punished me enough?
    Nolan: No. There's more I want to do with time.
    Clock: Have mercy!
    Nolan: Now, put on these handcuffs. Once again, I have full control over you! I'm going to twist your hands in ways you never imagined.
    Clock: S–Senpai!

  6. 8 reasons why Robert Pattinson will be a good Batman.

    1. He’s an incredibly talented actor. Remember Me, The Rover, Good Time, High Life, The Lighthouse, etc. proves that.

    2. He has the right height and chin for the role. Love him or hate him, he‘s pretty much tailor made for the Batsuit.

    3. He can put on muscle for the part. An anorexic Christian Bale bulked up for Batman Begins, so anything’s possible.

    4. He kinda looks like a young Ben Affleck. The Batman will be a prequel to Batman v Superman, so it fits.

    5. He’s not the only controversial comic book casting. Nobody wanted Heath Ledger as The Joker but he proved them wrong.

    6. He’s going to be in a solo movie, which the DCEU excels at making. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam delivered.

    7. He’s going to be directed by one of the best filmmakers today. Matt Reeves will direct a phenomenal Batman flick.

    8. He’s going to star in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Tenet. So far, two Dark Knight directors want to work with him.

  7. Christopher Nolan loves his skyscrapers doesn't he, fuck me his last 4 film trailers have all been about the skyscrapers

  8. I certainly hope that Trump is in this, since he just saved us from and prevented World War III this morning

  9. Greatest preparation to watch this movie I can think of is “don’t try to understand it… feel it”

  10. A lot of people satisfied if they are entertained by this kind of movies. And few people really frustrated: where this ideas are comes from.
    I do not believe the purpose behind, when I see a movie like this, but I guess, if the back intention is true, this can keep in control all kind of people: the large majority just simple enjoy, the small frustrated ones can not get rid from the idea of the intentional background.
    Maybe all the movies, songs, books are a little crumbs – and we never know what is real and what is made for us. We never know that Mr. Nolan entertained us or he just do his job – as he must to do.

  11. …But until we feel that heat…We can never know !

    TENET Timeline Concept:


  12. The idea that the state of the universe at one time determines the state at all other times has been a central "tenet" of science.
    – Stephen Hawking

  13. A secret agent is tasked with preventing world war 3 through time travel. So, similar plot to Twelve Monkies then. Expecting more bass heavy horn sounds, a dead wife and an ambiguous ending. Calling it early.

  14. The problem with direct time reversal is the energy used by biological life in the forward process, cannot be reabsorbed through natural biological process in reverse, you would essentially need to add a substance to your diet which is coated in a molecule who's radioactive decay can be timed to the moment of rectal reuptake so the nutritional energy inside wont be digestable untill then. Otherwise anyone caught in physical time reveral by reversing the quantum spin, would essentially be consuming toxic feces through their digestive tract which would in theory leech energy from the biomass before being regurgitated as an amorphous glob of biological goo.

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