The Try Guys Reveal Their Favorite YouTubers

(Zach) Bean tried to get a ball and you know, he’s gotta It’s kind of like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon (Keith) Bean’s smart (Zach) You got it bean! (Eugene) Come on out bean! *cheering* *groaning* (Ned) WOOOOOOOOO! (Eugene) Welcome to -Try Guys Game Time Try Guys Game Time! We’re gonna each share our most favorite youtubers. *Zach’s demonic screeching* What voice was that? *Try Guys Intro Music* So am I starting out? Am I showing the video? You’re going first Keith! What I like to watch on YouTube is typically video game content or absurdist content. I’ll catch up on some game theory, some film theories from my favorite youtuber, MatPat! Welcome to Game Theory! Where the closest to failing a test I’ve ever come was my driver’s test Yay MatPat! Yay! I like MatPat too! The graphic animation is super incredible It’s very math specific and he’s actually explaining real scientific theories and facts But he’s make doing in a fun way where it’s like also funny Yeah, my favorite type of YouTube content is when they’re tricking young people to learn Use Mario Sunshine’s water propulsion to calculate Mario’s weight at just under 90 kilograms or about 198 pounds. So much research, so much production value into every video he’s making. Even these simple animations, they are not easy. It takes a while even that entire little bowling thing we just watched that would have taken me three days to make. It’s just super great content he puts out a video almost every week for game theory and film theory. Yeah, those guys must be working around the clock Yeah, round of applause for MatPat’s team, and they had a baby! Oh, they had a baby too? Yeah! Wow good for Matt , and you know, we’ve met him a couple times and he’s always so nice in person Yeah, such a sweet guy. YOUTUBER SHOUTOUT!!!!!!! I like LaurDiy, Lauren’s a sweetheart. Her content is not for me *laughing* But she is awesome. It’s not like I am NOT her audience. “Honestly if anyone comments “fail” in the comments down below I’m just gonna disregard it because this was a nail! We nailed it. We so nailed this! Oh, I can’t believe it” I think she’s a genius and I think she’s also incredibly humble and sweet. My favorite youtubers are Dude Perfect. (oh dear god) “Yo whats up guys we’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to real life trickshots!” *flips steak onto grill* *dudebro mating call ensues* We DEFINITELY noticed I love Dude Perfect, Dude Perfect. If you’re listening hit me up We’d love to collab with you guys. Everything they do is so cool- is so amazing. This probably takes them forever to shoot Yeah. YES HOT. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Come ooooooooooooooonnn You know I used to resent Dude Perfect Why? I tried to show my younger cousins a video that I made they got 45 seconds in and said this sucks Let me show you something awesome and put on dude perfect for an hour. I’m like, yeah I have tried to make a trickshot video myself. Yeah *war flashbacks* It took forever to do a cool trick shot Maybe they’re better at it because they’ve been doing it for a while, but- they may just be more talented. Well sure, but.. WOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHH!! They’re delivering on the thumbnail. What’s up? This has been the try guys watching Dude Perfect. Pound it! Noggin *unholy screeching* *a wild doggo appears* Yeah! My favorite youtuber is Elle Mills. “Hi. I’m Elle Mills and I get one question asked more than anything..” I’ve watched this video several times. This is her coming out video and I have cried every time I’ve watched it. Oh, wow…. “Meet my first crush Nick Dunion, isn’t he adorable?” A lot of her influences I know are like John Hughes, 80’s teen movies and it like…she’s turned her life into a John Hughes movie *emo music* She mixes formats in a very intelligent way and very fluidly I’m gonna explain to you my crush and you have to draw out what you think they look like This is all her friends, coming out to all of them on camera. I’m gonna cry again (oml Zach is so wholesome) Guys. Come on this is great. This is sweet *cheering* You can’t be gay, I’m gay. *laughter* Good answer I suppose we can’t get through this video without talking about how I totally embarrassed myself in front of Elle Mills I saw her talking to LaurDiy, who’s one of our good friends and I was like, oh, this is my chance I was expecting Lauren to be like “Hey, Elle, this is Zach.” And instead, I just stood there and Lauren didn’t say anything. Not your fault Lauren, but you left me hanging. It brought me back to like being in middle school, and I didn’t know how to talk to people. I just talked about chicken fingers and she’s like, huh? I’m like they’re cold and she’s like, oh then later that night Keith was like hey, do you remember someone talking about chicken fingers? Wasn’t that weird? She’s like “Yeah, that was weird.” Like that’s my friend Zach. You should make fun of him. *laughter* Then, me and her got along great. Wow, so Bon Appetit is actually a publication, an org that does a lot of food-related content. This is the most fun I’ve ever had one of these episodes she’s very open about what she’s frustrated. Like I think one of these took her a week to figure out. No, one took 13 days I think. I think yeah, and she’s just coming back in and wanting to pull her hair out and she still goes for it. “You can see the difference in the color.” It makes me appreciate her skills as a chef and then it also makes me appreciate the snack itself. “It’s kind of ornate, that