100 Replies to “The Galaxy Fold: Cameras”

  1. so GROSS rememeber what jerryrigeverything said "scratches at a level 0 and deeper scratches at level one" someone explain me what type of inovation this is??????

  2. Hi I am an iPhone user since when I was a kid. Honestly this is a good innovation like whoaw, in an era there will be a foldable phone. Just imagine the engineering behind the screen. Like, ever in my life I couldn't imagine how they were able to manage creating such foldable one. But I'm afraid to say this that there are lots of things they need to polish before releasing the phone. Realizing that you can "permanently damage" the screen just by your finger nails is a big deal.🙂

  3. Why not make your own fold if all of you think you can do better? These phones are just starting off. Remeber when phones just had plastic screens but understood why?

  4. 0:15– end: If he drops his fold then he is done for, his phone will turn in to the world’s most expensive salt shaker (watch the jerryrigeverything video)

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  6. People complaining about fold are people dont actually touch the phone and cant afford to buy one. It's the first generation of the phone. Remember, during the first generation of curved display? People complaining as well but now look at the phone display of majority of phones, it's curved. To all bashers of technology, better apply as the designer of the next foldable phone so that you can showcase your innovation.

  7. Samsung: we can fold paper we have phones with s pens and game launcher and we have phones
    Me:yes you have phones
    Samsung: yes we do but we have a Samsung Galaxy fold

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