Throwback Thursday: Adults try the Game Boy Camera

The Game Boy camera was the first digital camera I owned I haven’t held one of these since childhood Man I cannot remember the last time that that I held a gameboy let alone one that has a camera Apparently I took a lot of pictures around the house Have I ever used Game Boy camera? No It’s gonna happen, it’s happening I’m assuming the battery is dead nothing’s happening You gotta jiggle the battery a little here This is a wonky Game Boy This is not one of the faster boot-up times I’ve ever encountered Alright let’s see this thing Oh magic! I like the fact that magic is one of the options Check this out. This swivels this way but you bring it back around you’ve got the first selfie camera of all time probably. I tried to take a picture and this came up it says ‘no blank frames’ Oh, you can change contrast and brightness that’s exciting This thing has time-lapse people were doing time-lapses on Game Boy Cameras? Trick lenses, panorama I mean it was quite ahead of its game Has anybody seen this? ‘Now crossing the equator’ No, that probably isn’t what I wanted to do Does it shut up eventually? I really hope it shuts up soon Shush! How many megapixels is this thing? I’m probably gonna take another selfie with this pretty soon Yeah, I mean it is Oh… There’s no real way of getting the images off of here so I have a gameboy printer I haven’t attempted this since the late nineties Print! There we go Oh here we go, transferring It’s the transferring music Here it goes. Okay, here we go Hot off the press It’s terrible Does it get better?

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