Top 15 YouTuber Scary Experiences Caught On Camera

All of these channels are linked in the description,
so go check out the original videos! Number 15. Aidens Life: Pokemon Go has become a sensation
since it was released in the summer of 2016, and subscribers to our channel will know strange
things have happened to players in the short time it has been available: people getting
injured, finding dead bodies, would be thieves creating beacons to rob unsuspecting victims. Aiden of Aidens Life was an unfortunate victim
of Pokemon Go’s supposed curse while he filmed himself searching for Pokemon. As he was making his way home, a man approached
him and ordered him to put all his stuff in a bag. Confused, Aiden asked the man if he was serious,
which the man responded by pulling a knife. Panicking, Aiden shoved everything in the
bag, pleading with the man to not hurt him. The man casually walked off and Aiden ran
to a nearby house and called the police. Not long after talking to police, the officer
in charge of the investigation called Aiden in to identify objects found on a suspect,
and it turns out all of Aiden’s stuff was there. The robbery was filmed on Aiden’s camera,
and Aiden himself explained what happened in a vlog, clearly still shaken from the incident. Thankfully, he was able to get all of his
stuff back, and was not injured during the robbery. Number 14. Joe Weller: A rather recent trend for youtube
videos is urban exploration. People will enter abandoned buildings to explore
and sometimes to document possible paranormal activity. Joe Weller of the UK is one of these youtubers,
and he has encountered some pretty crazy things. His most famous video is when he and his friend
explored an abandoned asylum, and both admitted to feeling uneasy upon entering. The subject of the video was to combine the
faces of soccer players with youtubers and guess who they are. Halfway through the video, the guys heard
an audible female voice. When they ask who was there, a sound of a
child in distress could be heard, but both dismissed it as a group of kids messing around. A child was also heard singing a nursery rhyme. After checking the sounds, rocks and other
debris began being thrown at them from the dark, and nobody was found when they checked. The two became uneasy, and hastily left the
building, unable to explain what they just experienced. Since the video’s in late July 2016, it has
been seen by over 4 million people, and a huge debate has sparked in order to try and
explain the happenings. Both men involved in the video deny it is
a hoax, and said they found nobody in the building or outside. Knowing how grim mental asylums were during
their operation, it is understandable that there would be restless spirits within the
walls of the now derelict building. Number 13. Slimmofication2: Slim Albaher is a prankster
known on youtube as SlimMofication, and he is currently enjoying a modest popularity. His videos consist of the usual kind of pranks
and social experiments, and even have him performing dares on unsuspecting people in
public. Much like other prank channels, his pranks
are often provocative and at times dangerous, but also consist of low levels ones on his
family and girlfriend. While his fans love his work, there are people
who either are against his extreme antics for personal reasons, but there are also those
who just don’t like what he does, either claiming he is ripping off other prank channels or
jumping on the bandwagon to make quick cash. However, the videos on his vlog channels show
him to be a rather modest individual no different from the average person. Sadly, this hasn’t dissuaded people from making
their criticism heard, and in the most extreme of ways. In June 2016, Albaher and fellow prankster
Adam Saleh were attacked in a park. A man approached them and began shouting at
them; Albaher was getting heated, but Saleh was trying to calm the situation. Eventually, the man threw a white powder at
the group and ran, leaving Albaher temporarily blinded. It was later revealed to be harmless flour,
but with the scare of different poisonous substances in powder form, it is no surprise
the two were alarmed. A week earlier, Albaher was jumped by a group
of people, one even brandishing a knife. Albaher managed to fight them off and get
away. Unfortunately, the group blamed Albaher for
the confrontation and no knife was found at the scene, so Albaher was arrested under suspicion
of assault. He was released due to lack of evidence the
next day. Number 12. Chris and Keelan Videos: Just a simple day-in-the-life-vlog,
Chris and Keelan chronicles the activites of the titular operators. While not having a major fan base at only
2000 subscribers, they posted a video of their son captured on their nanny cam. He is in his crib making noises and baby talk. What makes the video disturbing is their son
manages to climb onto the edge of his crib and balance without trouble. The sounds he begins making sound as if he
is in distress. All these, combined with the night-vision,
adds to the creepiness of what is being shown. The couple even titled the video as Possessed
Baby Crib Surfing. The video has been seen by over 10 million
