Top 5 Photo Editing Apps – March 2018 (Android & iOS)

Hello, everyone, this is Mohit Devda here
and today I am going to show you Top 5 Photo Editing apps which are actually quite useful. But, before moving on, make sure to get subscribed
and press the bell icon to get notifications for all my future videos. Now that you have done that, let’s get started. So, the first app in the list is called Adobe
Photoshop Mix. It is a useful photo editing app as it provides
some cool features derived from the desktop variant of Photoshop. You can add multiple layers of image, text,
and color and templates for making a meme are also provided. There are so many different options to edit
individual layers like – you can cut out unwanted portion of the image or you can also blend
multiple layers to create a cool final image and the best part is you can continue to work
on this project in the desktop variant of Photoshop with all the individual layers preserved. The next app on the list is called Picsart
and it is one of the best apps having a tonne of editing options to choose from. There are so many different tools provided
along with a bunch of adjustable filters and it’s your choice if you want to apply an effect
on the entire image or a specific portion of that image. You can access all cool features by scrolling
horizontally plus you can always compare your original image with the edited one by long
pressing on the image itself. The advertisements in the free version are
the only problem with Picsart otherwise, it is a feature-packed photo editor and you should
definitely try it. 3. Enlight:
The next app on the list is called Enlight. It is a decent photo editor with most of the
essentials and all those features are accessible through a side panel that can also be minimized
with a right swipe. There are a bunch of useful tools and filters
which can be controlled by swiping left or right and especially the duo filters are great. The best part about the app is that you can
get instructions for every tool by tapping on that little arrow which is quite useful. So, this is a great app for beginners as they
get quick and handy tutorials within the app only but sadly, Enlight is only available
for iOS and not for Android. Prisma needs no introduction as it is one
of the most popular AI based photo editors that turns your photos into artworks. The interface is very simple, you just capture
or select an image, tap on any art style and that would be applied within a few seconds. You can swipe left or right to control the
strength and there is also a button to separate portraits. You can add more art styles by going to the
library but options are limited for free users. So, you can try Prisma if you haven’t already
to create some cool artworks. Snapseed is an app from Google and it is one
of the Top-rated image editors on the app store. It provides various kinds of tools to make
your image look great plus they work with easy gestures. So, you just need to swipe up or down to change
the options and swipe left or right to change its intensity. There are also some pre-defined presets provided
in the Looks section and you can create your own custom filter too which is quite a useful
feature. So, Snapseed is a simple yet powerful image
editor and it is definitely a must-have app for your smartphone. So, these were my selections and which one
is your personal favorite, tell me in the comments down below. So, that’s it for this video. Thanks for Watching and also, don’t forget
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