leads me to believe that they’re like punched out Ummmmm…….Using a mold or using a stamp of some kind.. When you twist.. you can see the cream comes off on one side of the cookie and not the other. That was the thing of like, licking the cream off of one side, which is kind of gross and I’m not gonna do that.” I hate watching food stuff. Really? Yeah, ’cause I’m fucking starving right now. I love food stuff. ‘Cause literally I’m just watching her eat Oreos. Do we have Oreos here? I’m starving! I don’t know that we do. YOUTUBER SHOUTOUT! One of the sweetest, sexiest people we’ve ever met, Christine Sydelko She’s so fucking funny. She’s super funny. “Was Ben Franklin a prude? Not really, no. He had STDs right? It is believed he did have syphillis You’re a dirty dog, dirty dog.” Just a fucking cool girl. You may only know Christine from Twitter or from other places. If you have not checked out her YouTube channel, do yourself a favor, go watch it cuz it’s so funny. My other favorite youtuber is also a fairly plain looking white guy. “I asked you to please not photoshop this beautiful, sacred, wedding photo” I love him so much. With such a great on camera vibe, do you think he puts on a new shirt for every video. “Of course, there is the inevitable switcheroonie and also a switcheroonie on a different level.” Such a deep mythology in his videos, too Like if you watch him for a month You will be getting jokes that you did not get a month before-“why, oh why is there so much furry fan art of me.” How beautiful is his skin? Are you like attracted to Jack in a straight man crush kind of way. No way. *no homo increases* I’m just saying like look at it. “I will say this I’ve never looked happier.” Maybe we should ask our fans to Photoshop you into this wedding photo. Whatever you do, don’t Photoshop me and Jacksfilms together in a photo kissing- Do not 😉 My favorite niche youtuber is Pro ZD. “Okay, I’ve got the headline, Pedro Pascal joins Wonder Woman 2 – No, No No, you got it tickle their balls a little bit.” Okay, everything is just really punchy and hilarious *meat grinder sounds* “Superhero film? Tickle them mOoOoOoOoOOre” I love his little mustache! He should be the most successful voiceover actor in the world. Yeah, he is actually, his natural voice is really beautiful It’s very sonorous and I believe he’s Korean. His name is SungWon. Does that help? Yes, it does. Of course. Asians know others be Asians. YOUTUBER SHOUTOUT! Thomas Sanders. We love you. He does amazing characters, hilarious voices He’ll like follow somebody in a parking lot and just narrate what they’re doing and then they get weirded out. “Storytime.. She had no clue she was about to run into a BRIDGE….that was nowhere near. Storytime, this was the moment the lad would propose to the girl (, no,no)” When I saw him doing that I was like god fucking damn it Why didn’t I think of that? It takes a lot of confidence to do that kind of content with strangers. Someone could punch you, someone could punch you. Okay chicken fingers, What’s your next video? Chicken Fingers Cornfeld. My other youtuber is also from Canada. Do you guys know Ants Canada? Oh, “OH…….MY…….GOD” I’ve seen this. This is THE greatest channel on YouTube. It’s just this guy who owns a bunch of different kinds of ants and so these are his fire ants trying to escape. I’m very charmed by this guy. Woooooooooow You know this person, before the internet, would have been the one you avoided. It was like you’re at a party, the guy’s like ‘let me tell you all about my ants’. Wanna come back to my ant house, you wanna see my ants, I’VE GOT SO MANY ANTS, so many stories happening about my ants’. Watch this, this was two and a half months ago. What’s it like now? WOOOOOAHHHH More raw drama than any movie you’ve ever seen. It’s like The Real House Ants of Canada. YOUTUBER SHOUTOUT! Gotta give it up to Hannah Hart. One of the OG’s at YouTube. We adore her. She actually is now engaged to one of my best friends Ella. It’s.. Congratulations. We’re so excited for you. “She said ‘yes” and I said *gasp* And I stuck my hand out and looked down coyly, then I said ‘Yes, Yay!’ And then I looked down again and I said you’re supposed to put it on me. And I said “OOOOOOOHHHH ok im sorry” And her content’s engaging It’s very Hannah Hart type of joke to make so I thought I would.. all right. My second video is from a channel that I fucking love so much. It’s called primitive technology. Oh my god. Yes, I love primitive technology. *Fire Sounds* My favorite thing about these videos. He does not utter a single word and I’m a huge fan of people not talking very much. I’m very excited that this education has a path to kids. Just super interesting. Right? Look at that. He always has his shirt off which is great. I appreciate that. Fuckin’ HAWT. From a deeper perspective It makes me inspired to be a human.. to realize that one point This is what we were doing And now we have like iPhones and gas Fireplaces that just light up at the press of a button. How upsetting would it be if at the end of the video, if it’s like ‘alright well thanks for watching, Smash that subscribe button and Don’t forget to give a like. I’ll see you next time- primitive technology out! Get the merch!! So comment below, who are some of your favorite youtubers? Who should we watch? Smash that subscribe! Oh do you like machine porn? Yeah. You mean porn? No, no, like factories – Robots just going at it. Oh, no. What time is it? TRY GUYS GAME TIME *amazed* how did that not spill? wow wOw wooow try guys game time….try guys game time……….try guys….game time.

