The Complete Guide to Fashion and Beauty Photography Trailer

(ethereal electronic music) – [Michael] Hey there, Michael Woloszynowicz
here from Vibrant Shot, and today I just want to introduce you to my new course on RGG EDU dot com, entitled “The Complete Guide to Fashion and Beauty Photography
With High End Retouching” (ethereal electronic music) We follow a similar format to what you find on my
YouTube channel today, but go well beyond the existing content to create something much more cohesive. I’ll show you a variety of
work flows that you can use to edit different fashion looks, from simple 20-minute test-shoot edits to a six-hour complex
high-end beauty retouch. You’ll learn the tools and
techniques you need to know to take your images to the next level or develop as a professional retoucher. In addition to the capture
and business tutorials, we have over 10 hours of
post-processing instruction, creating one of the most
comprehensive courses on fashion, portrait,
and high-end retouching available today. I’m gonna be taking you
through a variety of workflows, from simple test looks all the way to a six-hour
complex beauty edit. My goal here was to really teach you all the tools and techniques
that you need to know and how to properly use them
to create beautiful images that capture the viewer’s eye. (ethereal electronic music) In addition to over 15
hours of video content, you’ll also get a comprehensive
iBook and audio podcast. The iBook will serve
as your reference guide before and during your shoot, and discusses the key
things you need to know about each look, how to build
a team, poses to watch for, clothing, and lots more. The audio podcast spans over 45 minutes, and talks about business matters such as marketing and pricing. All this together forms one of
the most comprehensive guides for fashion photographers out there today. Our goal in creating this course was to give you a thorough overview of everything you need to know to get started in fashion photography or to up your existing game
in fashion photography. We go well beyond the capture
and post-processing stages, and focus on additional knowledge that every fashion
photographer needs to possess. We’ll talk about gear,
pricing, working with agencies, building a great team, and how
to find experienced models. We’ll show you the types of looks that you need to get comfortable shooting to build your portfolio and progress in your career
as a fashion photographer. (ethereal electronic music)

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