Top 5 Scariest SCP’s Caught On Camera

Hey guys, welcome back to Top 5 Scary Videos,
I’m your host Lucy McPhee and today we’re discussing the Top 5 Scariest SCP’s Caught
on Camera. Now, just a heads up, a lot of these are folk,
you know they’re fake, I know they’re fake, but still, they are scary nonetheless. If you’re a fan of SCP or just Top 5 in
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scary vid. Ok, let’s jump in. 5 SCP – 096
A humanoid creature, approximately 2.38 meters in height, with very little muscle mass and
mild malnutrition is how SCP – 096 is described on it’s wiki website. It’s jaw can open four times that of an
average human, and is described as extremely docile. The creature is described as incredibly dangerous
and will kill before returning to its docile state. It is contained in a 5 by 5 by 5 airtight
steel cube and no video surveillance is authorized. However — one video shows otherwise. In a black and white surveillance video uploaded
to YouTube, a humanoid figure can be seen sitting on a bed in a dreary, dark room. It does nothing but rock backwards and forwards
continuously before laying in a fetal position on the bed. The video jumps between the creature standing,
rocking, crawling, and then it disappears altogether, before the bed flies across the
room without any warning. Now — though labelled as SCP – 096 it is
unconfirmed if this is the real creature in question. What do you guys think? 4 SCP – 173
Now, right off the bat I’ll say this. This video is fake. 100% fake. Nothing about this is real. BUT, it’s creepy, it’s never not creepy,
purely because SCP – 173 is just simply terrifying to look it. Plain and simple. Now 173’s description is odd, and it’s
origins unknown, but here’s what is stated on it’s wiki website. SCP – 173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within direct
line of sight. But if line of sight is broken, even via blinking,
173 will attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull. Yeah! Brutal. Now, this video uploaded by Sammy Whiteley
is pure excellence — they animated 173 and that’s it. It’s just 173. However, while watching you’re almost too
afraid to blink, just incase it jumps out of your screen and snaps your neck. I didn’t risk it. Will you? 3 SCP – 049
Also known as the plague doctor, this SCP is described as being a humanoid entity, approximately
1.9 meters in height, and bears the appearance of a plague doctor. Now, although it appears to be robes the creature
is wearing, overtime the garments seem to have grown out of its body. It is capable of speech, being knowledgeable
in variety of different languages, and is capable of death by touching those around
it, causing all of their bodily functions to cease. However — it is known to be quite cordial. In the video in question, we see what appears
to be the plague doctor roaming around a river bank before slowly walking away and out of
sight. The video is short — but is creepy nonetheless. Where is it going? Why is it there? Is it looking to kill? I guess we will never know. 2 SCP – 173… again
Now, this is slightly cheating, I know, but it’s hard to find videos of SCP creatures
out there, you know they’re locked up, right? Well, this is another very well made video
of SCP – 173, uploaded to YouTube by DavidAnatolie. The video begins with a man waking up on the
floor outside before entering a building where he finds a piece of paper on the ground, it
shows a picture of SCP – 173 as well as gives a brief description of the creature. The man blinks, and before him stands 173,
he blinks again — it gets closer. He then starts running through the building
in an attempt to lose sight of the creature, but take a look for yourself, I don’t want
to ruin it all for you. 1 SCP – 087
SCP – 087 is simply an unlit platform staircase. Yep. Stairs. Specifically, stairs descending on a 38 degree
angle for 13 steps before reaching a semicircular platform of approximately 3 meters in diameter,
according to the SCP wiki. There is no light present on the staircase
as light sources brighter than 75 watts have been know to be absorbed by SCP – 087. Previous reports have stated distressed sounds
from a child on the staircase, however descending the staircase doesn’t bring you any closer
to the sounds — it just remains — no nearer or farther away from your location at any
time while on the stairs. Now, in one particular video uploaded to YouTube
a person can be seen wandering around in the dark in what appears to be a basement or the
ground floor of a building. At one point a set of eyes can be seen — clearly
visible from within the dark depths. Now — whether this is real or just a prank
— this video is truly chilling. Take a look. Well there we have it! Were those SCP’s creepy enough for you? Were there any that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below, I’ll be reading out some of my favourites in an upcoming video! If you were a fan of this video be sure to
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  2. How to beat SCP-173
    STEP 1: Close one eye and keep the other one open
    STEP 2: Open the eye you closed and close the other one

    BOOM! Broke the system

  3. Wait can you live forever if you keep on winking whilst looking at scp 173? You won't break line of sight but you will be able to moisturise your eyes so theoretically you can forever freeze scp 173.

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    There all done

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