people, and viewers have speculated the child is, in fact, possessed or being balanced by
an unseen forces. Number 11. MarzBar: Even when editing their videos, creepy
things can happen to youtubers. MarzBar, better known as Alex, is a British
youtuber known for filming his adventures skydiving, reviewing electronical products,
playing music and just showing off different events and things. He is starting to gain momentum in his fan
base, and recently hit 500,000 subscribers. However, neither Alex nor his subscribers
were prepared for an incident in May 2015. While Alex was home alone, he was editing
videos with his bedroom door locked and headphones in so as to not have any distractions. At one point, he thought he heard knocking
at his door, she he called out, expecting it to be his dad or step mom. Instead, he heard someone shout “Go, go,
go!” and footsteps rushing out of the house. When he went out to investigate, he found
the back door open and footprints, as well as spare keys missing. Freaked out, Alex called police and filmed
as he was speaking to the operator. All the while, he was checking around the
house, and found his parent’s room ransacked. The thieves were gone, and police searched
the home and found no one hiding. Alex then explained to viewers exactly what
happened, clearly shaken and adrenaline rushing through his body. Luckily, no valuables were taken, but the
thieves were unidentified because they smashed the security camera to the way they came in. From now on, Alex will likely keep his doors
locked whenever he’s out, or even in his room. Number 10. Meghan Currie: Sometimes, the unexpected can
happen in the middle of you vlog, most of the time completely unrelated to what you’re
talking about. Meghan Currie’s channel is a makeup, fashion
and general interest vlogs, where she shows shopping hauls, makeup tutorials and even
yoga challenges. During one of her haul videos. Meghan and her roommate began experiencing
paranormal activity, beginning with a loud knock at their front door. Nobody was on the other side when they checked,
so they resumed with the vlog. However, the knocks came again, and progressively
sounded more and more violent. The frightened girls even called 9-1-1, fearing
someone was harassing them with malicious intent. Officers found nothing, so the girls calmed
down and resumed vlogging. At one point in the video, a closet door behind
Currie slowly slides shut by itself. Later, as the third roommate returns home,
the girls discover Currie’s bedroom has been ransacked, even though it was locked from
the inside. As they are cleaning up, they find all the
drawers in their kitchen are wide open, causing them to flee out of fear someone is in their
apartment. A few weeks later, Currie posted an update
video explaining the activity has gotten much worse since then and near the end a light
turns off by itself. No new updates have been made since then,
but it goes to show the sort of random occurrences that can happen when we least expect it. Number 9. Uosof Ahmadi: Another of the trending Urban
Explorers on youtube today, Usof Ahmadi has a modest following of those who enjoy the
exploration of old and derelict buildings. While most of his videos contain no strange
encounters, a video released in June 2016 depicted a truly terrifying discovery. Ahmadi and his friend had attempted to enter
a building several times, but were caught by security and escorted off the property. Finally, they managed to evade the guards
and make their way towards a large, abandoned house. Ahmadi was told the house is used for satanic
worship, and he was eager to go in and see if this was true. As they approached the house, the two men
felt uneasy, and also noted a strong, foul smell coming from inside. They circled around, looking for a way in,
until they found an open window with a ladder underneath it. Dark red marks were on the ladder, making
the two feel even more scared and hesitant to go inside. Ahmadi decided to go in, and he slowly climbed
the ladder. To his horror, as he peeked inside the window,
there was what appeared to be a dead body just inside covered in a blood stained white
sheet. Ahmadi and his friend immediately fled the
house and away from the area. Since its upload, countless people have questioned
the authenticity of the video. Others believe the body is real, and is of
a person used in a satanic ritual or victim of a deranged killer. Those on the middle ground believe pranksters
placed a fake body there under the sheets in hopes of scaring any explorers, simply
for some harmless fun. Number 8. JoeySalads: Love him or hate him, people still
cannot deny JoeySalads has gained a large following. Salads is a prank and social experiment channel,
and he has caused controversy for his videos, particularly one where he posed as a transgender
woman and entered the woman’s bathroom to document reactions. In June 2016, Salads conducted a social experiment
titled “Radical Islam vs. Radical Christianity,” which had Salads and an associate run through
several different scenarios. Salads’ friend, Chris, was dressed as a stereotypical
