The Creepiest Doorbell Camera Videos Ever Captured

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  1. 🐷💥🐷 BING BONG BING BONG 🐷💥🐷

    Peep this playlist for more awesome, scary content:

  2. Lol I'll tell you something about the super natural. You can see it with your eye but not a camera. Look up the definition of super natural. I got lots of ghost stories.

  3. This is why i wont buy a gun because i wouldn't even open the door id just unload a magazine through the door if i saw #3 and it would end up being someone's relative that sleep walks

  4. Ok as cool as it is come on I can't be the only one that sees 5 is a heavily edited picture of Treial from Dioblo. I mean look even the pose is the same I mean the sword the armor the wings can you really tell me I am entirely wrong here?

  5. 1: I think it's just a reflection of someone.

    5: That fat, ugly bitch is seriously fucking religiously retardedly BRAINWASHED!!!! That''s CLEARLY a moth!!

  6. Can any of these channels just post the videos instead of talking over it and editing through the best parts of the videos jesus

  7. 2019 anyone? I'm a Marine and I'm not afraid to say I'm afraid of clowns if a clown showed up on my door bell cam and tried to hurt my fam you best believe I'll be protecting my family!!! Hoorah!!!! Freaky Clowns don't mess with the Marines 💯

  8. 3:50 the fact that there is a snake near the door is a problem that the people who lives at the house would never enter. Leave a 500k dollar house because of a snake.

  9. The guy who is looking throw the door cam,,with the big eye,does anyone see the two men in white clocks the kkk outfits behind him.??

  10. Im not sure how 2 send a pic of a guardian angels that is got his head laying on my mom she was very sick at the time she passed away not too long after that can you please tell me how to send the pic to you thank you

  11. Did anybody else notice the activity happening on the right side of the screen during the "Mysterious Light" clip? @ 4:12, as he was saying …""8 to 10 feet in front of the camera"" I see what looks like small light beings darting around. Probably bugs LOL but just wanted to point it out… just in case.

  12. On number 6..that could be a bug..i was watching a episode of see no evil on I'D…and there was a camera that they were reviewing that turned out to be some kind of insect…not saying that one just saying..that one could be anything

  13. At 4:03 and 4:10 there is a "surge of energy" that goes through the power line. It then manifests into its shape before it stands or hovers in front of the camera. It is not a bug could be a hoax but if so it's a very good one. At the very least it should be examined further I believe.

  14. Actually, with the story of fatndepressed he originally had only a sensor that notified him of movement at his front door. But after a few nights of getting multiple alarms from the sensor, at random intervals and very weird inconsistent times, he decided to get a camera. That's when he finally got this picture. The thing is that after he shared that picture on Reddit along with his story, he completely stopped posting and no one knows what happened to him. And the guy on the last video, I believe I read somewhere that he was a dangerous man with serious mental health issues like schizophrenia and such, so it is good the homeowners did not open the door, nor engage with the man.

  15. #6 looks like a water drop with light that refracted, landed on the camera lens and then towards the end of the video the water dripped and spread out which made it look like a light was shooting up to the sky

  16. When you state "it hasn't been altered" thats definite proof that it has been altered. Meteorites don't happen often wtf who writes this shit? Earth is bombarded by meteorites as for large ones that are seen, like the one in this video happen at an average rate from 5 to 10 per year and this isn't often to you people?

  17. Where is the danger to a person that asks help Not hiding his face but shown in full detail, i bet if anyone responded to him he'd show his ID also to get his phonecall!!!!

  18. I've been looking at this three or four times, and if you look right to the left of it in the back of the rocking chair it appears that there is some sort of a object pushing on it very thin object

  19. I love to spend some time with evil spirits I want to explore their dark world it would be fun if they really exist

  20. OK, the clown thing. I am not afraid of clowns, nor do I really dislike them. However, I would have no objections to having a clown shoot on sight policy!!! So come on Donald, do something good and pass that law.

  21. 2:10. Best question ever asked. What would an ALIEN be doing out front IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? Haha huuummm

  22. Am I the only person who thinks about that creepy guy in Fat and Depressed’s photo at night? Like sometimes at night I think about that creepy figure and think about him being not outside my house door, but my bedroom door

  23. 5:19 smh I'm sick of religious and superstitious people seeing weird stuff and thinking it's something paranormal. These things have scientific and sensible explanations but they immediately think it's something related to God. Thats genuinely sad that they can't just stop to think for 5 minutes.

  24. Sorry to burst your angel theory but that was no angel. Angels do not have wing so show me where in the bible they describe the vision of an angel having wings it does not. Could be a demonic creature pretending to an angel creepy.

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