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– Everyone thought I was going mental, like “what is happening?” Working for the
government for five years, and then suddenly I’m
working the pie business, now I’m like, “No business any more I’m gonna make video games!” I think I started selling
pies as a form of escape. I used to work at the Justice
Council, doing divorces for over five years. I
couldn’t do anything creative. Even the font has to be Times New Roman. It was like, killing me. I like when they explode in cheese. The rest of the cheese exploding: it’s the ultimate experience for the pies. I started to have my own
little business of pies. It was good for me, I could
create, I could do stuff that I like. – Ah! – Imagine you were just born today. Where do you want to be in five ten years? I left all the business of pies behind, and start to work with video games. The best moments of my life
always involved video games. I just grew up thinking
that video games are from, dunno, they came from the champ, Japan, they’re like a magical thing. I never gave myself the
chance to actually think, “I could work with this, I
could actually live a dream.” – Pixel Ripped was started by Ana Ribeiro. She started this project in school, she put it up on the
development share platform, and it immediately got
voted as the best game on that platform. It’s almost autobiographical,
’cause she was a little girl in the 1980’s playing
video games in school. – In Pixel Ripped, you are
always trying to play the game, but you have to deal with your reality. It’s so hard, you always
have to be studying, working, productive, that’s kind of
like a life of every gamer. I remember when I was a
kid, for playing Sonic, I was like, “I have to finish the game and get all the diamonds,
before my brother comes back from the English course.” So, I had another layer of gameplay, on the top of the game itself. That’s one of the things
that people love the most in the game, they always say
“that’s how it used to be, I also used to hide my
GameBoy in the classroom.” I was having a lot of fun, I’m still having a lot of fun during
the process of development. I would just get excited “Oh my God, this is gonna be awesome,
I’m gonna do it, level two, is gonna be like pigeons and attacking, like a shooting thing
going oh, boss battle with the headmaster” and
everything changes and then.. Fifteen minutes became like
four hours, five hours long with four levels and four boss battles. – You can’t ever fit
everything into a project, even if it’s like a
triple-A gigantic project. It is hard, and it’s
heartbreaking sometimes, and she was doing it by herself. – I made this mistake because
this is my first game. And I don’t have the
experience that you learn, that you shouldn’t do that. The game got really hard to finish unitl last year August,
I finally met Arvore, and they are publishing
the game, and they give me the support that I need,
now, at the final moment of the game. – She’s part of the company
now, part of the family, and we’re finishing Pixel Ripped with her. – It’s the final countdown! Yeah, it’s like all the
worst stuff is gone. All the little last stuff
that you have to do, just fixing bugs, and then testing it. Fixing bugs, testing it. We had a bunch of bugs
that actually became part of the gameplay. The plan was you were just
playing the game on the TV, and I forgot to tell the camera,
“Don’t draw that character that 2D character in the world,” and I saw this 2D character jumping like
huge in the corner of my eye, and I was like, mind blown,
“Oh my God, this is awesome!” The 2D graphics in the
3D world, and it became the best moment in the game. This one actually is my
favorite bug, you would just keep dying and it would
show “Try again, try again try again,” forever, this one here. And that’s our life “Try again”
here, we have to try again, let’s fix it try again
try again try again, ahh. Being in the video games
industry and especially now, working VR, it’s just
the perfect fit for me. I am not the kind of
person that I’m looking for stability, and like,
a life that “Okay, I know everything now, I’m just gonna stay here, and it’s comfortable.” I need, I need to always
be trying new stuff. I wasn’t the best student, I
actually was the first girl to jump the walls of the school. And the headmaster was so disappointed. “Oh my God, for the first time in history, a girl jumped the walls,”
and I was like “Yes! I did it, I was the first one!” With the crazy childhood,
the things I was doing, that all my parents and friends are like “Oh you shouldn’t be playing games, you shouldn’t be doing that.” I was actually doing
exactly what I have to do, to create this game. This is my biggest motivation
to stop doing new stuff and actually finish this project, so I can get to see people playing, getting out the headset with
that face of mindblowing, like “Oh my God, whoaaa!” There’s nothing else more
rewarding for a developer than that.

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  1. Beautifully shot segment – awesome work on filming and editing! Short sweet and to the point. Ana's energy and enthusiasm is infectious and very motivating and the game looks like a blast!

  2. I remember the kickstarer for this thing, and even though that didn't succeed I am so happy to see it completed and released!

  3. haha that's awesome. I've heard of the game but never of the creator or the back story. Then I started watching Game Hard 4.0's channel and he introduced her while they were playing poker in VR. So cool to see everyone connecting

  4. Wonderful game. Thank you for the amazing experience that you all have created. Felt like I was a kid again playing games while my imagination ran wild

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