The Worst Camera I Ever Tested

have you ever dreamed of using a camera
that takes hours to build and stop working after five minutes well let me introduce you to the Lomomod by Lomography the first-ever medium format camera made of cardboard with
liquid lens in order to test it Lomography sent me two cameras with some
120 film rolls one cool thing about this camera is that you can inject liquid
inside the lens to give different effects or colors to your final image when you watch their video it seemed
pretty simple to build your own camera I like to make my own wheeled lenses but
making this camera was not a fun moment some of the cardboard pieces don’t fit in
the spot they should and it took me almost two hours to finish it with a lot
of frustration once I finished building the camera I
was ready to charge some film but the camera back would not close can you
believe it but the camera back will not close I followed all the instructions
did all I could but the camera was not going to work I decided to start all
over again with the help of my wife because she enjoys making this kind of
DIY stuff and this time the back of the camera did closed for my first test I
went with a pretty safe choice … tea was ready to shoot my 12 images as you can see on my face it’s really
hard to know if you shot your photo or not it’s a fixed focus so you focus by
respecting the distance to the subject and pray for the picture to look sharp
and as you can see even by respecting the good distance the image looks as
sharp as my elbow then I change the teeth for something funnier some
beetroot juice I must say I really like the
experimental sight of those images and I think the results are pretty interesting
so I only shot five photos when the cardboard advancing wheel broke leaving
me with a useless camera I was really pissed for spending two hours building a
camera and only 10 minutes using it I opened the camera in total darkness
change a broken wheel and put back the film to photo number 6 I went outside to
finish the roll of film and get this camera another chance absolutely crap so was just me was I too
aggressive we forget about bats let me show you a review of a fellow youtuber
where the exact same problems some of the areas on the camera that I’ve
noticed have shown signs of wear already apart from me breaking the friggin film
advance knob is the little window in the back so you can check your frame counter
that is worn out so quickly during the assembly I came across a few areas where
I struggle bust really hard this step right here with the curvy boys and this
step right here with this wiggly boy I’m not gonna bore you with all the details
but I had a hard time and the little clips that hold the back of the camera
on it seemed to be really worn already which hate kind of important so in the
end I really liked some of the images I shot with this camera but the camera
itself is one of the worst thing I ever used it’s how to make how to use how to
finish one single roll of film and the results are hard to predict one option if you like to do
experimental photography will be to use the lens on a digital camera to get some
interesting effects but don’t look for sharpness for me a do-it-yourself medium format
camera is a great idea but this version of the product is a worst camera I ever

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  1. Hehe. So sorry, friend! 😂 The image looks awful. I think your elbow is nicer. 😁 The experimental nature seemed great. Too bad it didn't work. Great video though! 🔥💪😀

  2. Well if Lomography have any integrity theyll appreciate your honest feedback and would especially send you a new better product, because you have estzablished that you make honest reviews and dont BS people

  3. Ahh, Lomo, the cronut of cameras. You know that it's just a fancy doughnut and that you paid too much but you enjoy it anyway.

  4. This definitely falls in the "cool idea, terrible implementation" category of failed products

    If you couldn't make it work I doubt many people could

  5. I have a love hate relationship with Lomography. I try to keep my distance but they’re products always find a way of making it into my collection haha

  6. I was about to say cardboard is a useless material for permanent objects, but then I noticed I have one of those old box-cameras on my desk, and that still looks fine.

  7. I have never heard of such a camera before but I kind of liked the "experimental" photos too. At least you got a funny video out of this "camera"

  8. Je suis curieux de voir ce que donnerait le rendu si on installait une pompe d'aquarium aux bouts des tuyaux dans laquelle on mettrait différents liquides de différentes densités (pour qu'ils ne se mélangent pas) et actionner la pompe en plein enregistrement pour voir des changements de "filtres liquides" 🙂

  9. @ Mathieu Stern
    Hi Mathieu,

    LOL… compared to that a Fuji Quicksnap Flash looks like high tech material.. 😂😂😂😂

    BTW.. there is company in Japan(!!) which recycles lenses of these disposable cameras, do you know them?
    With your technical skills you should be able to do the same. Could that be a new project? 😉

  10. I don't know why lomo doesn't just.. sell an actual camera. There is a market for a real, actually usable film camera and they already are doing it, except they're so cheap it's a toy. They already make lenses. The hardest part is probably designing a shutter that can shoot fast enough but leaf or focal plane shutter designs are aplenty and only expensive to manufacture. Mount a small lens on the front or don't even bother and just license someone's existing mount system like Leica.

  11. There now follows an annoying comment – Fair warning given…🙀

    The worst images I've seen from any lens in front of any film…And that is tough to do. What do they say about workmen and blaming tools?
    This is an experimental/educational product, and expecting it to just work like a Nikon out of the box is silly. You are, it is hoped, capable enough to overcome problems and learn the best way to get results. Use some skills and initiative maybe?
    Not here. This is not a product for you. Make a better wind-on knob! Carefully align the lens experimentally. Ensure no light leakage – with plasticine if nec. Etc, etc.

    Honestly though – It would be interesting to see how good results can be with that lens – Maybe more effort is required?

  12. Great and honest video! You were unhappy with the cam but your video made me smile! I probably experienced same shitty moments, too.

  13. What kind of Frenchman are you? Tea instead of coffee? Beer instead of wine? No wonder why the camera didn't work right! 😋

  14. Hey, it's Sweet Lou! I almost want to buy one of these to have as much of a hilarious time with the camera as you and Sweet Lou did!

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