The Questioning? | Google Pixel 2

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  2. @Google: I expected from you to bring new Nexus range and affordable mid range smartphones. Still you guys jumped in premium category for the sake of money. Well I will be staying with my Nexus 5 till you don't come to this price range back. It's my 3rd new Nexus 5… Love it's specs

  3. Why can't we operate our phone without protection cases?
    Why they're not that durable and tough? #askquestion #google

  4. Last 1 year you made fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack and this year you straight out copy them by removing the headphone jack? What a joke, Google.

  5. Fucked up display. And no headphone jack. And every Chinese maker have the same operating system and user experience. And $850!!

  6. I don't understand their pricing. If they asking it for providing regular updates or for new os then let me tell you something I have a 12000rs phone running android oreo 8.0 with fast charging too. 73000 is insane. nexus 4 & 5 were diamonds…

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  8. If anyone's wondering what is the music in the background, let me help you. It is "Warriors" by "Too Many ZOOZ – "

    Link is here :

  9. Want some tough questions? What about the Nexus 5X that had tons of cases of random bootlooping? Why do most Nexus 5X phones not last for more than a year? Oh right, you have no answers, only questions. And sales hype.

  10. Hey.. if you know the name of the song used in this video please take a few minutes letting me know about it. Thank you.

  11. One more question:

    All the dislikes are from Apple fans.
    All the dislikes are from Apple fans?
    All the dislikes are from FLAT EARTHERS?

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