Muslim, dropping a package and shouting “Allah Akbar,” before running away. Salads did the same, except in normal clothing,
and saying “Praise Jesus,” before running off. People panicked when Chris dropped the package,
but all those who Salads did it to stood their, confused, but seemingly unfazed. This gathered much criticism from viewers
with accusations of racism and stereotyping. Not long after the video’s upload, Salad’s
was physically attacked, resulting in a black eye. Furthermore, Salads claimed his personal information
was released and he was receiving death threats. Salads described the ordeal in a short vlog
post, but critics have accused Salads or making the story up for sympathy or publicity. Knowing the way things go in society with
such sensitive subjects, it is highly likely Salads’ claims are true, and they have no
left him questioning if he wants to continue making videos. In an earlier video, Salads tried to get anti-Trump
protesters to stomp on the American flag, but the prank backfired when he was recognized. An angry crowd shouted that he was going to
stomp on the flag, leading to pro and anti-Trump protestors to shout verbal insults and threaten
physical violence, with one stealing the flag. Regardless of politics, it is a scary situation
for anyone to be ganged up on and possibly physically attacked by multiple assailants. Number 7. Marina Joyce: Not always do scary things happen
in front of the camera, and speculation can always lead to feelings of fear and discomfort. Marina Joyce is a youtuber best known for
her fashion vlogs. Fans have noted her somewhat bizarre behaviour
as interesting, and it has caused her channel to gain a wide amount of subscribers and views. Recently, things took a strange turn when
Joyce’s video Date Outfit Ideas released on July 22, 2016. Viewers became concerned when they noticed
a second person was behind the camera apparently giving directions, and by visible bruises
on Joyce’s arms; this lead to speculation Joyce was being abused, and possibly forced
to make the videos for someone else’s profit. More extreme theories have emerged claiming
Joyce was kidnapped and forced to make the videos, though these claims have no backing
evidence. Police in her home of Enfield were even contacted
to do a well-fare check, and , and their official twitter stated she was safe and well. Joyce stated later in an interview none of
the concerns were true. While this seemed to be the end of the drama,
Joyce later posted a lengthy Facebook post describing herself as a Goddess and detailing
her dreams to build a temple in Peru. By this point, fans and other youtube celebrities,
most notably Philip DeFranco, have voiced concern, with DeFranco sincerely pleading
any close friends and family of Joyce to help her. It is unknown what her motivations behind
the idea is, but people believe she is either suffering from mental illness or experience
drug related mental backlash. Whatever the cause, people everywhere hope
she is able to find any help she may need before things go out of control. Number 6. Day with James: The best way to describe this
channel is it is a simple vlog and miscellaneous one, with all sorts of different subjects
from fitness to general day-to-day happenings. James is a young man from the UK living with
several roommates, and as was discovered recently a few hidden guests. James and his roommates began to notice odd
occurrences within their home, from strange noises to feelings of being watched. James has documented several unexplainable
happenings to the youtube channel, many of which record footsteps from upstairs while
nobody is up there. One video shows James in his room talking
to the camera when there’s a knock at the door. Expecting it to be one of his roommates, he
opens it after several persistent knocks, only to find nobody on the other side. In another, James and one of his roommates
hear loud footsteps from the second floor, even though they’re the only ones in the home. Since these uploads, people have developed
an interest in the channel, waiting for paranormal updates in the hopes of something creepy and
evident happening. James also asks his viewers what they think
of the happenings, which has led to a wild discussion in the comments. While a ghost has not yet been captured on
camera, James’ videos have presented enough to show there is something living with them
making things go bump in the night. Number 5. Exploring with Josh: A channel for the adventurous
type, Exploring with Josh is another Urban Exploration channel, with Josh and company
searching the depths of pretty eerie locations. Of course, it is part of the territory that
they’ve found rather unsettling things, and experienced strange and unexplainable occurrences. Josh and his friends were exploring an abandoned
asylum known to have an extended tunnel network connecting the buildings together. They found the usual things at first, graffiti
and various broken down furniture and walls. They also found boxes of .22 caliber bullets,
along with bullet holes in the surrounding walls, but they were unprepared for what was
in the basement. There, the group found a chair, with duct
tape around the arm rests and the legs, and a pentagram drawn in what appeared to be blood
