Tiny Gimbal for Big Cameras – Zhiyun Weebill S

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  1. Nice gimbal. Hope to have one but as a refugee can't have it coz of financial problems. Nice and knowledgeable videos. I'm going to subscribe to your channel now. Love photography but do not have stuffs to photoshoot.

  2. Jeven, between weebill S and Lab 3, which one would you choose in terms of performance not considering the size of it? The huge difference seems to be the wireless which allows to remotely control the camera itself? Does it control follow focus when your shooting with manual focus? That’s makes a lot of questions hehe. Cheers and thanks for the content :))

  3. Awesome video bro. Much better explanation and presentation on the new gimbal. Love your channel too 🙌🏼👍🏻

  4. I'm not very impressed by the footage. When I compare it to my ronin m. I guess it is quite difficult to get stable footage the smaller those Gimbals become. Although it is bigger I would go for the ronin s when it comes to single hand Gimbals. Thanks a lot for this video. You're doing a great job.

  5. Thanks for this. I'm still on the fence between getting this, Ronin S and the Feiyutech AK2000. What do y'all think? I want to use them mostly for filmmaking and music videos; but, I have a light setup(GH5 w/prime lenses). Thanks again.

  6. All the accessories are nice, the form is nice, everything looks great, but not the stabilisation. Actually, its terrible. Just dont look on the main subject in the video and be a little more concentrated on background. Bad, really bad. And it is like this in all the reviews (or maybe better said advertisments) I was waiting for the results and it disappointed me a lot… It could be a perfect gimbal, but it's not.

  7. Thanks for your review. Do you know if there is a way to program a routine so the gimbal would follow exactly the same rotation sequence whenever you start it? like a glambot but obviously only doing rotations.

  8. Great video. With the single transmitter and gimbal can you get live video viewing and camera control (LANC and PTR) all on same phone screen? It looked separated in the video. Thanks.

  9. Man just bought the AK4500 feiyuTech, on your recommendation. Which seems good, but is bigger. Happy with it but how does it compare?

  10. Nice review. Thanks for some usefull insights. Important for me was the info about the setup with the GH5. I am using a A2k and it doesn't fit my GH5 very well. Also, I like the possible carrying modes with two hands in different layers/levels on the gimbal – think this offers more smooth handling. One open question please: how is the latency in the transmission of the gimbal app?
    Thanks, and keep creating.

  11. Hi had the original weebill lasted for three weeks then the locking axis stooped working returned it for the ronin .The ronin build quality is a league above the cheap plastic weebil with bad software.

  12. The colors from this lens look really good! Can this gimbal control start and stop functions of the gh5 on the joystick? And why is the autofocus of the GH5 still so bad? Isnt there a fix for it already?

  13. Wouldn't it be nice if Youtubers were original and didn't all review the same products that was given to them?
    Wouldn't it be awesome if they didn't have affiliate links that track you?
    Agenda Free Only!

  14. Thank you very much for informative review! I got from it a lot of new information which was missing in other reviews, especially about app functionality. There is one thing which I would like to know but there is no one seems to be trying it in reviews. Can I use this gimbal with a mic on the top of the camera? I have quite big mics. I wonder will it be possible balance the weebill s with rode stereo video mic x mounted on it, or if there is any other reasonable place to attach a mic.

  15. Hey how do you use your phone as an external monitor? I just got the Weebill S and a Sonya7sii. I don't have the image transmission module but I can't find it for sale anywhere. Is there anyway to use my phone as a monitor right now? Also I just uploaded my first travel video about brazil if anyone wants to check it out and give feedback!!

  16. Is there a way to lock all the buttons? It seems to me I could really easily press something while holding that small handle.

  17. Hi Jeven, Any chance you can do a video how to put Canon EOS R with Ef 24-70 f2.8. I’m having problem with viewfinder touch the gimbal. 🙁 thank you

  18. LOL people out here complaining about the micro shakes with the test footages definitely have not used a gimbal before. The vertical movement is something that NO gimbal today can stabilize. Atleast Jeven was honest about not introducing additional stabilization in post and showed you how stable the footage you'll get under normal conditions. Other youtubers out there who show you buttery smooth shots with this same/similar gimbal is either just standing in place,or learned the ninja walk,or in a moving platform like a skateboard,or most likely added warp stabilization in post. Guys,please be realistic with your expectations about gimbals;Sure,gimbals will give you smooth shots way better than handheld but still won't come close to what a slider, or a dolly would ever deliver. For now,anyway.

