TrackR pixel Bluetooth Tracker Review

Gabe: Hi everybody, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. You know, I’m human. Sometimes I lose things, sometimes I need
help finding them. Today, I’m going to check out the most affordable
Bluetooth tracker on the market, the TrackR pixel. [background music] Gabe: In today’s review of the TrackR pixel,
I’m going to check out some pros and cons, its design, feature set, installation experience
before diving into its mobile application to make sure you have all the information
you need to see if this is the right Bluetooth tracker for you. If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
Bluetooth trackers, Google Security Baron best Bluetooth trackers. If you have a question about today’s review,
leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. [background music] Gabe: Let’s kick off today’s review of the
TrackR pixel talking about some pros and cons beginning with those pros. It has an immense — and I mean immense — temperature
range. It only costs $11.99 on the TrackR website,
and it comes with replaceable batteries. On the con side, it has lackluster app ratings. People don’t seem to love it for either Android
or iPhone. It is not really water resistant, but you
can get a water-resistant sleeve. [music] Gabe: Moving into the design of the TrackR
pixel, I want to note that it’s pretty small. It’s clearly plastic and we’ve got nice blue
one here. It’s the smallest Bluetooth tracker that I’ve
seen. It doesn’t really have a keyring inside of
it, but you could definitely attach it to a keyring with the loop attached here. You can also probably honestly slide this
into a wallet. I’m a fan of the size. One thing to note is that it has three small
LED lights to help you find it in the dark and a 90-decibel siren. That’s about as loud as a lawn mower. What’s amazing about the TrackR pixel is the
fact that you can use it from Mars or Mercury to Hoth because this thing, it can handle
from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 221 degrees Fahrenheit, or at least, that’s what’s been
reported by TrackR. What’s interesting in this particular sense
is that despite that temperature range, it isn’t even water resistant, which may pose
a bit of an issue for those of us who live in wetter locales. One thing to note with this is that even though
it’s only $11.99, you can still get more longevity out of it with the replaceable batteries,
and we love that element. If you don’t like blue, you’re in luck. You can get it in red, black, or white as
well. Overall, I’m a fan of the design of the TrackR
pixel. It’s small, petite, and can work anywhere
on the planet. Hold on, wait, wait, wait. I hope you’re enjoying today’s review of the
TrackR pixel. If you want to be kept up to date on all the
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Baron channel. We’re dropping new content weekly. Let’s get back to the video. [music] Gabe: Now that we’ve checked out the design
of the TrackR pixel. Let’s look at its feature set. It has a 100-foot Bluetooth range. As long as you’re within 100 feet granted
some obstacles can impede that a bit. You’re going to be able to find your TrackR
pixel, but we do want to note that 100 feet is on the lower side for a lot of the Bluetooth
trackers that we’ve seen out there on the market. If you get beyond that 100 feet, what are
you going to do? You’re going to engage the community. With the TrackR pixel, it’s called Crowd Locate. Essentially, you say, “I’ve lost my device,”
and everyone with the TrackR app will be helping you to find it. If they get within 100 feet of your TrackR
pixel, they will alert you unbeknownst to them as to its location. We do want to note that the Crowd Locate function
for TrackR is going to be a little bit smaller than some of the other Bluetooth tracker companies
out there that just have more people with the app downloaded. One thing you get with the TrackR that you
don’t get with a lot of other companies out there is two-way separation alerts, and that’s
really useful. Say, I walk out of my home without my wallet
that’s attached to my TrackR device, and my phone will say, “Hey, you’ve left your wallet.” That’s useful for me. I go to the bodega all the time, forget my
wallet, had to go back. You can have the same thing happen for your
phone. Gabe: Say, I walk out of my home without my
wallet that’s attached to my tracker device, and my phone will say, “Hey, you’ve left your
wallet.” That’s useful for me. I go to the bodega all the time, forget my
wallet, had to go back. You can have the same thing happen for your
phone. If you set it up so that you walk out with
just your wallet and you forgot your phone, it will ring to be like, “Hey, you left your
iPhone, dummy.” That’s what you have with TrackR in terms
of its feature set. Honestly, it’s pretty robust for an $11.99
device. We’ve gone over the design of the feature
