This UVA Student’s Superpower is Photography

My parents always told me that
I had an eye for photography. I got my first DSLR for
for my 15th birthday. And ever since then,
I just loved shooting. My mom always told me
to like be in the moment and be present where you are. Photography gave me
an outlet to do that, because you do
have to be so 100% invested in the moment
and part of the moment. And good photo has
the opportunity to go so far beyond just that
one moment, that one capture, whether it’s from a war, or
a celebration, or from you win the big game, or
you lose the big game. It just I think has the ability
to inspire such a large amount of time beyond it. I think it’s very cool and
part of why I’m drawn to it. A lot of people take
photos and post them to Instagram, and Facebook,
or to social media, or even send them to
friends or family, because they want to let
their loved ones know. They want to let the world
know that they were part of something big, and
that they were there, and that it was an
experience in their life that has contributed
to their overall story. We don’t want to
let time just by. We want to go back and
revisit these memories and remember what happened
and share that with the people that we love. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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