The Unspoken Industry Secret About Cinema Cameras over $7,000

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  1. I've worked on over 40+ feature film and TV sets in Atlanta, GA as a Supervisor of Security. I've stood 2 feet from Shane Hurlbut on several Netflix shows. He often uses Gemink 5K due to the low light capability. Both he AND his team are BEASTS who know that equipment IN AND OUT. What this man is saying is CRITICAL. On each set I've been on, from Marvel Films to Bad Boys 3, to Dynasty, MacGuver, Doctor Sleep, Richard Jewel and more, THEY KNOW THEIR EQUIPMENT!!!! This man is dropping GAME! Listen up!

  2. So true !! i love what you said, and it's better to practice over and over, learn and learn, with just a good enough setup. This said, please explain to me how you lightened this library behind you ๐Ÿ™‚ i like this decoration, i just don't understand how it's made. Thank you

  3. Bro, thank you for this video. This is something that Iโ€™ve been telling a lot of aspiring beginner filmmakers.. itโ€™s not the tool, it how well you know your craft!!

  4. The only thing to expose an image is light. The lens controls DOF and FOV. ISO moves where middle grey is. There is no triangle!

  5. Good video, although, an 8K RED does not cost 50K guys….. second hand you can get it for around 12K, Alexa even cheaper….. so just do your own research, and yes, spent money on your skills first…. best advice ever in youtube.

  6. Not true, plenty people in jungle own red, less own Alexa, who not expert. They know enough for not make terrible mistake. Until someone show up as me be expert and say hey here be better way alertnative no you need education. They own these for they were duped about camera be making them great and get jobs. Here you correctumundo it be not about gear.

    You do not need to buy many courses. Maybe you try to sell because you Business. You may self learn and commence work at low on totem pole and get coffee for me then work you way up. Thatโ€™s be tradition.

    Be careful with many absolute statements. People who be call you out when they been around block thousand more times. Free tip you Lighting be crazy distract you want youtube customer look at lighting or you handsome face?

    Iโ€˜m Tuernah and THIS is my Masterclass.

  7. This is the same exact game with music production… "It's not the gear (production software) it's the ear".
    Hey, there's a new one for photography and cinematography. "It's not the gear, it's the skill".

  8. Real movie makers don't use LUTs as far as I know. Even in TV they don't. Color correction is done shot by shot, comparing the the first shot with the upcoming shot and the previous shot, so they match, in tone, color, saturation and contrast. Color correction. Than you color grade but mostly it is not needed if the DOP did his job right.

  9. We get questions every single day about what cameras we shoot on and what we edit with. I always tell them that none of that ever matters. The camera and the software you edit on doesn't make the product without capturing the footage right in the first place. Composition, Composition, COMPOSITION!

    Great video!

  10. MY. DUDE. You give the most practical information for artists! I love that instant reply part. As a beginner photo/videographer, your videos have begun to shift my mindset about what should be my current focus. Thanks a bunch man!

  11. Great videos! Just found you today. Man I identified strongly with how when you thought that lighting is to illuminate the scene so that your camera can see! I remember how I also thought that until I started learning lighting, I think from the Strobist website

  12. It solves a lot of mystery. With all the direction to always seek bigger sensors and fancier equipment (Netflix joins in with a "camera exclusive" barrier) it becomes daunting to the average person starting out. Yet noticed was that between a Panasonic G5 and a Red Gemini… the resolution was the same. Another promoter stated that that while iPhones are great 80% the time, that other 20%, when millions of dollars are on the table, one can't afford to miss. Made sense to me. I like the car analogy: Get into a formula one before you are ready.. good luck, because the car doesn't make you a racer. Hope you succeed in this arena; you make sense. A lot of sense. Excuse the writing style; someone said I write like Christopher Walken talks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I'm just starting out and I appreciate you dropping this game bomb! For FREE! I'm an old head so I was always taught the game is to be sold not told. Folks dont know how good they got it when cats like you drop science for FREE! I'm all ears and greatly appreciative! I've always loves photography and film, my grandfather was a air combat photographer for the US Airforce, he was also a Tuskegee Airmen. I was joined the US Navy as an IT but always wanted to be in media. I'm 42 and finally following one of my great passions. I'm in real estate photography here in Atlanta, GA and glad I saw your video. You just got a lifetime supporter my man! Thanks for the work you put in your channel and your service to our country. See you on the next video! Stay frosty!