set. I want to walk into the installation experience
with the TrackR pixel. It’s pretty straightforward. You want to have your TrackR out. You want to have your mobile device with the
TrackR app downloaded, go to Add New Device, and from the drop down menu, pick TrackR pixel. From there, you’re just going to press on
this clear button. You’ll hear a tune, and then place it beside
your mobile device. In our case, it didn’t pair the very first
time, but we definitely got it to pair within a couple of minutes. From there, you just give it a name, and you’re
ready to go. Overall, setting up your TrackR pixel is a
pretty straightforward operation. Now that I’ve set up my TrackR pixel, let’s
look at the mobile application, the TrackR app. I’ll be honest with you, right from the get-go,
people do not seem to be enjoying their experiences with the TrackR app. It has a 2.7 in the Google Play Store and
a 2.1 in the Apple App Store with a host of people talking about false notifications,
issues with connectivity, and the two-way separation alerts. Let’s go ahead, and check it out on my iPhone
10. Here I am looking at the TrackR pixel in the
TrackR mobile application. Let’s go ahead and check out what it does
right from the get-go, hit start searching. [ringing] Gabe: Here you are, you see that now my TrackR
is ringing. Get that LED light is going off, make it easier
to find. I’m going to go ahead and get the stop searching
right here. The great thing about this particular device
that it can also work to help you find your phones. If I double-click on the clear button, I can
ring my phone. [ringing] Gabe: Now my phone is ringing and voila. I turned it off, and we’re ready to go. What if we get beyond that 100 foot range,
and it’s not able to tell my TrackR pixel to ring? Then you’ll just go into the Crowd Locate
function, and then people will be able to help you — essentially, identify that your
device is lost, and then you get help from those around you. Another element of the TrackR, of course,
is that you can get two-way alerts to be set up. I’ll go into settings. Of course, I have Crowd Locate alerts on so
that I’m sent a push notification when my item is found with Crowd Locate. I have my crowd and my item history available,
but I can also turn on device separation alerts, which means to ring your device when it gets
left behind, or phone separation alerts where it rings my phone when it gets left behind. Either direction I’m going, I can make sure
it happens. You can, of course, at that point, customize
your ring in terms of the duration and things of that nature, but really get a lot of utility
out of this extra component of device and phone separation alerts. Overall, it’s not the most Pixintuitive app. It’s not particularly exciting, but it definitely
works for my purposes. [music] Gabe: We’re giving you a lot of information
on this TrackR pixel, so what you want to know is it the right one for me, and I’ll
say this. If you’re new to the game, just want to dip
your toes at $11.99, you probably can’t really beat the TrackR pixel when it comes to affordability. It’s also going to handle pretty much any
temperature you throw at it, and it’s going to last you a long time considering the fact
that you can just replace the batteries with the ones that TrackR sends you. However, if you’re looking for the best performance
in the market, you’re not going to find it with the TrackR pixel. It’s not going to integrate with any smart
platforms like many of the other devices on the market do. It doesn’t have a very good mobile application. That being said, if you really want to see
what the bluetooth TrackR life is like, go ahead and look at the TrackR pixel. [music] That concludes our review of the TrackR pixel. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a
like. Hit that subscribe button. As always, I’m Gabe at Security Baron. [snaps] Be secure.

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  1. EDIT: You actually did respond the other day! Thanks! I’m really sorry, I just never saw it because I never got an email about it from YouTube. Thanks again 🙂

    I commented on a video the other day asking about Nest vs SimpliSafe and I never got a response :(. I would really appreciate your opinion on it since you’re the expert. Thanks! (I left a lot more details in that comment)

  2. I downloaded the TrackR Pixel app, everything works well, BUT it doesn't display the map. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


  3. Another reviewer placed it in a cup of water-Worked fine-Batteries are not free shipping charges apply that are not a bargain at all! Good Review!

  4. useless when you walk away from it..because it needs to connect to your phone's wifi to know where it is!…and it cannot connect to any WIFI connection around by itself…

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