beneath; the markings looked fresh, causing a further uneasiness amongst the group. They trekked on to the adjacent building,
finding more pentagrams and small pools of blood on the ground. With the amount of people conducting urban
exploration, there is bound to be the capturing of paranormal activity, and Josh’s videos
have now been archived as evidence for people to decide. Number 4. Sons of Arkham: Sons of Arkham is a prank
channel who has collaborated with the likes of That Brown Nerd and and Epic5TV. His pranks are mostly harmless potty humour,
including pretending to fart on people, but he mostly films the pranks for That Brown
Nerd instead of actually being in the pranks themselves. However, he ended up being the centrefold
of a dire situation in August 2016. That Brown Nerd was conducting a prank where
he would pretend to fart on Muslims. While the entire story isn’t known, one of
the victims did not find it very funny and pulled a gun on the group and fired. Sons of Arkham was shot in the leg and required
surgery to remove the bullet. Luckily, the round did not hit any major arteries,
and he has since been making a full recovery. That Brown Nerd was extremely shaken by the
incident, and took a break from making videos in order to compose himself and tend to his
friend. After a short break during recovery, Sons
of Arkham and That Brown Nerd were back at it, and new videos have begun to upload onto
both channels. However, with such a near death experience,
it would be understandable if both have decided to tone down the size of their pranks. Number 3. TvDennisCee: Pranks can be good fun, but it
also has led to unwarranted consequences. Dennis Cee is one of the many prank channels
to appear on youtube. During one of their pranks, Dennis and his
crew travelled to a New York City neighbourhood and asked people if they wanted to by guns;
the catch? They were water guns. Several of the people they approached reacted
very negatively, resulting in physical altercations and verbal threats, but there were also those
who quickly realized it was a prank and took it with good humour. However, nothing could prepare for what was
about to come. One of the men approached three individuals
and asked the question. One of them lunged at the man and allegedly
pulled out a real pistol, pointing directly at him. The altercation was quickly descalated, and
the men stopped the prank and left the area. The genuine fear in the man’s face when faced
with the possibility of being shot is gut wrenching, and he pleads for the man not to
shoot. The video does not show the aftermath, and
this has led people to believe it was faked for views, but there are many still who believe
it to be genuine. Fake or not, it is still terrifying to watch,
and will cause viewers to think twice before starting a prank channel of their own. Number 2. RickeyBot: This man is a Twitch streamer but
regardless is still an online personality and caught something terrifying on video. While streaming Pokemon Go, he was suddenly
struck from behind and was taken to the ground. It became clear he was being robbed, and the
man calmly told him to take his possessions off. RickeyBot begged him to stop, but the assailant
took his phone and ran off. This happened at Central Park in New York
City. The phone was still streaming as the man factory
reset the phone, and the assailant was never identified. Rickeybot later tweeted that he was going
to the hospital and that his “jaw is a mess”. The scan on his jaw came back negative though,
so luckily it wasn’t broken by this assault. To make matters worse, RickeyBot received
a suspension from Twitch since he wasn’t streaming game content after the mugging. We hope this video is enough incriminating
evidence for criminal charges once this man is apprehended. And this case should serve as a reminder to
be careful when walking around at night playing Pokemon Go. Number 1. Sajedene: Twitch streamers are known to record
their streams and either post them in full or as a montage to Youtube. Well known DotA streamer Sajedene is one of
these streamers, and during one of her livestreams, she underwent a truly traumatic and unforgettable
experience. Mid game, Sajedene heard a loud bang, followed
by a man shouting. She rushed out of her room to investigate,
and didn’t return. Streamers watched as strange men were searching
around her computer and room, and only then did people realize her home had been invaded. Frantically, viewers tried to contact friends
of Sajedene to explain the situation, and finally one of her friends called the police. Sajedene and her boyfriend were unharmed during
the robbery, but they were held at gunpoint while the men robbed their home. Police arrived and managed to arrest one of
the suspects, but the second got away. Sajedene explained what happened in a long
vlog post, and stated the men wanted to take her boyfriend to the bank and withdraw money
while they held her hostage, but police arrived before this happened. Sajedene continues to stream, and luckily,
it appears her and her boyfriend are moving on from the incident.

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