Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Videos – Creepy Clown Sightings Caught on Camera 2018! Volume #4

know what the heck I’ll laugh anyway welcome back to malevolent elephant
those crazy annoying clowns just never go away do they clown sightings have
been pretty constant over the last couple of years being seen everywhere
from deserted fields and woods to them even breaking in people’s homes here is
the fourth edition of scary clown sightings picked by yours truly don’t
forget to smash that like or dislike button and subscribe this clown comes to
a home to break in if you watch the full video the clown sees the camera and soda
does a bit of taunting he tries to break in the house and gets more than he
bargained for this kid was in his house and for some reason was up at 2 a.m. go
figure he looks outside and notices the clown
pacing at the corner of his block eventually the clown comes in for a
closer look check it out what’s up big guy this poor little boy was just chillin
with his dad and was minding his own business and got surprised by a clown
coming to the window I would have been terrified this clown
was spotted breaking into a car and the guy shooting the video decided to go in
to confront the clown hey what are you doing hell no not the kids this family
was out and about when a psychotic looking clown approaches them there’s
just something about when someone is chasing you but they aren’t running I
like Michael Myers type of stuff check it out oh my god what the heck get away faze rug as far as I know is
the most famous phase member dude has made millions from playing video games
namely Call of Duty a clown breaks into his home in this video and the clown
looks like he is on a mission house you have one chip mommy just pop the balloon
with a knife buzz again inside the room hey please don’t kill us mom
here is another clown in the woods sighting
this particular one scares the crap out of this dude film in the video this is
creepy just because if I was one of these kids I would not have come
anywhere close to this clown even the kids in the video look a tad
apprehensive I would have been out of there this guy was flying his drone and what
did he see you guessed it a clown not just a clown but a clown running around
with a knife creepy stuff oh my god dude he has a
sword he legit has a sword oh my god dude this I’m literally zooming in
hopefully you guys can see this oh my god let me zoom back out oh my god I
don’t even know imagine driving late at night and then you come across an evil
looking clown an evil clown with a baseball bat at that what the fuck what
the fuck thanks for watching which of the ones on this list was the creepiest
one to you let me know down in the comments as always don’t forget to like
or dislike the video and don’t you dare leave without subscribing see you next

100 Replies to “Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Videos – Creepy Clown Sightings Caught on Camera 2018! Volume #4”

  1. No clown coming in my house cuz I’m prepared and I got a whole bunch of knives in my kitchen plus,a dog……phew I’m going to kill that clown

  2. The Kid..
    "What's Up Big Guy"

    Clown: 0_o Throws knife
    The Kid.. Oh sh.. closes

    Me: Like what do u think he was going to do come to play with u at 2am in the morning kid get some help if u see a freaking clown at night close ur windows he wont see ya then like dang..

  3. ones with the car are stupid. id press the gas pedal to the floor, jam him in between some sort of tree/garage and the car, beat the shit out of him or keep pressing the gas pedal to break his fucking legs. that shit will re-discipline him real quick

  4. Lol clowns? Not if my mom is a Latina 😂 Gosh you'll get beaten up to death if you ever try this at my house😂😂😂

  5. I Wish there were clowns in Europe too. Would be awesome. Cause I go home late at night every day So at least I could go on rampage for a good Reason… Beating up those idiots…

  6. If I see a clown or anyone for that matter inside my house, I'm not gonna say "please dont kill us".. im gonna let my glock do the talking

  7. In the faze rug one the clowns like dude there’s a new patch I just came into update it so I can watch your streams

  8. I meet Creepy clown with Uzi , he have a 3 friend , 1 using Sniper…
    I got shoot but my friend revive me, and we rush them together …
    And then i got chiken dinner…

  9. It was funny on the 7th one because when the person was has the bat and the clown started running away and the person started running at the clown to hit his head to pretect the person in the car or the clown was gonna take stuff from the car like robbing but no one was in the car

  10. 4:19 how is that scary , ur telling me this also a scariest clown? His just chilling giving candy to children for halloween 🤣

  11. bruh lowkey if me and my hood friends out in the night and it’s like 6-7 of us and we see a clown like this ah shoo it’s going down

  12. If i saw a cown outside my house i woulgo out whit a a bat and beat the shit out of them ovs id wake someone up or id all the police and there ya go

  13. Number 1 I didn't find to be too scary. Granted I wasn't there, and it probably would've been scary to live it, but when he dropped the bat in order to hump the hood, it's a giveaway that he's just a prankster not a killer.The knife thrower and home invader clowns were the scariest, IMO.

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