Travel Vlog: Fujifilm X100F Street Photography in Tokyo

(lively traditional Asian music) (coins clanking) (speaking in foreign language) (lively traditional Asian music) (speaking in foreign language) (lively traditional Asian music) – Hello everybody and
welcome to the wonderful town of Tokyo in Japan. We’ve been here for a couple of days now. We’re in Tokyo for maybe
36 hours, 48 hours, something like that,
we’ve been over to Hakone and the countryside
and now we’re back here and the only camera I’ve
brought with me for this trip is my trusty X100F. Obviously the X-T3 which I’m filming on but I’m not taking stills with that. The X100F is my camera of
choice for street photography but I feel that over the
last eight months or so, especially with the GFX 50
are that I don’t really use this camera that much, so I made a conscious decision to just bring this camera with me all the way to the
other side of the world. So, I am going to be
shooting all over the place with this camera. We’ve already been to Hajuki. – Shinjuku. Shinjuku. – We’ve already been to Shinjuku, Shibuya and various other places and Shibuya last night was
very interesting actually because it rained quite heavily. One of the interesting
things I find about Japan is that everything just
works, everything clicks, everything seems to have a reason and one of those things
that I noticed last night was that everybody seemed to
have transparent umbrellas, like everybody, maybe one or two not, but pretty much everybody had
exactly the same umbrella. There’s probably a reason for that. Most things in this country
happen for a reason. It’s usually to help things move along, to flow, to stop any kind of conflict or anything like that and it’s a very interesting thing to see. (lively traditional Asian music) We’re now in Shibuya which is actually fairly
close to where our hotel is. One of the things I wanted to mention was that as I said in a previous video which I’ll link above here, I shoot pretty much everything in a black and white film simulation, even if I’m shooting RAW and the reason for that
is because you can see the light better or I certainly I can see the light better, the shadows, the highlights,
the falloff, the tones, so, even obviously in Japan, we have all of this
beautiful color everywhere and I think it’s important
to capture that color, so on this trip, I’m
shooting RAW plus JPEG, the JPEGs will be in black and white because that’s how I want to
see through the view finder but then I have the luxury of being able to edit those RAWs for the
images that demand color and it’s a very colorful place. So, I’m gonna shoot some more
stuff today on the streets and yeah, come with me for that ride. (lively traditional Asian music) (laughing)
(mumbling) (upbeat music) (lively traditional Asian music) We’re now at the Shibuya Crossing which you can probably see behind me. If I just raise it up a
little bit, you’ll see it. And it’s, I’ve actually been
here several times before and it’s an amazing and crazy place. It’s Saturday afternoon today, so it’s actually a little bit quieter but I think the best time to come here is kind of like in the
evenings, on the weekends or maybe during rush hour. Every single time one of the trains come
through Shibuya Crossing, sorry, when they come
to the train station, something like 8,000 people
come out of the station at the same time and they
all cross at the same time and it’s quite an amazing thing to see. (lively traditional Asian music) (speaking in foreign language) (lively traditional Asian music) So, we’re coming to the end
of our trip in Japan, Tokyo. Bert and I have just had a beer, last couple of beers. We both have very early
flights in the morning. My flight I think is at 9
a.m., something like that and I need to get to the airport by six and it’s about an hour on the train, all kinds of stuff, so
very early start for us in the morning. It’s been a fun trip of course. We are now back in Shibuya actually. We walked down here, walked, I don’t know, something like, feels like about 25,000
steps on the pedometer today. We’re gonna wrap up, we’re
gonna head back to the hotel. I’m gonna download some cards, Bert’s gonna download some cards because I’ve got some of
his videos on my camera, he’s got some of my videos on his camera, we’ll get all that good stuff done. As always, please do
subscribe to the channel, like it, share it, all that good stuff. Leave any comments below. Thank you once again for tuning in and I shall see you when I
am back in the UK next week. Take care. (lively traditional Asian music)

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  1. Wow, I love your photos so much! And I never thought b/w photos in Japan are a good idea, because they need colour, but I was wrong. Currently, I'm in Japan, but this time I'm bit frustrated about the equipment I brought with me. It's a bit too much for my taste. Last time I just brought the X-T2 and the XF35mm f2. That was fine… During my stay I thought of selling some of my stuff and going compact as possible. I love my XF23mm f1.4 lens and the X-Pro 2. But it's quite big. But the X100F body isn't that much smaller and I still want to have the chance to change lenses. Maybe I just need to limit my options next time. That means one camera and one lens (mabye getting the Xf27 or a X100F). Makes it easier not to think what to pack for the day.
    Thank you for this video!

