Testing Out My New Vlog Camera! | Canon EOS M6

Hey guys welcome to a new vlog I’m actually gonna be testing out my new camera today Hopefully it looks a little different than my other one But the main thing that I’m really happy about is that I can put an external mic on it So the sound quality should be a little better the main thing I was worried about is when I’m outside the wind just totally destroys the sound of my video this new mic I can put a dead cat on it, and hopefully that will fix most of my wind problems I’m really really excited about that so yeah, I’m just gonna take you guys along for my day today I don’t have anything exciting planned or anything, but I just really want to test out this camera Let me switch over to my old g7 X and I’ll show you my new setup. So this is the new camera It’s the canon eos M6 and I’m using an 11 to 22 millimeter lens on it I found that this is the most common lens that vloggers are using so I decided to start with this one and See how I like it But that’s one of the cool things about this camera as opposed to the one that I was Previously using is I can change the lens so I’m gonna try try this out see what I think if I don’t like it I’ll switch it up and try something else Like I mentioned I can add an external mic on it, so I went with the rode videomicro And we’ll be testing that outside later today to see how it does in the wind this is it without the dead cat And this is how it looks with it. It’s just a removable wind muff that you can use That came with the kit really convenient my friend norm is the one who helped me choose this camera so really really big Thank you to him because I don’t know anything about cameras And he saved me he also put together a really informative video if you’re looking to choose a vlogging camera So I’ll link that down below It’s very easy to understand so it’s great for people that don’t really know much about Cameras now one thing about this camera that you kind of have to DIY if you’re gonna use it for vlogging is the mic would Normally be mounted on the top here, but if you put your mic up there. You’ll no longer be able to use the flip up screen So I watched some videos on YouTube I’ll link the ones down below that I used but they had some great tutorials for how to DIY Your camera so that you can stick the mic on the side as opposed to the top so that’s what I’ve done here with some Straps and a little bit of velcro what I really like about this lens is that it’s quite wide You can see I can have a lot more of the background In the picture so you guys can see what’s going on around me a little more I think it’ll be cool for when I’m outside vlogging. I can’t wait to try it out when I’m in Tokyo next so far It’s looking really good so keyboard-san bought a shaver Not a shaver like a hair trimmer for maro his butt hair is getting a little long So we’re gonna attempt to trim him today. We’ve never done that before I really hope it goes, okay? I don’t want him to end up looking funny We’re hoping that this will solve the problems with poop getting stuck in his bum hair, so let’s go do that Marro you ready for your hair cut? you ready for your hair cut? Whats that? Scary It’s ok Its ok It took a little bit off from under his legs and armpits too because he tends to get balls of hair there, so hopefully that’ll help you want snack time? Maro Maro you happy now? roll over you happy? Happy boy Happy boy We’re gonna head out no we have some shopping to do we got to stock up on cat food so we’re gonna go to a donkihote for that and Get some veggies for dinner later, so don’t know what I’m gonna cook so I gotta figure that out byebye bye Gonna pop in my letters to my patreon supporters aren’t they cute I found the cutest cat stationery Mauro’s super picky about which one he eats He only eats the beef mmm The chicken ones And the tuna ones when I try not to give them too much fish because it’s not good for them Good girl we have presents we got you a present come on come here We go them a new snack it’s a little jerky I don’t know what kind of meat they are made out of Hmmm chicken ah chicken With With catnip inside I think they’ll like it because it’s like a long string shape Like it like it already You excited? Luna’s gonna eat it Luna’s gonna eat it. Maro eat it don’t play. She’s eating it. Maro get it back I’m just working on some editing right now. I’m gonna have a video up on my Japan channel tomorrow no day after tomorrow the second part of my Toku trip arrived in Japan trip, so by the time This is I’m not sure what I’m gonna post this video, but go check over there. Maybe it’s out if not It’ll probably be like tomorrow So yeah I’m gonna work on that and then I’m gonna go out in a little bit to test the camera outside I’m just gonna go for my regular nightly walk play some Pokemon and see how this camera works in the dark I’m not expecting it to be as good as my previous camera actually because the canon g7x is amazing in low-light It’s crazy How well you can see everything even when it’s almost pitch-black outside, so we’ll see how this one does, but like i said I’m not expecting it to be any better than this one if it’s the same quality. I’ll even be surprised This is just amazing I was blown away all right testing my camera out in the absolute pitch black right now And can’t see anything so the g7x definitely wins in this category I guess I won’t be vlogging much in the dark with this camera, but I’m still keeping my g7x So if I’m gonna be going somewhere nighttime, I will just bring that along alright back from the outdoor Nighttime test not so good But I was expecting that there’s probably some settings on here that I could fool around with that would improve the quality in the dark, but I Am unaware of them, so I’m gonna have to do some googling my friend gave me the cutest cat stickers Look at those you found them at the local stationery shop they are so cute The focus on this camera is so great. I noticed that it Goes in focus a lot faster than My old camera when I’m like zooming in on things so that’s really cool I really love that that’s one thing that I really wanted to improve on Alright, now. It’s time to figure out what to do for dinner And I don’t know what to do because I was gonna make this mushroom Stroganoff thing that I’ve been dying to eat, and we finally grabbed mushrooms today, but then keyboard-san saw those Takoyaki and ended up eating two boxes of those. He’s not hungry at all I don’t really want to make a whole meal just for myself So I might just eat some cereal I have some shredded wheat that I’m obsessed with So I might just eat that I don’t know we’ll see I’ll see what he wants to do for now. I am drinking this Chocolate almond milk that I found at my local grocery store It’s so good, but it tastes so sweet there’s probably so much sugar in here all right guys. It’s currently 10:57 I don’t know if you can hear keyboard-san but he’s in the other room Playing his computer game, and it doesn’t look like he’s hungry yet, so I don’t think I’m gonna make a proper dinner tonight I’m just gonna have some cereal Maro’s sleeping Beside me here He wore himself out playing with that chicken jerky You had fun You had fun didn’t you? And honestly I’m just dying to get this footage onto my computer and edit it and see what it looks like I’m liking the wide lens hopefully The quality is okay I won’t really be able to tell until I get it on to my computer and start editing it so that’s what I gonna do Tonight I guess. I’m just gonna say good night here guys. I’m gonna link my new Vlogging camera set up the camera and the mic and the tripod and everything I use down below if you’re interested in seeing The details on everything, and I’m also gonna link my old simpler one if you’re looking for a good Starter camera that one was kind of pricey It wasn’t exactly cheap, but it was cheaper than this camera, and it’s a lot easier to use It’s basically just point and shoot and you’re good to go So I’ll link those Both down below if any of you guys are interested in starting vlogging anyways Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see you again soon. Bye just switching back to my old camera for a second because Luna’s being cute She’s trying to catch her own shadow

