Top 10 Scary Phenomenon Caught In The Sky On Camera

Hello everyone whats gucci! Hope youre having an awesome day wherever
and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back
to another video here at most amazing top 10. Apparently scary lights in the sky are not
the only scary things we have found in the sky. Apparently the list of scary things in this
world is never ending but thankfully i am yet to become a victim from seeing anything
strange in the sky. So lets talk about people who actually have. This is the top 10 Scary Phenomena Caught
In The Sky On Camera. Starting us off with number 10 is The Floating
City. On October 7th 2015 in the city of Foshan
China a rare mirage occured in which a city seemed to be floating in the sky. This was literally seen by thousands of people
it wasnt just a trick of the light or someone lying about it. The footage legitimately looks like a city,
you can see the blocks of the buildings it looks like a skyline. The whole incident only lasted a few minutes
before disappearing but it did end up on the Chinese news. Some people believe it was due to a government
project that only the elite know about and therefore it was dismissed as just some reflection
of some kind whereas others people its Fata Morgana which basically just means a very
superior form of a mirage. Either way i dont think a whole city can somehow
become a mirage for a few minutes but im also no scientist so. The wildest explanation i read was that it
was part of the Blue Beam Project which is a secret project developed by the US and the
point of it is to manipulate the weather and create artificial natural disasters. And the mirage they saw was them testing it
out to see how the public would react to it. Dunno why they did it China though i doubt
they did but theres that too. Coming in at number 9 is The Death Cloud. Back in 2017 residents of Teixeira (tey-seira)
de Freitas in Brazil saw a menacing sight in the clouds. They dubbed it the apocalyptic cloud or the
death cloud and the videos literally look like a red claw has emerged from hell and
is reaching into the sky. The whole thing was red and it looked like
it was the shadow of a meteor that was just about to hit earth but then stopped a bit
before it did. It dissipated into nothing within 5 minutes
but residents were truly terrified. Someone thought the world was ending, another
thought it was going to form a tornado whereas some people saw it as the work of God and
called it perfection. It really is a mixed bag of reactions really. perfection , death cloud. Whatever you want really. At number 8 we have The Black Ring. back in
2015 in Kazakhstan a video was uploaded by someone living in the village of Shortandy. They captured what appeared to be a giant
black smoke ring in the sky that floated there for 15 minutes and then disappeared as smoke
usually tends to do. Now this sort of sight has been seen thrice
before once in Leamington but that was due to a fireworks test, another time in Florida
but that was due to a pyrotechnic test and another one in Chicago due to an electrical
transformer blowing up. Nice. Either way after investigation nothing seemed
to have happened to have caused the ring. No fire related activity, no blown up transformer
nothing. People were speculating whether it was the
work of witchcraft or perhaps the portal to hell. Filling our number 7 slot is The Phoenix Light. Back in 2017 a Phoenix city camera as well
as thousands of other cameras owned by normal people caught sight of something incredible. The whitish bluish fireball can be seen appearing
out of nowhere in the sky and hurtling towards earth as it gets bigger and brighter and then
disappears altogether like it was never even there. Most people speculated it was a meteor but
many remained unconvinced and look towards the extraterrestrial as a possible explanation. Now at number 6 is the Face Cloud. This was happened in 2011 in a place called
Grand Falls which is in New Brunswick Canada. Denis Laforge was watering his plants when
he looked at the sky and took out his phone. The clouds in the video are moving extremely
quickly well quicker than the average cloud and then the cloud formation starts forming
a giant face. The face gets more detailed as it moves and
it almost seems like the face is the thing propelling the cloud forward. The space for eye sockets is visible, a nose,
lips, a chin, its so detailed its not even funny. People dubbed it the face of god gliding across
the sky. The only explanation George Isaac had who
is a senior cloud scientist was that ‘clouds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes’. Thank you George for that insightful commentary,
even i could have said that and im not a senior cloud scientist. Coming in at number 5 is UFO cloud. This one was uploaded by Youtube user UFOVNI
who is a Philadelphia resident. Now we’ve seen weirdly shaped clouds before
its definitely not uncommon. Some people believe that UFOs sometimes hide
in the clouds to avoid being detected whereas others go a step further and believe that
UFOs can disguise themselves as clouds. So in the video there seems to be a random
small cloud in the sky. But then as you continue watching the cloud
starts moving and shifting in a really weird way. The cloud seems like its reflective of light
and transparent and its moving through the sky with a purpose and a lot quicker than
a normal cloud. Its even moving faster than the clouds around
it. The cloud also had differents in it and the
user went on to narrate he had never seen anything like that in his life. And after that video neither have i. At number 4 is the Cloud Wave. Back in 2010 on a beach in Helsinki Finland,
people were enjoying there sunday off at the beach when they suddenly saw a massive dark
dramatic cloud coming towards them. They initially thought it was a stormcloud
so no real panic had ensued at that point. I dont even believe its a storm cloud because
i have never seen one so vast and dark and low in the sky, beach goers said they felt
like they could actually touch the cloud. In the video it literally looks like the cloud
will devour anything in its path like its the doomsday cloud im not even joking. Birds literally flew out of the way of the
cloud because it was that ominous. No explanation given. Just a bunch of terrified tanned finnish people. Filling our number 3 slot is The Yellow Flash. In November of 2013 over the city of Sverdlovsk
(sverd-lovsk) in Russia a giant flash happened in the sky. Mind you this was at night so the sky was
pitch black one second and then all of a sudden it went red then orange then yellow and it
expanded and took over more of the sky as it changed colour. It lasted mere seconds but it was unmistakable. There were no military near the area so explanations
involving that or disposing of explosives was ruled out. The next explanation was that perhaps it was
a bolide linked to the peak of the Leonids (lee-uh-nids) meteor show but lights from
meteors are usually blue or green or white because of their temperature. So that wasnt it either. Now at number 2 are the Fireballs. This one was seen in Canada and im actually
speechless over what it could possibly be. It looks like some CGI stuff or some effect
of some kind but its 100% real. In the sky there seemed to be two flaming
balls that had constant streams of white smoke coming out the top of them. But that wasnt the weirdest part. There seemed to be a line connecting the two
fireballs but it wasnt a line it looked like an electricity link. It was a straight white line with electrical
currents seemingly coming off of it. They moved straight across the sky on the
trajectory of this line and no one had any explanation whatsoever on what it was, how
it got there or that energy line connecting them both. And finally at number 1 are the Dancing Lights. This one genuinely freaked me out when i watched
the footage. This one took place in Greenwood, Indiana
and QuadeM13 uploaded quite an HD video of it on youtube here. The sun itself is behind some clouds but you
can see it clearly but on the left of it theres a stream of yellow light that comes and goes
and dances in different directions. Its the exact same colour and brightness as
the sun’s light and honestly just imagined someone trapped a sunray in a flashlight and
they were doing this ** in the clouds. Thats what it looked like. The video goes on for 2.5 minutes the only
explanation people have offered is that perhaps it was crown flash. And crown flash is due to ice crystals in
a cirrus cloud merging with the electric field of a rising cumulus (qu-ma-lis) cloud. While the field changes the crystals snap
and move reflecting sunlight in different ways hence we saw them dancing. Some people fully believe that explanation
others say theres no way it was that. You guys choose whichever explanation you
like. And thats it for todays video guys! I feel like we just went on a collective journey
of discovery just then because half the things on this list are making me feel like that
meme of that woman whos confused as hell and calculations are like all around her. But anyway leme know if you actually saw any
of these things take place if youre from the places they happened. And as always im your host Ayman Hasan and
ill see you next time! Byee.

