– So, I get asked a lot. “Chris, how do you get to travel “to all these amazing places? “It must be so expensive.” Well, the thing is, is
that I actually often work with companies that pay
me to go to these places. So, I get to travel to
a lot of these spots for free, essentially. I’m working, but I’m doing it for free. But, it took a long time to get there. So, I’m gonna share with you, a story of how I got to this position. And how you guys can take
the same steps to get there, so that you can start traveling for free. Yeah, cue that hiphop intro. (hiphop music) Now, a few years back, I went
on a family trip to Arizona. And right before that, I had
just seen Ben Brown’s video about Canada and I was super jazzed up about making travel content
and I thought this would be a great chance to start
shooting travel videos. So, I brought my camera along and I shot this video in Arizona. And I remember releasing
that piece of content and it only got 1,000 views. And at the time, I was used
to a few more views than that. Oh, check out these pigeons. 1,000 views, that’s not that many. But, I remember the comment section. There was tons and tons
of meaningful comments. And I thought, “You know
what, this is different “than the other pieces of
content I’ve created in the past. “I think I want to start
making more of this.” And that led to my next
video when I went to Ireland. I wonder how many people
have just tried to do high five to that thing. The next trip was Ireland. And I was going with a friend of mine. I was gonna go visit his
family, but I thought, previous to going on this trip, I would email the Ireland Tourism Board, seeing if they could do anything for me. So, I sent them my Arizona video. I was like, “Hey, look
at what I’ve created. “I’d like to create something
while I’m in Ireland. “Is there anything that
you guys can do for me?” So, I got an email back
from her, and she said, “Chris, attached is a
letter that has your name “signed by the Ireland
Tourism Board, and hopefully, “this will get you support
wherever you present it to. “So, hopefully, if you
go to some activity, “you’ll get that activity for free.” My friend and I were in Ireland. I presented the little piece of paper when we were at the Guinness factory and the Guinness factory said, “Hey, would you like “a free tour “and also, a free Guinness.” I remember thinking to myself,
“There’s value in this.” People actually want to trade
their services for my service. I should start doing more of this. And maybe I could get more
than just a free beer. So, I finished that
Ireland video, released it. And the video got 4,000 views, which was four times as many as the Arizona video. So, I realize, I want to start making more pieces of content, but I
didn’t have any trips planned in the next month or so, so I
thought I’d just make a video about my own country and city. So, I shot a video in Toronto. So, I called my buddy, Kyle, up and said, “Tomorrow, I’m gonna pick
you up at six in the morning “and we’re gonna shoot a
whole video about Toronto. “We’re gonna call it, Show Me Toronto.” He’s like, “Yep, I’m in.” When I was walking around
shooting this video about Toronto, I had my Ronin and this crazy camera setup and we were down by the
harbor front near the water. And this boat captain
came up to me and he said, “Hey, man, that’s a crazy
camera setup you have. “Do you wanna come shoot on a boat?” I know it sounds weird,
like, this random stranger, “You wanna come shoot on a boat?” But it’s like, he had
a legitimate business. He was just going over the island anyways. I was like, “Sweet. “We’re getting a free boat ride.” So, I realized, there was
once again, value in this. I was having unique experiences because I was making travel content. So, we shot that whole video. Edit it, release it, I was like, “Hopefully, this video will
get like, 5,000 views.” Or something like that. Emailed it to two Toronto blogs. BlogTO and some other blog. And both blogs shared it. And the video ended up
going viral in my city. I got 100,000 views in two days, which is like, mindblowing. It was the most amount
of views I’d ever gotten at that point. And I realized, okay, these travel videos, there’s now marketing value to it. It could get shared in press. So, why don’t we take our chances. Let’s book one more trip
and see what we can get. So, my buddy and I went out to Kayak. We looked up the price tag,
wherever the cheapest flight was from Toronto at that time,
I think was like, October. And I was like, “You know what, “let’s just book a flight
anywhere to Ponta Delgada.” So, we booked $325 round
trip flights to Ponta Delgada hoping that, maybe we’ll
get something out of it. So, I ended up doing a bit
more research on Ponta Delgada and realized it was this
place called the Azores. Which, is part of the country of Portugal. So, I did some research and
found out there was this company called Visit Azores, which
is the Azorian Tourism Board. And I was like, “Hey, we’ve
already booked flights. “We’re coming at this time. “Is there anything you can do for us? “P.S. Look, our last
video got 100,000 views “and it got shared in two blogs.” So, I emailed them, they emailed me back. They said, “We’re really interested. “We can’t confirm yet. “We gotta talk to the
board, but hopefully, “this will go through.” So, we kept waiting. So, Kyle and I just kept
waiting and waiting. Until the point where we’re
like we can’t wait any longer. We need to book our own accommodations, or we have nowhere to stay at this point. So, we booked Airbnbs, activities, all the things for our trip. And then two days, literally,
two days before our flight, we get an email from the
tourism board saying, “Your trip’s confirmed. “Here’s your new itinerary
with hotels, transportation, “activities, a whole bunch
of different islands.” Just like, the craziest
trip of a lifetime. So, we went on this trip and literally, it was the most insane
trip of my entire life. I remember sitting on
the edge of this spot called Sete Cidades on an abandoned hotel looking over at sunset,
like, literally about to cry and get emotional, and I
was like, this is real. This is an actual thing that can happen and this can be a part of my life now. I want this to be a part of my life now. So, I’m going to find a
way to incorporate that. I’m gonna start reaching
out to more tourism boards and brands and see if I
can do this more often. So, guys, that’s my story. That’s how I was able to
start getting free trips and then actually start getting
paid to go on these trips. Now, it took a long time. It took like, three to
four years to actually get to this spot where I’m doing this now and this is a part of my life. But, I want to remind you of something. You guys can do this, too. You have to just, learn
the skills along the way. And you don’t need an Instagram following or a Facebook following. I didn’t have that when
I went into these trips. I think that’s a really
important thing to know. I was pretty decent at taking photos. I was pretty good at making videos. And I would just progressively
get better and better and I’d start learning marketing and all these other
skillsets, until eventually, I’m at the spot, now where
I can kind of combine all that knowledge into
one thing and now this is part of what I do, but
you guys can do it, too. Those are just skills, it’s not talent. You can just, learn along the way. So, watch videos, try different things. You guys can do it. If you guys like this
video, please press like. It actually makes a difference. Subscribe, would love
for you to join along and we’ll catch ya next time
for some more knowledge and fun and activities
and all sorts of other stuff like that. Peace out everybody. Okay, remember when I
was talking about Kyle earlier in the video? This is Kyle. Kyle. – That’s me. Hi. – Kyle, is like, one of my
closest friends from university and we’ve done a bunch of
trips and now we’re planning the next trip, hopefully, for this year. Kyle, what, your beard looks nice. – Thank you.
– I’m gonna leave. We’re gonna eat now, peace. (slow jazz music)


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