Tripod Features for Digital Photography : Fluid Head Feature for Tripods

Ok. This is a typical camera tripod and normally
they’re under fifty dollars. And, sometimes you can even get them under thirty dollars.
Now, they have easy to do release so that you could lock them down at any length. In
the past, they’ve had sort of screw mechanisms here which were not quick and were not that
easy. But, now they have better ones. And, these are generally made out of aluminum.
And, depending on what grade and how much you want to spend you may get thicker aluminum
which makes it heavier. These have rotating cups on ball joints. Some of them have little
spikes that will unscrew through the foot. This one doesn’t have that. So, that if you
need to be on carpet you won’t have to worry about sliding or moving any. This one has
got a not a fluid head, but it tries to have a fluid head. And, with just a still camera
unless you’re going to be shooting movies then you really don’t need a fluid head.

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  1. The only thing in this video about the fluid head feature is that he mentions the words "Fluid Head" 3 times – none of them explaining what it is.

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