This £20 Security Camera Blew My Mind!

– (Laughs) There we go! This is going to be a video guys where I try
to redeem myself; let me tell you the story of last week. The story of last week is that I uploaded
this video right here where I, well, thought I was reviewing a really good priced CCTV
system. It’s honestly amazing. But then as soon as we put the video up, the
price doubled from £200 to £400, so I was quite annoyed at that and evidently you guys
were too in the comments. So I made it my mission last week to find
the cheapest, but hopefully good, security camera. This thing cost £24 to be delivered to my
house with next day delivery. Let’s check this thing out. So, this is the Neos SmartCam. It’s a really cool thing – this is the box. It’s a tiny little camera. So essentially what you’re getting in this
is, well, it says on the side of the box, full HD quality. You also get live streaming and motion detection. Those are the three things you really need
when you’ve got a security camera. You want Push notifications – they need to
be fast. It wants to record things, it’s got night
vision, as you guys can see, cloud recording, you can also put an SD card in this. 8 times digital zoom. So I’m really, really excited about this. As I mentioned, I’ve been on this mission
to try and find a really, really cheap security camera so I can bring it to you guys. This one was actually an Instagram advert
– I kid you not. I found this as I was scrolling on Instagram. It came up saying: £24.99 delivered. Home security camera, 1080p and
I just thought: There’s no way. I actually looked at a few reviews and they
were all really, really good. So that’s the camera itself – I’ll place that
off to the side for now and we’ll see what else we get in this tiny, tiny little box. There is an instruction manual, quick start
guide – I’m sure we can figure this out – and then hopefully, in here, we sort of have some
mounts. That is essentially it. So let’s get in here. The mounts are already falling out. We’ve got L, L… 3M VHB pads, we’ve got some
of these things and then that’s it. Okay, you only get… Okay, you get two mounts. I’m not even sure how that works. That’s just a metal disc. Sticky pad, yeah, and then a USB to micro
B and then… Five volt, 1 milli… 1000 milli-amp hour power supply. So you could power this thing off of a battery
bank. So that is awesome. That is wicked! Okay, let’s get in this. So this is the camera. So on the back, it looks like we’ve got our
speaker with like a home sort of decor on there – that looks quite nice. Full sized USB port and then a micro B port
there for this cable. Looks like a little reset hole there. And then nothing on either side or the top
of the unit. On the front, we’ve got our, what looks like,
lens with a, hopefully, an IR ring around it. Not sure what that is there. And then the little stand here, I’ve seen. Yeah, okay, so it’s sort of, you can stand
it and then it will twivel… Twivel? Swivel round on this little thing. That’s pretty neat actually. This is, this is quite big. It’s quite a big, bulky thing but it also
looks quite modern. Like, that’s just sat there. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Like, I wouldn’t complain about that. Okay, so as you guys can see, this is the
newest addition to my family. This is my dog and we’re going to use him
as a test subject. Okay, so that’s that explained. He can now go down here. Essentially, he lives in the downstairs toilet. That’s his little house and I’ve got a camera
in there at the moment to make sure that he’s okay at night because obviously he’s a puppy
and he wails and screams and I just like to make sure that he’s okay. So what I’m going to do is take that camera
out of there and use this camera for the same purpose, right. And then what I’m also going to do is use
a totally different micro USB cable, different to the one that came in the box just to prove
that it’s going to work with any micro USB cable, so there we go – that one goes in there. It’s a nice Anker one and then – icing on
the cake – I’m also going to power it through this 20,000 milli-amp hour Anker battery pack. So there we go, we now have a portable camera
rig. Now this is really cool. What I’m also going to do is tilt it off the
edge of a unit in the bathroom and use the Anker battery pack as a weight to make sure
it stays there. This is cool. So this is the current camera system at the
moment. As you can see, we’ve got a horrible cable
running to it because it needs external power from a UK socket so we’re going to take this
down right now and we’re going to sort of introduce our new elegant system. I’m just going to leave you dangling there
for now. Cool. Okay, so this is our new camera. Simply what I’m going to do is have it right
here on the edge looking down to where the dog’s going to be and then I’ll put the battery
pack on it like that and it’ll stay still. That’s awesome. To note guys, there is a little flashing light
in the back there, so I think that means good things, essentially. So I’m going to put this back and we’ll download
the app on my phone and we’ll get this thing all set up. Also, side note – these are the little things
that are included to mount it, if you want to stick it up somewhere. So essentially, there’s a magnetic plate that
magnets on to the bottom of the bracket and then allows you to still use the actual bracket
to point and position the camera. This is Chloe from the company. Hey Alex – We’re excited to announce… That’s so weird. Like, what… What is that? This is… This is like a… I just want to set up the camera, man. That’s literally all I want to do. – [Electronic voice] QR code scanned – please
wait. – Okay, so… I was literally just sitting down – it said
that there was a firmware update. So it’s done the firmware update now and literally
within seconds of it doing it, a notification comes through on the watch. Motion detected in the bathroom which is what
I essentially named this camera because that’s where I’m going to put it – in the bathroom
to look at the dog. Very impressive set up experience so far. This is promising. Very promising. So I’ve been testing out this Neos Smart Camera
in numerous locations around my home over the last two to three weeks and this video