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  1. Ever since my surgery when I got out of the hospital I saw some of my animals in the sky like it is like change to animal to animal sort of

  2. Your name sounds like " Ay man " like
    " Ay man go watch most amazing top 10 there the most amazing channel on the internet "

  3. I doubt the "fireballs" are a propulsion system of some kind because something sophisticated enough to be that large, disguised, and hover in place would probably not rely on chemical combustion engines, imo. Perhaps it's some sort of emergency artificial atmospheric venting process. A craft may need to urgently purge a hazardous material before it causes damage to the vessel or the crew, and that material may ignite in the presence of our natural atmosphere. That's a total guess, of course.

  4. I feel like I saw the giant red flash in the sky before but I feel like it wasn’t 2014 maybe 2015, or maybe it was 2014 but I don’t know where it happened unless it happened all over the world, but I feel like it wasn’t a flash but more like the sky was that color for a bit in that area

  5. The two objects connected by the charged link, were the result of a time travel experiment gone wrong, that will take place about 140 years in the future.
    The equipment and the test 'pilots' were lost, because they continued traveling backwards in time indefinitely.
    The sighting occurred during a failed attempt by the 'pilots', to stop the backward temporal acceleration.
    The Test Pilots were four Humanlike Robots.

  6. About the Phoenix thing. Another thing like this but, it was a man sky diving like a flying squirrel. He had a firework thing on his foot. I don’t know about this one though

  7. Never say that pls 😀😇😍😘😗😆😄🙂🥰😘😭😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  8. In Indonesia I saw a huge white flying thing and I know it isn't a plane bcz it flapped it's wings it was gigantic and fast and it just went behind a building and I lost it

  9. I haven’t seen any of those things but I have seen two other things in the sky.

    1. 2015 may 29, I was going to my grandmas in Montana and there were a lot of clouds no storm but clouds the out of nowhere there was two lightning bolts then a huge ball of purple lightning and fire it was gone in seconds but the next year I saw it again.

    2. 2018 ??????, we were at glacier national park driving up a mountain no clouds in sight then there were strange lines like there was an airplane but instead there was a giant arrowhead shaped thing it was wight and blue and after a couple of minutes it was invisible. I know it was invisible because the lines were still there.

  10. The dancing lights is sometimes seen in the icy countries such us iceland its called aurora burializ or northern lights

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