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  1. My favorite youtuber is Markiplier no offense to you guys. I’ll say I have been watching you guys a lot though lately

  2. OMG I’m So Happy That They Included MatPat, Dude Perfect and AntsCanada!!! XD I Love Them So Much!!!
    For recommendations, I think you'll enjoy Simplynailogical

  3. my favorites(not in order):
    Dude Perfect
    GMM (Rhett & Link)
    Jaiden Animations
    Theodd1sout (i'm not sure if this is the correct spelling)
    Team Edge
    Dope or Nope(Matthias)
    H2O Delirious
    & you guys(The Try Guys)

  4. Mark Parsons
    Tom Harlock
    Kurtis Connor
    Chris Klemens
    Christine Sydelko
    Cody Ko
    Noel Miller
    Elle Mills
    Alex Mayers
    Drew Gooden
    Danny Gonzales

  5. My favorite Youtubers are:
    Shane Dawson
    Morgan Adams
    Garrett Wats
    Gone to the Snow Dogs
    Gohan the Husky
    Topi the Corgi
    Safiya Nyaagard
    Drew Gooden
    Danny Gonzales
    College Humor
    Rudy Mancuso
    Oshies World
    And ofcourse you guys.
    The Try Guys.

  6. watches video with contentment see's thomss sanders get a shout out and automatically feels 1000,000 times happier

  7. listen i know im late to the party BUT I AM DISAPOINTED THAT NONE OF YOUY…… NOT ONE SAID JENNA FUCKING MARBLES……she is the meaning of the word wholesome


  9. Omg there is this amazing channel called “the try guys” and they are just amazing you should definitely check them out and sub to them!

  10. My Favorites:
    – Jaiden Animations
    – The Odd 1s Out
    – Kkandbabyj
    – Try guys
    – bestdressed
    – Safiya Nyggard
    – Shane Dawson

  11. • The Try Guys – Obviously

    • Daz Games (Daz Black) (hilarious)

    • TwoSetViolin (basically roasting everyone [ including the try guys at one point])

    • Foo The Flowerhorn (so calming and relaxing videos)

    • Revil (funny reactions [including a lot of screaming])

    • BRISxLIFE (good Kpop reactor)

    • Jubilee (fun social experiments)

    • Jay Mahealinski (really good BL drama edits)

    • xCeleste (really good and accurate Kpop theories)

    • James Veitch (funny comedian)

    • Big Marvel (random covers of songs by a chicken + £1 vs £100000 stuff)

    • LadyLike (fun videos of mainly ladylike things)

    • Kento Bento ( really great informational videos about random Asian things)

    • Evan Edinger ( basically a lot of videos about British vs American)

    • TheOdd1sOut (amazing animator)

    • sidemen (a bunch of British guys doing a lot of crazy things)

    And many more..

  12. My favorite to YouTubers are


    Sam an Colby

    Sofia nygard

    Jeffere star

    James Charles

    Shane Dawson

    Cameron Philip

    Robert idk


    Yeah that's it

  13. – bestdressed
    – Try Guys
    – Rhett & Link
    – Safiya Nygaard
    – Anthony Padilla
    – Smosh
    – Liza Koshy
    – Pentatonix
    – Avi Kaplan
    – Danny Gonzalez
    – MatPat
    – Daniel Thrasher
    – Dave77748 (those animated angry bird things, my childhooood)

  14. DUUUDDDEE!!!!! ANTS CANADA IS MIKEY BUSTOS A ASIAN FILIPINO AND CANADIAN BUT BETTER WATCH MIKEY BUSTOS he made a parody of let it go with one of Filipinos specialties adobo and he's pretty funny also alot of more parodies and other stuff

  15. F a v:

    The try guys



    Thomas Sanders







    Anthony Paddila


    C h i c k e n f i n g e r s

  16. 0:36 YEESSSS MATPAT, I love game and film theory so much I realized through this that it might be a bit too much to be healthy


  17. I'm hella late but check out some mental health YouTubers, they need more recognition!! There are great channels like Dissociadid and multiplicityandme that are trying to spread awareness of dissociative disorders, which are highly stigmatized and misrepresented in the media. It would be great to have that kind of info spread on a really mainstream platform like this.

  18. Team edge, Get good gaming, battle universe, Matthias, totally trendy, and dope or nope (these are all from the same studio but are always going to be my favorite YouTubers)

  19. I have a long list
    Try guys
    Simplynailogical (break sadly)
    Safiya Nygaard (Now Williams)
    Game theory
    Film theory
    Cinema sins
    Danny Gonzalez
    Drew gooden
    Donny Bobes (Donny boobs)
    SO much more that I could list but I don't think you want 700+ youtubers listed on here

  20. Okay, so i know this youtuber speaks Finnish buttttt… he’s sooooo good! His youtube is Roni Back and it would be so cool to see you guy’s react to his videos

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