is my results. So luckily enough for me, I have had the perfect, the absolute perfect test subject in my house. Say hello to Atlas in his cage, asleep. Now I’ve been videoing my dog whilst he’s
been asleep and using this camera to check up on him and I’ll go more in to this story
in just a second, so this video is going to be full of dogs as well as me sweeping outside
on my deck and comparing it in the office to some other cameras that are a heck of a
lot more expensive than this one. Now the website of this camera claims that
it is a really simple piece of kit to get set up and as demonstrated already in this
video, because we’ve already set it up, it is really, really simple. You scan the QR code – bish, bash, bosh – there
you go. But throughout my testing, I found that I
had no complaints about the 2.4 gigahertz network. This thing – 100% reliability, well, for me,
over the last few weeks anyway. And by the way, throughout my entire testing,
it’s been connected to a battery bank. A battery bank and just so that you guys know,
around 20,000 milli-amp hours lasted around three days for this bad boy. Now the mounting options for this camera are
really quite diverse. They don’t really seem it to start with – let
me explain. So when you get it out of the box, you get
this, what seems like, a really flimsy, sort of unusable stand thing but then it also comes with a
sticky mount and a magnetic mount. So this can be magnetised to something and
point that way, point that way, go that way. You can actually mount it above a cash register
and have it pointing straight down. That works too. The mount is actually really good but it doesn’t
seem it to start with. So first off, let’s talk about the image that
this camera can produce. Now usually with most home security cameras,
they are looking at a still image. Could you imagine, let’s just say, a front
gate, some trees or in your house, if it’s looking at a counter top, and your kitchen
table, these things are inanimate objects. They don’t move so therefore they only need
a low bit rate to look really, really sharp. The thing is with this little camera, as soon
as you introduce any sort of motion, you start to get quite a bit of pixelation. But it doesn’t really matter because, number
one, this thing is £20 and number two, well, for home security, things don’t really move
all that often. The camera is always mounted in a static place. This is the G3 Flex from Ubiquiti. I had it alongside this little Neos smart
camera in Atlas’ cage whilst he was sleeping and these are the side by side results. This £20, the Ubiquiti camera, around £180. As long as I can watch my dog and view my
car on the driveway, which, by the way, all of these shots are from this little camera, then
happy days, right? I also wanted to test out the WiFi card inside
of this little camera, so to do that, I brought it to the office, connected it to the office’s
WiFi and put it all the way over there in the kitchen, which is about three brick walls
away from the access point. It maintained a solid connection and connected
up really, really quickly. No complaints as far as WiFi is concerned. Whilst I was in the office, I thought I’d
compare it to the old, trusty £109 original LogiCircle. So as you guys can see, this is the LogiCircle’s
quality and now this, the Neos Smart Camera. Now again, going back to diminishing returns,
you do get better quality with the £109 Logicircle but does it really matter when you can get
this quality for £20? You’re not even talking less than half price
here – it is around one fifth of the price. One fifth of the price. Another thing I would use this camera
for, and I would pay £20 alone just for this feature, is the noise detection. Now none of my other cameras that I’ve used
can detect noise – they only trigger recording when they see motion. This thing, well I was using it as a noise
detector to see when my dog was barking and/or whining, so I could then go and make sure
that he was okay, let him out of his cage, feed him and so on and so forth. I also then wanted to go ahead and test it
against some other home security cameras, so at my front door, I have a Nest video doorbell. These are fairly expensive pieces of kit too. So, here you go, this is the Nest video quality
and this is the Neos SmartCam quality. Now bear in mind that this is also the audio
from the Neos Smart Camera. And this is what the audio quality sounds
like on this tiny little £20 camera. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section down below. Now the audio isn’t really the best and neither
is the two way communication. The speaker on this thing does suck a little
bit. You can make out what people are saying on
the other end but it is just a little bit wishy-washy. You do have to really sort of… I think the be all and end all of this conversation
is that if you do want a reliable, live view camera that’s going to record the odd 12 seconds
of video when it sees motion or hears something, this is the perfect guy. However, if you want something that is going
to continuously record 24/7, and if you’ve watched any of my other camera reviews, you’ll
know that that’s something I rave on about, then this isn’t really going to cut it for
you. Now they say that you can put a micro SD card
in the bottom. I did install that – it did absolutely nothing
so I’m not sure what’s going on there. However, I did get my 12 second clips every
time it detected motion or a sound and they were adequate enough for me. I’ve put a link in the description. I rate this thing – it works. This is the best camera for £20, hands down. I’ll see you in the next one. Adios.

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  1. They are called Wyze Cameras in Canada. Recording to an SD is something you have to turn on from within the app. It also has an rtsp firmware available to for 3rd party recording. They also work with open IP firmware. Decent little cameras!

  2. Hi
    I have two of these cameras which I bought for £19.99 off Amazon microSD card is a continuous recording it record 1 minute sessions continuously that's what the microSD card is for you can only be viewed for a PC or mac so you have to take the card out to view it

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