Top 3 BEST Photo Editing Software – in 3 Minutes! [2020]

Dear all, welcome to this review! Let’s see in a few minutes the top 3photo editing software available on the market on 2020, according to theplans avaialable and your personal needs and skills.If you are a professional photographer our choice is definitely Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Since 12 years ago Lightroom leads with a great photo management system and loads of features for photo corrections and adjustments including temperature, contrast, lightness and clarity, full Tone Curve manipulation on both luminance and all the RGB channels and also single-color adjustment on Hue and Saturation. It also includes outstanding tools for noise reduction, dehaze, lens correction and perspective transformation, plus editing and brushing tools for the most precise corrections. Also get your modifications under control with the Histogram waveform, the several Filters for masking and the Snapshots list, saving all the versions of modifications made on the image for direct comparison.Visit our dedicated tutorial to discover more about Lightroom Classic CC!Lightroom Classic is indeed awesome and complete but it still needs either a monthly or yearly subscription plan. To get rid of these subscriptions and go for a perpetual license, you can think about Corel PaintShop Pro. PaintShop Pro has three main workspaces: Manage to organize your photos, Adjust to correct these and Edit to make professional editing. It comes with most of the professional features inside Lightroom CC but also several brushing tools to make full photo manipulation like Photoshop CC, including a layers system to control objects overlapping. PaintShop is definitely a great combination of advanced photo corrections and picture manipulation.Check out our dedicated video to know more about Corel PaintShop Pro!If your skill level is not high, no problem! You can enter into photo editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements, one of the easiest products available on this field that can be bought with a definitive perpetual license, without a continuous subscription. According to us this is the best solution to make your first corrections, due to its super-easy and intuitive user interface divided in three workspaces (Quick, Guided, Expert) depending on your skills level. Use the Quick workspace to make simple and fast corrections on Exposure, Lighting, Colors and Details. If this is not enough you can switch to the Expert workspace to use a complete set of editing tools to brush on the picture, at a very similar level to the professional Photoshop CC, including brushing tools, red eyes, selection tools and much more. If this is too hard you can also make advanced corrections from the Guided workspace, following suggestions and instructions step-by-step. If this is not enough you can make your photos special by adding great ready templates to apply effects, textures and outstanding frames.To learn more about Adobe Photoshop Elements, check out our beginnertutorial!Thanks for watching this video! Leave us a comment below.. did you findthe best photo-editing software for you?

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  1. Hello! Your video was informative but you mentioned checking out each software further via a video. Can you share the individual links? Thanks in advance!!

  2. I have Lightroom v.4 but I bought it outright. I don't pay a subscription. I think perhaps the later ones are on subscription . . .

  3. paintshop pro is great,but the others (adobe) are obsolete and with an annoying subscription,there are more one buy pro alternatives around
    like,affinity photo,luminar 4,and topaz studio 2
    topaz,wich also has separate filters like denoise AI,gigapixel AI,and sharpen AI,wich uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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