  14. Man, I thought you gonna lay down some hard truth. Then again, telling someone that just spent 6k on a cam, that their stuff is still gonna suck is hard to take. Sorry people. Education, experience, and talent are key. Especially experience. This man is preaching FACTS all day.

  15. Give me a Blade, a D750 with a 50mm 1.4 D lens and a set of ND filters. Which anyone can get everything used for about $1300. I promise, I can give you butter spread so smoothly, you be calling me the next morning for breakfast. LOL

  16. OK you popped up in my feed and I watched…interested. Another video pops up and I watch…impressed. Now this, another killer video…SUBSCRIBED!!!

  17. Great points. I've seen posts in BMPCC4K user groups where people complain about their footage and blame the camera for their results. Sometimes the comments are from people who literally just got their camera a few days before they posted their comments.

    As a visual effects artist for over 15 years, I am still learning something new on a daily basis. I've been using DaVinci Resolve for almost a year now, and I'm still grabbing as much training as I can. I've invested in a lot of training from Ripple Training. Hours and hours of training to improve my skills. Every day I look for something new to learn. While I'm developing short films, I am still finding new ways to shoot with my BMPCC4K. A friend of mine laughs when I tell him I'm shooting more "test footage" with my P4K. He doesn't understand that that's how I get better at using the camera and getting more out of it.

    Great commentary. Everyone and anyone that is interested in film making should see this video at least once. Cheers.

  18. Well done. I agree with you completely. When it comes to expensive cameras, it is more than just the camera body, the lenses, it all the accessories. My son is a film director on his demo reel you can see him with an Arri Alexa; however, this is not his usual set up. When embarking on a new film project he works backwards letting the particular project drive everything. Normally he has a target for how much he is willing to spend on a project and he budgets for rentals, crew, transport, cast etc. It is rare that a project will require such a camera. Often the DOP will choose the camera and lenses depending on his preference. I, myself, am a humble videographer. Yes, I lust for the more expensive cameras too, but I try to satisfy my need to up my game with working on my skills.

  19. New sub here. Very new to the game, but know enough to recognize that you are part of the artistic truth community, which is way too small unfortunately. Wishing you all the best, keep crushing!

  20. Know the signals and road signs when it's time to level up with gear. You make great points. Real quick.. there is a converse side to this. Some folks are ready to make the investment in new gear skill wise, but the fear of getting out of the comfort zone, learning something new, failing, etc. can hold them back. When the new skill level is achieved the gear will appear many times. Often it's in the form of the latest greatest used camera from 5 years ago, but it's a step up from what you had before.

  21. What courses do you recommend? Because I was also told you don't really need schooling or courses to be a photography, that its more trial, error and practice. That schooling &/courses can Help , but its not NEEDED

  22. Great message here. I'm trying to learn how to get pro level footage from….
    … cell phone and a consumer drone. :-/

  23. Lol… this video should be gospel for every camera person. They barely scratch the surface like 2%. Well done for making this video cause a lot of people need to hear this. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  24. I have 40 years in the business. I just want to thank you for keep it real in a venue filled with gear reviews, get rich quick SEO schemes and people lighting up newbies.

    Good job man.

  25. I started with a JVC BY110 on one shoulder and a 30 pound 3/4-inch VCR over the other. $15,000 right there in 1983. Vidicon TUBES, not sensors. And if the sun snuck into your Lens the tube got burned and you had to pan it back and forth on an over-exposed white card to degrade the rest of the tube so the burn would be unnoticeable.

