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hello everyone welcome to review Stop the place to go for product reviews, awesome deals and of course awesome products. If you like this video please consider subscribing because this is what we’re all about. Today i’m going to be showing you my top five pick for DSLR camera bundles for beginners this is for people that are looking to upgrade to get something different to get off that the little tiny camera and things like that ok so without further ado let’s get the show on the road number five Canon Rebel t5 bundled this model comes with of course the Canon Rebel t5 DSLR camera you’re going to get of course all the original supplied canon accessories that come along with that you’re also going to be getting the canon 18-55 millimetres standard lens a deluxe camera case this comes with a 16 gigabyte class 10 SD card of course a high-speed SD memory card reader commander starter kit and the commander UV filter number four canon rebel T6 bundle this bundle has the canon rebel T6 camera kit of course the pro slave flash with the mounting bracket 2x 32 gigabytes sdhc cards with image rescue five software 50 inch travel tripod with the carrying case 58 millimeter telephoto lens a 58 millimeter wide angle lens three piece filter set which has a UV filter CPL filter and the FLD filter a 12 inch flexible tripod with the rap able legs which is awesome an extra battery so now you got two batteries and they are rechargeable a remote control for the cannon the gadget bag 5-piece camera cleaning kit micro SD card reader LCD screen protector memory card wallet and a lense cap strap this is great number three nikon d5200 in this bundle of course you’re going to get your nikon d5200 camera got the 18-55 millimeter nikor autofocus length the 52 millimeter telephoto lens 52 millimeter wide angle lens 16-gigabyte class 10 sdhc card auto power slave flash pro hand camera grip top-quality tripod with it very nice by the way water assistant camera case three piece filter kit for UV CPL and FLD filters wireless remote control which is great USB card reader three piece cleaning kit memory card wallet lcd screen protectors and tabletop tripod number two the nikon d3400 bundle in this bundle you’re going to get the nikon d3400 camera 18 to 55 millimeter lens and a 70-300 millimeters zoom lense kit 64 gigabyte class 10 SDXC card the camera case the gadget bag the wide-angle lens with macro telephoto lense converter 55 millimeter UV polarizer and FLD filter kit with carrying case bounce zoom slave flash remote-control wireless by the way 12-inch rubberized spider tripod lens cleaning pen memory card reader memory card wallet dust removal system and microfiber cleaning cloth number one canon rebel T6i bundle in this bundle you’re going to get of course the canon rebel T6i Kit it’s going to bring the 18-55 millimeter lens 58 millimeter telephoto lens 58 millimeter wide angle lens and auto powerslave flash tripod water resistant case remote control which is great three piece filter kit of course UV CPL FLD 58 millimeter UV protector filter and you’re getting two 16 gigabyte class 10 sdhc cards USB card reader three-piece cleaning kit memory card wallet screen protectors and a tabletop tripod thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed the video please make sure to hit the like button if you want more videos like this make sure you subscribe and of course it’s a little bell there on the top right so you can get notifications every time I post a video up i do post videos every Friday i hope to see you again and quick questions which one do you think is the best bundle? let me know in the comments down below i also put a link in the description in case you guys want to check those out thanks for watching see you on the next one

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