TOP 10 Camera Accessories [2019 Edition!]

remember all of the following are just
extra tools that you can use to either make your life easier or improve the
quality of your projects the biggest tool is you that came out wrong
what is up people Dunna here and today we’re talking about ten of my favorite
accessories that I personally use for my photography and videography but first I
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last year I released a video of 5 accessories that I thought were really
awesome but I’m always expanding my kit and there’s always more accessories out
there so welcome to the 2019 version with twice as many items because I have
no chill however I promise I won’t say gaff tape gaff tape is awesome but
everyone says it so I’m leaving it off the list as always links to the gear
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you any extra so thanks in advance alright let’s get to the list number one
is a fairly new addition to my kit a c-stand I put off getting a c-stand for
a really long time because I just didn’t get it they’re big they’re bulky they’re
heavy they’re pretty expensive but then once I got one I fell in love with it if
you don’t know what a c-stand is it’s basically a light stand on steroids
typically like I am right now I use my c-stand to float my rim light above
and behind me but you can also mount a tripod head on it and get cool overhead
shots they can handle a decent amount of weight and I’ve never worried even
having a light with too big batteries floating way out on the end of the arm
the one that I got is from a brand called neewer on Amazon and I was a
little worried at first that maybe the quality wouldn’t be up to snuff but I’ve
been really happy with it number two is the feel world master ma5
field monitor having an external monitor can be really helpful for anyone but
especially for people who don’t have flip screens like us Sony users this
specific monitor is a budget-friendly option compared to a lot of others but
still packs in a lot of features it ships with mounting options to attach to
your camera cables and a case which is really cool
and inside the monitor itself it has some really helpful features like focus peaking, histogram false colors and the ability to
horizontally flip or vertically flip the picture so that you can film yourself
now even if you’re not filming yourself having a bigger and brighter screen can
be really helpful especially when you’re trying to film out in daylight like I
said there are tons of other options for field monitors out there but I do like
this one as a bang for buck option number three is the roland R-07 external
audio recorder this little audio recorder is so cool it’s got stereo
microphones on the top which are great for either getting sound effects or
ambiences and it’s also got an input on the top so that you can plug in a lav
mic or the ever-popular rode camera microphones the input on
this unit will sound better than most inputs on cameras and having an external
recorder will actually give you more flexibility with mounting options for
where you can have your microphone one of the ways that I really love to use
this is when I’m recording with a lav mic I plug it into the 3.5 millimeter
jack on top I toss this in my pocket and I can actually control it with an app on
my phone so this never has to come out of my pocket until I’m done recording
speaking of audio number four is the rode videomicro
I don’t know how but this thing is so small and sounds so good and still isn’t
really that expensive not to mention you don’t ever have to deal with batteries I
recently did some shoot outs with this and some other microphones that I use
and I was blown away with how this stood up even to microphones that cost three
times as much like the rode videomic pro when I’m out and about shooting this
microphone stays on my camera 99.9% of the time number five are the Vallerret
photography gloves I live in Canada and in case you haven’t heard it’s really
cold here a lot of the time I’ve tried to go out and shoot during the winter
before and even in what we would consider fairly mild conditions
I barely last ten minutes of taking my gloves on and off to adjust settings on
my camera and feel like they’re going to fall off
and shatter on the ground but not anymore
first and foremost these gloves are just fantastic gloves they do a great job of
keeping my hands warm in fairly cold conditions but also they have a really
cool feature where the thumb and index finger fold back and are held by a
magnet so that you can access the settings on your camera with your
fingers this is basically a genius idea I’ve had other gloves that have this
kind of a feature before but none of them were really good enough to stand up
to the Canadian winter not only do these gloves stand up to the cold winter but
also they’ve got a bunch of different models for different temperatures and
different situations number six clamps they’re cheap they’re strong
they’re small and they come in handy so often they’re good for holding up
backdrops or light modifiers or if you want to attach gear together they just
come in handy all over the place one of the places I really like to use them is
to hold diffusion material to my lights and I’m currently using four different
clamps for something that we’ll be talking about a little bit later
number seven is for the vloggers out there and for everybody else too it’s
the Manfrotto pixi evo mini tripod this has been my go-to vlogging tripod for
the last little while I kind of got sick of hauling around the big bulky Joby
Gorillapod it’s still really useful but this is a lot more sleek and easy to
carry around it’s compact it’s versatile it’s strong it can hold
pretty heavy loads it has two different settings for how wide the legs go as
well as the legs extend to make the tripod taller and I just really love how
small it folds down so I can toss it in my backpack you might not be able to
wrap it around a pole but meh number 8 is the WANDRD PRVKE 31L camera
backpack now in general I suggest investing in a good camera backpack I
was pretty hesitant to go with this one at first because it’s really not cheap
but in the end I’m really glad that I did what I really wanted from a camera
bag was something that I could carry all the camera gear I would need but also
carry other things for just daily life or travel
– there are a lot of camera bags that are mostly camera bags and don’t have a
lot of room for anything else in them and I didn’t want to run into that
problem on my last vacation I was able to take all the camera gear that I
wanted my laptop and charger in the main compartment and then in the roll-top I
took seven days worth of clothes toiletries snacks and anything else that
I wanted when I’m not traveling I can fit my gimbal or a light or even just my
lunch for work in the top compartment and if I’m not using the roll-top I just
fold it down and it looks like a more normal sized backpack number nine that
stays in my backpack 98% of the time is a cable organizer or packing cube this
specific one is a bag smart cable organizer and it holds my notebook in
the front it holds my Chargers my cables my hard drives pretty much anything that
I’ll need at any given time so when I show up at wherever it is that I’m gonna
do some work I just pull this thing out and then rather than having to dig
through my backpack for any little things that I might need they’re all
right here and number ten are packing blankets now I don’t keep packing
blankets because I move a lot I keep them for three reasons one they can make
a good backdrop if you need them to – they can block light if you need them –
and three my personal favorite and most used one that I’ve been using since I
was in high school for sound absorption now they’re not as good as actual proper
sound absorption panels but they definitely do the trick I live in a
rented apartment so I can’t do anything really permanent for acoustic treatment
also I record these videos in the main living area in our apartment so I have
to have something that I can set up and tear down with ease so basically I’ve
got a packing blanket here and a packing blanket here clamped using those handy
clamps to a backdrop stand on this side and a microphone stand on this side and
it helps with the reverberation in the room so those are ten of my favorite
accessories remember to hit the like button and subscribe on your way down to
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next time Top 10 Camera Accessories [2019 Edition!]

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