Top 7 Best Features Of Picsart (Photo Editing Tool) 🔥🔥

Subscribe to technical sumit channel and click on bell icon for faster updates So guys today in this video. I will tell you about 7 cool feature of picsart so let’s get start First feature is adjust click on tool and select adjust by this you can Increase and decrease your brightness and not even brightness you can control contrast saturation shado and temperature Second is motion select that you want to make motion part and adjust it by finger And you increase the number of copies 3. is fx in picsart You can use lot of fx feature and you will get effects and compression to author application you get more effects and you can do them by downloading 4. magic in this feature you can use effect like prisma 5. drawing in picsart you can draw anything in pisart drawing feature which you will get feature like ms paint 6. text just type in text and slag it you can just I and Text and also can change writing and also can download more for text The best thing about picsart text you can make it 3d text, and you change the color and also can add a stroke and You can add shadow effect and much more And the last feature is despersion in this feature just draw an area and Select it, and you can see the selected area dispersed in particles and it looks very cool And share my video and if you have any question then ask me by comment and subscribe to my channel And I will meet you in the next one

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