This Morning Beauty Routine is How Jonathan Van Ness Gets Camera-Ready | Waking Up With | ELLE

100 Replies to “This Morning Beauty Routine is How Jonathan Van Ness Gets Camera-Ready | Waking Up With | ELLE”

  1. Eye chihuahua that much gayness in the morning is just a tickle too much . . I wonder what he's like when the cameras aren't rolling.

  2. Me every time I see jvn existing UwU (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)♡´・ᴗ・`♡(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و I need this kind of energy everyday ❤

  3. So literally no SPF… using a tiny amount and diluting it isn’t sun protection. The thing about mineral and chemical SPF isn’t true. To be so informed about the need for SPF but not actually use any is a bit odd.

  4. Does Jonathan have his own YouTube channel so I can keep this positivity he’s radiating going for the rest of the day omg

  5. Jonathan VOMIT Ness

    You're one disgusting Lowlife human vomit.
    You are on the cover of Cosmopolitan dressed in women's Clothing. Disgusting pig shit!!!
    Hustle sorry for the parents that conceived you

  6. Would’ve liked to see a written list in the description. I know you’re busy …still, it might complete it for us.

  7. If I use this beauty routine I should have to wake up like three or four hours earlier hahahahahaha… And can’t imagine a travel routine… I need to learn, but not too much hahahaha

  8. It's actually gross, and what's with that gut hanging off of him? Blasphemy, he isn't the Anti-Christ, he is a sure-bet for a Call from Heaven and has no place here in Hell!

  9. Jesus doing meditation in New York is impossible !!! what a noisy city!!! been there once and I couldn't sleep at all, police, sirens, people, cars honking non stop wow

  10. I ran into him in public recently and he's as lovely and friendly in person as he is in videos, and not in a fake way at all. So much love

  11. I love how jonathan van ness wears the most hideous womens outfits a woman wouldnt be caught dead in in the name of gender bending

  12. Yasss, I see you, JVN, taking a 35-minute shower 🤣

    All of his skincare products are “she’s.” I stan 😍

    Almost as glorious as JVN is whoever did post-production on this video. We STAN

  13. He’s great, beautiful and all in between!! What’s the teenage girl talk ? Or have I just been so sheltered that’s the thing? I almost feel bad for me for feeling sad for him. I’m the most confused I guess

  14. He has amazing and positive energy. Bless you always. That was very informative make-up tips, great Elle products…❤🙏

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