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  1. Thanks for another video! 🙂 My mom was listening to it in the other room and was like "she's doing what with her cat?" "shaving his butt hair?" "Why would anyone want to watch that?" I laughed and said "Well, I am!!" LOL. I loved the Neko Atsume cat toys at the store! 🙂 I like the new camera's focus!

  2. The new video footage looks great! I love the parts with the cats, especially. Did Luna end up eating Maro's jerky?

  3. OMG all the Neko Atsume kitty toys! <3 I broke my phone 2 months ago and when I got my new one I was so mad I had to restart Neko Atsume all over I only had 2 cats left. I just caught Saint Purrtrick tonight. Anyone know how to catch Whiteshadow? He's a sneaky lil devil.

  4. I love how Maro and Luna are multilingual… keyboard-san (안녕하세요, 키보드씨) seems more comfortable talking to them in Hangul… n it’s so endearing to hear mom n dad speaking to their kids in their own mother-tongues… love u, guys… 🌸❤️

  5. Im sorry if im incorrect and sound morbid, but did you call that mic cover a "dead cat?"
    Still lovin your videos! Thank you for sharing with us all. ✌💜😘

  6. That camera is sweet! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a video (or direct me to a video) about how to vlog if you don't really do anything… I'd like to start vlogging because I love creating content, but most of my day takes place in my apartment and I'd hate to film a vlog that's like "So I'm here, editing, you know… like yesterday… and the day before that…. and the day before that…" lol

  7. i found that almond milk at aeon recently and bought it too! i'll drink it for a treat cause it's definitely on the sweeter side. have you tried the matcha almond milk by almond breeze?

  8. * polish grandma mode: on * Why are you barefoot, you'll catch cold!
    I always wear fluffy, warm socks at home so I get cold just by looking at you 😅

  9. You are the very first person I really concider to support on patreon. I really love your videos as well as your vlogs. I am eager to travel to Japan again so I really like your Japan vlogs. Keep going 🙂

  10. I don't want to over-complicate things but you may want to have a look at "Magic Lantern" which is a simple download that boosts your new camera's capabilities. It might help if you have low-light problems. Otherwise, good choice on the new set-up 🙂

  11. Hey, loving the content!
    If you're interested in royalty-free music for your vlog, I'm a local musician and would be down to send you some music if you'd want!

  12. You should buy the Amaran AL-M9 LED light for your night vlogs. Its a credit-card sized, rechargeable light that's perfect for vlogging.