  2. As always Kevin, a great selection of images to enjoy & proving that all you need are one camera, good eyes & legs. 🙂

  3. Great video. Shooting in B&W and Raw is a great tip. I’ll have to give it a try. I have and X70 that I love, but the X100F is my dream camera.

  4. Thanks for sharing and the inspirational Vlog. BTW, do you should Single shot only or in Low and High burst mode sometimes?

  5. Awesome video Kevin, some stunning photos. I'm a press photographer so constantly lug around big DSLRs and huge heavy lenses so decided my personal work would be different. I've owned the original x100 / T / now the F which I've had for over a year. This little camera always blows my mind, it so versatile discreet and powerful, light. I love the freedom this camera gives me, and my shoulder loves it. Almost all of the stills on my channel are shot with the X100F, I shoot everything from landscapes to street photography with this mighty wee beast, It never lets me down. Happy to subscribe mate all the best, Paul.

  6. Great images Kevin, as always. I'm in awe how you see potential shots which I'd never ever see even if I get 160 years – like the image at 3:15. Also, love how you have the guts to leave some areas very dark, like the photo at 7:04. I routinely take my XT-2 with me, but this video inspires me to take a trip with only my X100F or maybe the X70; I shoot more "street/cityscapes" than "people", and then the X70 might be better suited. Has Alien Skin Exposure replaced Photoshop (or Lightroom) for you, or does it depend on the subject you have been shooting?

  7. Beautiful images as usual, Kevin! I’ve toyed around with shooting in B+W/colour viewfinders over the time I’ve owned my X100F — probably on the same scale of how I change my mind between shooting solely with primes or zooms, ha!

    Also, thanks for getting me excited for my return to Japan in a few weeks time!

  8. How you protect your x100f form the rain? just under your own umbrella? or how do you keep moist and water from getting near it? thanks in advance Kevin

  9. Awesome! You’re a master of the X100F. Only the first photo had the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. I recently picked up this camera and the added info helps me learn how you were able to capture certain shots.

  10. Thanks for this video Mr Mullins. You have inspired me to get out there and shoot for BW light and edit Colour raws.
    Great idea with no expectations for the final result, so you can come into edit with no prejudices.

  11. People are probably tired of hearing me say it, but I love good, respectful street photography. Yours is fantastic. Not sure I'll ever get over the hangup of that feeling of intruding.

  12. It's very refreshing to see your take on my city,. Also, I've admired all of you guys for quite a few years now, yourself, Bert and Rinzi. Cheers from Tokyo!

  13. Very, very, very curious to know about the circumstances that have brought you, Bert and Jonas to Tokyo recently… Somethings gotta be cooking at Fuji HQ if they're bringing in their heavy hitter X-photographers! Got me thinking about the time you guys were there looking at what was the x70 prototype a year or so before it becoming real. Even if you can't share, happy to have you there, representing!

    This is the latest video from Bert Stephani from Belgium
    5:30 , it's YOU, I saw it immediately, but at the end Bert introduced you as the camera team.
    So great. I am from Amsterdam Holland so Bert is kind of a neighbour.

  15. Hi Kevin, How do take the last two photos? They are incredibly brilliant. Did you use the built-in mini flash? How do you move the camera to create those blur effect?You are my all-time street photographer as always. Cheers!

  16. I brought one of those umbrellas back with me to Australia not that i need it here. They are awesome being able to see all the lights through them.

  17. Still shooting the original X100 and loving it. Am I crazy to like it better than the new X-trans models, cause I do.

  18. Such a nice video 🙂 the Colors are great! The images are fantastic!
    Still wondering how's x100f in low light? High iso settings?

  19. No matter what camera I use, swap, change to, one things always comes with me and remains the most enjoyable and effective camera, the x100 series. They're just beautifully designed.

