Top 10 Scary Things Caught On Camera In The Woods – Part 3

Hey most amazing top 10 family, Im your host
Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. We are back again with some of the weird creepy
stuff you can find lurking around in the woods. There happens to be so much stuf lurking out
there that we are now on a part 3 video of Top 10 scary things caught on camera in the
woods. If you havent seen part one or two then what
on earth are you doing, you gotta to watch those right now. This is a trilogy you can start at the third
movie thats just crazy talk. Also I put a lot of work into those videos
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this list 10 mom and the kids I dont know about you guys but if I see some
bears walking around in the woods Im not going to stop to take a video. Im going to be running in the other direction
and tripping anyone I pass so I dont end up bear food but they do. Thats what you call survival of the fittest. Especially if you see a momma bear with her
cubs, because outside of males during mating season this is when bears can be at their
most dangerous. But his guy in the video seems like he cares
more about catching this shot which does have 3 million views, instead of his own safety That is way too close for comfort, he is like
15 feet away from becoming a chew toy for one of the largest predators on land. Thats a good way to end up a news article
about a man who was mauled to death. Although the video did get 3 million views,
I can see how this could be a pretty good trade off. Which brings up the question of how many views
are you willing to risk your life for. I would say no less than 10 million and an
appearance on ellen. 9 Mystery Creeper It dosent matter if its the middle of the
day or the deep darkness of night, if there is something creepy in the woods it will find
you and try to ruin your nice picnic you have planned for your partner. You thought ants were bad for a picnic try
a creep creature that was caught on a shaky camera, there isnt enough bug spray in the
world to fix that mood killer. Now the two people in our next clip werent
having a cute little picnic, they were just going for a walk through the woods. But hey did see something lurking and following
them I mean that camera work is so shaky that the
camera man could shoot the next Safdie brothers movie. The shots those guys use give me so much anxiety,
but thats the point right. Anyway back on topic, these guys seem to be
legitimately scared of whatever is creeping in the woods and watching them. After they try to capture the unknown thing
on camera they hightail it out of the woods and run to safety 8 The breathing woods I just want you guys to check out these videos
so you can freakout like I did and then Ill let you know whats going on. This looks like the end of the world, it looks
like the earth if finally self aware and is going to start to destroy us all because he
has been polluting for too long. But Im happy to let you know that its not
the end of the world yet. This happens from deforestation, with less
trees in the area the wind has more contact with smaller trees which move and bend in
the wind pulling their roots up making it look like the ground is breathing. 8 Is that a Hyena Strange noises coming from the deep dark forest
has been a recurring theme on these list of scary things caught on camera in the woods. So I thought we should keep the tradition
going by showing a cackle coming from the woods that sounds so sinister it makes me
never wanna go camping again. Jesus Christ that is not the sound you wanna
hear in the middle of the night. It sounds like a clown crossed with the hyena
from the lion king. Anything that is making that noise in the
middle of the night should not be approached. Now there is the chance that this is something
harmless like a weird bird or maybe its something scary but not supernatural like a wolf. But no matter what it is I really dont want
to take a look at it. Finding out what kind of creature makes that
horrifying noise isnt worth it for me. 7 Ghost in the woods This is why I keep telling you guys to bring
your camera with you when you go walking in the woods. Theres a chance youll see something terrifying
and it will give me some more stuff to put on our channel. This guy was walking down a trail next to
the stansted airport. When he caught this on camera Im a little bit speculative on whether or
not this one is real. I threw it on here because at first glance
this video did scare the hell out of me and there is a backstory to this ghost sighting. Apparently a young boy died after getting
hit by a train next to this trail and his ghost haunts the area. But after watching it a few times I noticed
that the ghost kind of keeps the same position with his arms which kinda makes it look staged. But I wanted to throw it on here to see what
you guys would think. 6 Black haired woman A drone was flying over a large forested area
trying to capture some footage of the landscape when they found this. Who is that just hanging out in the forest. She looks like she was pulled out of the grudge. He dosent get in too close and I understand
why, you dont want to risk losing your drone to what could be some crazy person but part
of me wishes that he went in for a closer look so I could really see who this person
was. 4 Dog Cam When you hear the words dog cam, you think
that its going to a super cut of shots of a dog eating snacks and then napping and then
maybe licking its own bum and then we would go back to napping but the last thing you
would think about is catching a mythical creature on camera. This dog was bolting through the woods and
then he comes up on what looks like a giant bigfoot just strolling through the woods Now Im kinda split on this one, I dont know
if this one is real or staged. On one hand I think if anything would be able
to get close to a bigfoot it would be a dog. There both animals and the bigfoot might be
smart enough to know that this guy isnt going to spill the beans and tell everyone that
he just saw the missing link. Dogs cant talk and if they could they would
never snitch. But at the same time I think a dog would be
able to smell a bigfoot and would try to keep away from it, I assume a bigfoot has a very
strong smell. But to counter my own point maybe the smell
is what attracted the dog to the beast in the first place. 3 The San Jose Alien Photos are still capture on camera for this
one I have a picture for you but Its just as creepy as anything filmed. Back in 2016 after San Jose had a record high
of UFO sightings there was a strange creature that was found in the grass that looks like
it might have fallen right out of a spaceship Gianna Peponis found this thing just sitting
out next to her home. She wrote that she heard a scream come from
the side of her house and thens he found this thing laying in the grass. Right away everyone on the internet was calling
this thing an alien. But I have a different theory. Its not an alien but an alien experiment. The aliens came to earth, got some samples,
did some experiments, made that little creature thing and then were like ew this thing sucks
and dumped it out of the poop shoot on the spaceship. Im no science man but I think Im right. 2 An old which Were heading over to Russia to find one of
the most unsettling videos I have ever seen on this channel. This guy was driving down a dark trail through
the woods at night when he came across this Hes the whole video is in russian so when
he starts talking I cant understand him but I can tell that he is terrified. He keeps backing up and this strange woman
just keeps slowly walking towards the car, but theyre in the middle of nowhere so what
is she doing out there. 1 Forest stalker I snagged this one off the youtube channel
sweet dreams, its a couple of young explorers going to check out the north georgia woods. These dudes probably thought they were going
to see some bugs, maybe a raccoon or two, the scariest thing they probably thought they
would see would be skunk with its tale lifted ready to shoot some stink at them but thet
last thing they expected to see was this Thats why you dont go looking around the woods
at night because there are big scary monsters in there. Now this video might be fake, the creature
looks sort of humanoid so it might have just been one of their friends dressed up so they
could make a video that scares us all. Or there is a humanoid creature in the north
georgia woods and it will kill you if you get too close to it. Im gonna take a safe route and never leave
my apartment again. Well everyone that is our list, I want to
thank you all so much for tuning in. and as promised, I’m going to be doing some more
pet shoutouts. If you want me to shoutout your pet you can
hit me up on instagram, I pick new pets everyday so if I dont pick you one day feel free to
message back again. If it takes me a little while to get back
to you Im am very sorry but I have so many of these to do. And without taking any longer lets shout out
some pets First we have Brutus Pic1 He just wants attention
so bad and he deserves it because hes so handsome Then we have Bucky Pic2 Look at this dude,
orange cats always look dope After that we hve Otis Pic3 Another guy just
hanging out, catching some sun Next we have Aida Pic4 This is a great picture
but it dose kinda have a horror movie vibe Then we have Wilma the wombat! Pic5 This is a first for pet shoutouts, Welcome
Wilma the wombat And to end off we have Oscar Pic6 That is
such a good picture. He looks so happy with his floppy tongue.