  19. Great review! I loved how you show how you use the gimbal along with the final shot. That helps a lot amateurs like me. Keep the great work!

  20. After getting my hands on this to shoot with Jeven for this video, and doing a TON more research on what would work well with my Canon EOS R and lens setup (I prefer a fairly heavy 24-70 f/2.8 for my wide stuff), I pulled the trigger and bought my own. I'm quite happy with it so far and love how portable it is and easy to balance for a gimbal newbie like myself.

  21. Nice review! I have a specific question, for the same price do you think I should get two tripods or one with two quick release plates?

  22. Love my S so far! Another cool thing I’ve discovered is that handle is super useful. I’ve started using it as a straight up alternate handle for my camera that I screw into the bottom directly for either hand held shots where I don’t care as much about stability or to get stationary shots super low to the ground that I no longer need a gorilla pod or tripod to be able to do. Stick a phone mount on top of it and now you can do all of the above with your phone and that handle too!

  23. Thank u very much boss I was looking for a video like this to get all functions all r making short video that how it’s working
    I have one question remaining boss the FN button what is the use of that go mode

  24. could I mount an iPhone onto this? I have an iPhone XS Max + Moment lenses and it's just too big and too much weight for all smartphone gimbals. I have a Fujifilm XT3 also so would use it for both.. Thanks!

  25. Hi, Very cool video. Weebill S still leaves much to be desired when it comes to stability. All this time the image is rocking and swaying. Still, he really lacks much for proper stabilization. So, in terms of stability, little has changed as you can see. It is a pity because the construction is interesting. However, it seems to me that it will not be accepted. I have friends who have Zhiyun Weebill (first version) and when they compare the quality of shots with Ronin S or Ronin SC they drop their jaws for surprise that it can be done at all. Compared to Ronin SC, Weebill appears to be damaged. This is not a good stabilization … I have watched some movies (except sponsored from Zhiyun) and it is still the same problem as you can see. It's a bit better but it's still poor stabilization.

  26. Hey brother when you going on a shoot again? I got a GH5 and gears stuff..But i am not that much motivate…HAHA need some one to show me the rope and stuff maybe i ca tag along next time you go on a shoot..I am in LA too..10 minutes from DTLA.

  27. LOVE THE EXTRA EFFORT put into the full chicken head gimbal shot when showing the underslung mode. Love ya work brother! thank you.

  28. So if I could get the Robin S with the discount for blackfriday plus a 10% student discount which will make it the same price as the wheebel S would it then make sense to buy the Robin or the wheebel S as it's a bit lighter ( I do shoot a DSLR ,t7i) also the wheebel has axis locks !! Idk now any ideas

  29. OMG. That quick release is more impressive than that gimbal to me. I am going to get several of them (if they are strong, quick, and reliable).

  30. Excellent review !! Thank you! A question on the feature on the side of the handle : Is the focus wheel on the Zhiyun Weebill S compatible with the GH5 ? Also, is there a "follow focus feature" on the gimbal? Is the GH5 what controls the focus , or the gimbal control the focus, or both? Do you think its beneficial to get the "focus pro package" with the Weebill S ? The "TransMount Servo Zoom / Focus controller that connects to the Lens to adjust the zoom. I plan to film in a similar way that you mentioned, and for me, I'll mainly use wide angle lens for skateboarding, landscape etc. I wasnt sure whether the follow focus package would be beneficial to have. Would greatly appreciate any recommendations and insight !!

  31. can anyone help me this problem i got… i just got the zhiyun weebil S and i'm using it with XT3 and 35mm F.14 and i got some shaky footage. please tell how to slove this problem
    thanks you so much

  32. The footage looks jittery. I think the motors are having trouble keeping up with the size and/or weight of that 10-25. Either that or it's not been balanced properly.

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