  20. Great video/images from my favorite city! Noticed that you weren't using a hood and it seems without a filter, as well. I don't shoot with filters but do use a hood. Wondering if I should try without, as it definitely makes the camera smaller. Any concerns for loss of contrast in some of the brighter scenes (with the sun just out of the image)? Or do you just adjust contrast in post?

    Hoping to return to Japan next year! I have been 5 times in the past 7 years and just can't get enough! Cheers!

  21. This camera has been a dream for me since it was released, and I am finally going to get it in december. Really excited about it. By the way, excellent photos, as usual 🙂

  22. that is a great tip to see shadow and light as well as mid is to shoot in black and white…too bad we cant inverse the image to "help" with negitive space

  23. Nice shots on the streets of Tokyo. I like the way you used the light on the subject (on the video time 6:57 and 7:00), care to share some street photography camera settings that you used. Thanks!

  24. Fantastic balance of "being present" and being a ghost at the same time. Did you crop into these much? Some of them look more like 50mm then 35mm , fantastic stuff !

  25. awesome photos !!!!!!!!!!! i was there last october , could u please tell me did u use any accesories ? cos i had pics too which was not as awesome as yours

  26. Hola. Q tal?
    Muy buenas fotos!
    El año q viene voy a Japón y van unas preguntas:
    Alguna simulación de pelicula en particular?
    Al estar en la calle simplemente haces la foto? No tns ningun problema? Con la gente digo.
    Pensaba comprar una X100F ó X-Pro2 y 2 lentes para hacer callejera y paisajes, me recomendás alguna en particular? o con la X100F y TCL y WCL iría bien?

  27. X100F is a beautiful stills camera. Best for travel. If the video capabilities of the X-T3 was in the X100F and the lens mechanism was faster for faster focus, then Fuji would have a killer camera for travel which no other camera would beat!

  28. some dope photography! i have been in japan a month ago and also took some pictures if you ever want want to check it out
    thanks for sharing this great content with us!
    really enjoyed watching this 😀

  29. Thank you for all the shots, may I ask what is your preferred camera settings for the most shot in this film..?

  30. Excellent! Since you own both X100F and X-T3, I have a query for you. How do you compare the performance of XF 23mm f 2 lens on X-T3 vis a vis the fixed 23mm f 2 on X100F? Thanks.

  31. Thank you. Allow me to ask – May you shoot RAW + Jpeg simultaneously and are you able to put the film simulations later on, on the RAW, in camera?

  32. Fuji X100F is simply amazing camera for street photography. It’s never getting bored looking at your photos.
    Please let me ask couple of questions. I’m just wondering whether you shoot raw or jpeg with X100F? And how do you think of Fuji film-simulation? Do you use film-simulation or edit in post?
    Thank you so much, Kevin.

  33. Great photos and editing! Only suggestion I have is to work a little on pronouncing the names of the neighborhoods you visited! 😛

  34. I have an X-T2 with all the Fuji f2 lenses and is still in need of a second body, would you suggest getting this or the X-Pro 2 considering they're about the same price in the used market atm?

  35. Awesome. So inspired to hit the streets more watching your videos and let that influence paid work. Hoping to see you talk at the photography show on Saturday also 🤞👌

  36. What custom profiles did you use for your colour low light shots? They look great. I don't remember you having a night colour profile??

  37. shet 4:44 the traffic warden looks unreal, the picture looks like it belongs a Godzilla movie poster. Wondering how the ungraded photo looked like

  38. Great video Kevin, some fantastic shots you got there. I'm off to Tokyo for the first time in a few months, looks such an epic city for photography and in general!

  39. ‘Very early flight… about 9am…’.😂. But. Really good vid. Am stepping in for this camera, to compliment my XT3. Thanks for posting.

  40. I still have and enjoy my original X100, although just a few things arent enough, like burst mode buffer being too small, and autofocus isnt very fast and it often inaccurate. For a raw shooter (I love what you do with the files in Luminar), is the X100F really worth the upgrade?

  41. Great video and you sold me on the Fuji X100F, I never had a Fufi camera and was trying to decide which one to explore, your images are amazing. I’ve been to Tokyo a few times, and will return to Tokyo with the Fuji X100f… thanks, you have a new subscriber…

  42. What do you use to process your videos, Kevin? Your work is gorgeous! I am drawn to the same types of images. I will be viewing more of your videos. Cheers! Diana from Texas

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