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    Also me: Watches video anyway.

    Also also me: finishes video and realized that I am home alone.

    Damn. 🚷🚳✅

  2. Number 1 looks like that scp that if you look straight at will become extremely agitated and will try to kill you, like an enderman

  3. I think that was a deer fetus. You can see the umbilical cord attached. Someone must have shot a pregnant deer😪.

  4. it also depends on bears…we camped in Virginia and she bears with baby's were all over the camp ground

    when we would go to throw out garbage in the dumpster…they would pop up from the back

    they were black bears…and no one was attacked…even little children running around the camp ground, unsupervised

  5. I'm more afraid that not one comment was biblical. These creatures are demons. You are going to see more and more of them. Get right with Jesus because the veil is lifting and you will see these things face to face..

  6. The sound at 7 was an owl, I live in Georgia and heard it for the first time thinking it was a monkey or something until I saw the owl in my yard. When there is a few it gets interesting.

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  8. 1:38 he has the right idea to walk backwards, slowly, though. If you turn your back on a bear and run, they're gonna take that as a challenge and chase you to attack you

  9. #2 happened in the UAE, (although Kuwait and Qatar have been mooted as alternatives) not Russia.
    It was a trainee policeman being stitched up by his colleagues.

    #10 is crazy!

  10. Number 2 was a hoax from the middle east … the authors of the clip even mentioned it on their chanel. Its not Russian.

  11. Che: "You would have to be crazy to not watch parts 1 & 2 first!"
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