  13. My long hair cat is the same way getting poop stuck in his fur. Just a little tip if no one pointed it out if you use a human hair trimmer it won’t work well because of how cat fur is designed you have to use a pet specific fur trimmer. from someone who learned the hard way

  14. I'm soooo jealous gurl 😆😆 that cameras a good one! Lol

    Maro was so cute bless his little heart. He was over it lol

  15. rewarding your little creatures after a hair splitting experience is a great way to reinforce a great experience the next time around. Nice job, I also trim my little dogs butt hair every other month as well.

  16. I’ve been watching your other channel for a really long time and somehow didn’t know about this one haha I’m glad I found it. I love watching your videos. You’re so interesting and funny with the cutest cat. I’m in the process of learning Japanese now and I work at QB House in NYC but can’t talk to the Japanese clients. I’m about intermediate level and have been using the Mirai Japanese app and I love it! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  17. I love your videos, Sharla!

    Also, I got your most recent skincare box and have been using it for about two weeks now. I really like it! I purchased the whitening essence also. I’m hoping to be able to purchase the cooling serum and the peptide drops that you were using when I can get a good price on them.

    Thank you for all of your recommendations!

  18. Hi Sharla, the Canon M6 has as way bigger sensor then the G7X which will gather way more light. The reason you are having problems in low light is the lens, nice lens for sure but it only has an F4 (maximum) aperture or F-stop from what I have read and the GX7 has a F1.8 (maximum) I believe, this not an apple to apple comparison because of the different sensor sizes.

    You would want say an F1.8, F2.0 or even an F2.4 F-stop (lower the number the more light will gather) to work in low light otherwise you will have to bump the ISO up so high that there will be a lot of noise in the video, and also the lower the F-stop the more blurry the background will be.

  19. Oke……So I came here for a camera review and I ended up watching a cats butt get trimmed! Niiiiiiice. Lol. 😀

  20. your new camera lens its not good for low light. just see the text written on the lens, it should be f1.8 or f1.4 or f1.2 to get a good low light video. thats why your old g7x is better in low light because its f1.8 compare your new lens f4.5

  21. canon makes nice cameras congrats look forward to the videos. Only owned one of their cameras but it was pretty nice

  22. Hey, what did you keep your audio settings at when using the mic with the dead cat? Did you adjust them or keep them on auto? Are you on automatic video mode? Or did you adjust the aperture and shutter?

  23. you can get wide aperture lens such as f1.4 for and setting 1/50 shutter speed for low light situation. Sigma 16mm f1.4 for example. But i don't know Sigma produce for canon camera body.

  24. The quality on the Sony a7 is SO much better… plus it's only a few hundred dollars more. I honestly can't see enough of a difference to warrant buying a new camera… especially a 500 dollar one

  25. Wow! you did it! I was afraid the cat would freak out like "Burger and Fries" (yeah, there's a video about him…) Nice job

  26. Thank you for the Camera review. I'm currently researching swapping my 80D for the M6 and found your channel. The feline subject was an added bonus as I vlog with my 24lb cat on the road, so thanks for that. I've always vlogged with a lapel microphone instead of the directional on-camera mics because the audio is practically useless when I turn the camera away from me to show something and attempt to narrate from behind the camera. I think I'm going to try the rotating mic on this camera when I get it to see if that works. Thanks for the ideas. Meow to Kitteh!

  27. Maybe if you put the camera into "P" (program) mode, it can change the ISO when you shoot in low light. In any case, make sure the camera can choose the ISO & isn't set to a fixed number.

    The M6 is supposed to be pretty good at that.

  28. Everything is okay with this camera except the slow auto focus compares with sony mirrorless camera. *Sigh

  29. Another useless vid about vblogging with this camera the world is full of narcissistic prigs give me a vid about still photography please!!

  30. So glad you were referring to your Cat…first video I've watched of yours and didnt know how this was going to go….

  31. Good video 🙌🏾 Got an M6 last week to shoot video content, so far so good for the price. Won't replace my DSLR for photography though, but a great powerful camera for travel and those quick shots on the road. Low light performance isn't amazing but the only drawback I have 👍🏾

  32. Which much clear camera g7x mark ii or m6? I’m looking for the best camera for picture and video..im thinking the g7x or m6..

  33. Wow the M6 looks really cool! I searched Canon EOS M6 vlogs to compare it with the current camera I'm using – the Nikon Z50 and it's a pretty tight competition! With the Z50, the screen flips downwards so the mic can sit on the top of the camera, and if you need to use a tripod, it has a little rig you can attach so you can still have the screen flipped out while on a tripod. This was really cool to see. Thanks for this!

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