Trip to Tampa! Hockey, Universal Studios, and DJI Mavic Mini Footage.

Hey all Jonny sweatpants here coming at you a little bit before midnight here on Wednesday February the fifth Getting ready to actually start Packing up for a trip my two brother-in-law’s and my dad are taking with some family friends of ours tomorrow morning bright and early to Tampa Bay, Florida We’re going down there to catch our Pittsburgh Penguins play the Tampa Bay Lightning really looking forward to it However, the problem I’m faced with right now is should I sleep or not? The flight is at 6:00 in the morning, which means I have to get up at about 3:00 a.m Get up a three shower pack the car. We got about a 40-minute drive or so to the airport And once all that’s done, that’ll put us at the airport about 4:30 for a 6:00 a.m. Flight So knowing all of that. My question is should I even sleep right now? I probably should get I don’t know three hours of sleep. Maybe maybe maybe three and a half hours of sleep at this point Probably a good idea for me to try but I’m a notorious awful sleeper So probably gonna end up just staying awake all night Let me show you but a little bit around the room, maybe some of the things I’m gonna take with us on our trip so I already have most of my stuff packed but also gonna be takin the a 7-3 here right there *bloop* *bloop* Sony a7 three with my tamarind 28 270 lens Already got that packed away in my peak designs little carry-on bag here GoPro mounted on the side, of course also packing the DJI Mavic mini drone hoping to be able to capture some sweet shots From around the Tampa Bay area while we are there for about three days two and a half three days really pumped to go And I think at this point I should probably try and go get some sleep. So we’ll see how tomorrow goes Catch you in the morning. All right. We’re about to start our adventure to Tampa Bay. It’s a 3:10 in the morning here 3:20. Sorry getting the tell time. My wife was kind enough to Turn on the coffee for everybody trying to be quiet get ready coffee’s brewed out of the off. So She’s too good to me we’re using some new fresh ground beans from base camp coffee base camp coffee Which was in Deep Creek, Maryland, I’ll link you to the Deep Creek video. I Love here. My wife is the best look that she put out some food for us. It’s 3 a.m. For something good for us Krang’s the beans makes the coffee She’s awesome so lucky Big French vanilla guy All right, well coffee’s done stirred I gotta finish packing I think we’re gonna be doing a lot of moving around and I just don’t want to be too heavy I’ll already be carrying the drone And the a 6400 and the GoPro I know it may sound crazy but Um, don’t leave it here. I’m just gonna leave the a 7-3 here and You know, whatever. Let’s wait guys No regrets si. That’s my motto That and everybody Wang Chung tonight Time to back up It’s pretty cold out here in Pittsburgh Especially 3:30 in the morning probably 20 degrees, which really isn’t that cold I suppose but It’s cold, let’s do this So far so good flight was great. I think I got some nice shots with the GoPro on the plane Was really smooth I actually ended up sleeping which is Totally rare for me to sleep let alone fly a plane. So yeah feeling pretty pretty strong so far all in all Pretty good next we’re Heading back out to Amelie arena Amelie Amelie. I don’t know For the pens and the lightning to square off pretty excited about it. So yet so then we’ll see how it goes Go Pens!

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