  26. I was gonna add a slight disagreement… but he got to it about half-way thru… LIGHTING is far more important… and SOUND even more important than a โ€œcameraโ€ body… and thatโ€™s assuming the – lens – at even greater cost…

    Bottomline: know a โ€œprofessionalโ€ photographer who spent hours shooting and editing and posting in his gallery… but the snap shot by his wife on a smartphone of their 5 year old negotiating a melting ice cream cone got ALL the attention!

  27. U just said a mouthful I appreciate it. I wouldn't say I'm a novice but it makes so much since. I've learned everything I know on my own and have been looking for more knowledge but it been more trial and error…dope video

  28. Bro this is the same thing I've preached to other people when I used to shoot with my Sony A5100. Its what you know. I used to buy and read multiple books on photography and made it my mission to shoot every week. I tried to learn all the features of the camera. The amount of knowledge you hold is what makes you a dangerous person behind the camera. Gotta be willing to put in work and study time to receive that quality in your work.

  29. aftter 8 to 9 years learning editing, 5 of those learning color grading this year I finally feel like i should upgrade from my t3i from 7 years. how did i realize that? I borrowed an a6400 from a friend, did a photoshoot and a video shoot with it and it was so much easier i felt like i could be more creative because the gear wasnt weighting on me the whole time. so yeah, you need years in experience and study to be able to be creative and knowledgeable enough for higher quality gear

  30. Yes!!!!! FACTS!!!!!!This is the result of the digital dilemma. The instant gratification of digital cameras have some people cheating on themselves subconsciously.Where as film you have to put in the time to manually develop the knowledge to create a picture.

  31. How can you use lighting to help tell a story? My idea is for examples , horror films may use specific lighting to cast shadows of demons and stuff, but how can lighting tell as story from a promotional video perspective??

  32. I shoot on a Canon T6i. Sony shooters constantly ask about my set up cuz my color game is strong. Check out my work @wilmer.lens on IG. The rebel series is really good and often gets talked down.

  33. Glad I've come across your channel. I'm not trying to be a photographer/videographer, but am here purely out of an interest that popped out of nowhere after I spent several hours trying to make a 3D model of a camera and got fascinated by the huge amount of detail at every turn. I gained a sudden respect for people who have spent endless hours designing these products but also the people who have developed the expertise to know how to use the camera to its full intended capacity. So in an effort to get to know a bit more about the subject I'm modeling as a hobby, here I am.

  34. Bruuhhhj!!! I just bought this 80d diving into being an art director, i thought i was learning hella things when i figured out iso……. what the hell is โ€œcolor grade and all the gadgets you named? HELP, HEEEELLLLLLLPPPP! Iโ€™m drowning

  35. Love this. I have a buddy who claims its camera. He thinks since I have 4k in my cameras, that's why my shots look good.
    I had to tell him I rarely use 4k. Lighting and composition make the shots!!!!!

  36. Hey Ty, I was expecting to hear about sound, although this wasn't about sound.
    I've just contradicted myself, LOL.
    The point is, I'd like you to talk about sound as well.
    I've got lots of friends who are camera-crazy, lens-crazy and only talking about the new cameras on the market which I know for sure cannot afford. These same dudes still think they can use very telephoto lenses, zoom them to get the blurry background but always forget that microphones cannot be zoomed. They rather increase the gain in their cameras and capture very terrible sound. Well, I'm very concerned that people wake up.

    Anyways, I still make my music videos and documentaries on my little Panasonic GX85 with adapted vintage lenses. The results… well, I'm still learning a lot.
    Thanks for sharing these tips, especially the business ones

  37. funny that you mention race cars. i see a lot of people building 50k+ drift cars to start. instead of starting with a $500 miata they can handle and getting practice time.

  38. i'm so fucking grateful that YouTube put me onto your channel cause my god this is just PURE LEARNING
    cause for a few weeks now, just trying to work out the max of my cannon ESO T6 with kit lens (18-55mm lens)
    Got any tips on that type of camera and lens tips as well?

  39. I hate this video, because this is how Iโ€™ve soared above people who started at the same time as me, and now people who watch it (if they actually follow his advice) are going to start catching up. (That said, I gave it a like, because it deserves it.)

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