Turning The Airport Into a Photoshoot ft. Illymation & Emirichu

Welcome to a fun series here i like to call
Feed Breaker: The whole point of this series is to see things
a little differently, take unique photos in places everyone has been to, or places you
wouldn’t think to take photos. Today i’m focusing on
THE AIRPORT! WOW! When I first arrived at LAX, the first priority
is getting through security without losing my mind.
The second priority after that is looking at my surroundings and figuring out what photos
i wanna take. Look for natural light. Look for interesting
shadow patterns, reflections, art pieces, things that could frame your subjects, even
seating arrangements can make for a great photo. And don’t forget to look up. You
might find something interesting you’ve never noticed before even though you’ve
been to this terminal like 3 times. Illy and Emily made it to the terminal so
it was time to really go off! One of the first things i saw was this opaque
sheet of glass under the flight info monitor. If you got your hand pretty close to it, it
created a silhouette. I had illy press her hand against the glass
and i got this photo. And then twins!
I didn’t want her to press her face against this because i don’t really know how often
they clean this thing, but that probably would have made for a better shot. Next Emily and I walked down the terminal
and found that skylight again. I really liked the frame it was creating so
i awkwardly got on the floor as people were walking by and i got this shot.
Emily nailed it and i’m super happy with this photo. The piece in the center kinda reminded me
of a sun and some rays. Could be turning a wheel as well. However the hell you wanna
think about it. Ya know? Go off! Probably should have started with this, but
if you’re gonna take photos in an airport. Uhh, be CAREFUL!You should be looking for
scenes not making them. That went from like an attempt at an italian mother to John F
Kennedy so… Look, all i’m trying to say is don’t get
kicked out of the airport cause you’re trying to up your instagram game. Okay? I didn’t have much time to take photos at
LAX, and before i knew it we were boarding But just because you’re on the plane and
in the middle seat doesn’t mean you can’t take photos. So i took this one and it’s not the most
clear, again i was in the middle seat. Had to zoom in a little bit. That’s zooming by
the way. Not pinching. This is zooming. but i loved the scratches on the window. I
thought it was a really fun detail. and i’m just kinda realizing now that’s
it’s a little worrisome. You know? Like who was trying to escape? I think this one came out a lot better. The
reflection on the seat monitor just makes it a little more interesting. The plane had this purple, pink, blue lighting
that caught my eye. I don’t know this man, i don’t recommend
taking photos of random people, but he just happened to be the subject and he just happened
to be in the center and it just you know!!! Okay I thought that was gonna be it for the
airport video. I was a little bummed because I got some good shots, but i didn’t get as
many as i wanted to. But as soon as we landed in Orlando Florida we were greeted by these
neon circular installations on the airport tram. I thought they were so cool! We were so tired, but illy and emily were
nice enough, bless you, were nice enough to pose for me. and i am so freaking happy that we stopped
and took these photos because they were my favorite. For emily i wanted to get the contrast of
her black boots against the white floor. I went up quick for a silly portrait. Thank
you Illy for taking that, and If we zoom in on this shot we can see this guy behind me
and honestly. I feel you. Oh boy! The pixel 3, the phone that i’m using, creates
these fun gifs in the moment and caught illy making some photo magic, honestly! Wow! For her I tried getting a little closer to
the installation just cause I wanted some variety in my shots. I think this is my favorite one out of the
bunch. I just love how it looks like the lights they are rippling out as she, ya know, floofs
her hair. That’s the proper term right? Floof. Floof. Also GREAT SHIRT by the way ILLY. I mean,
ugh, Happy frickin fathers day! Illy, Emily, and Sam were very nice helping
me take these photos but also at the same time i’m sure they were like Pat, we need to get the hell out of this airport! The train was taking us to baggage claim,
but the photo journey was definitely not over yet.
This reflection on the train was catching my eye. I loved the lights going by on the track so
i tried to line the camera, ya know, to be the little house, for the lights.
I’m gonna describe things how i thought about them at the time, in my head. I’m sorry in
advance and I hope you enjoy it. We’ll end with an adorable group photo of
the models! Thank you so much for making this way more
fun that i thought it was gonna be! I was just clapping like i lost at super smash
brothers! That was a very specific joke for a very specific
group of people. So which photo was your favorite, and do you
have any suggestions for where I should go next? Let me know in the comment section below! And if you wanna try to recreate any of these
photos, please go ahead, that’d be amazing! Snap away and tweet me, or tag me on instagram
@PatGraziosi I would love to see those photos! Thanks so much for here and thank you for
subscribing and liking. I will see you next Wednesday for a brand new video! Okay bye! Thank you so much for being here.
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36 Replies to “Turning The Airport Into a Photoshoot ft. Illymation & Emirichu”

  1. Which photo was your favorite? Do you have a place in mind for where I should take photos next? Let me know. Thanks so much for watching and subscribing! I hope you enjoyed my first photography video! See you next Wednesday! πŸ™‚

  2. 3:33 def my fav pic out of all of them, such a unique pose LOL, looking forward to what this channel has in store for the future pat!

  3. The hair floof is so epic! Wow!
    As far as places to go take pictures I say noon at an indoor mall. These are great and I’m excited for the series!

  4. Emily framing the sky window looks disgustingly amazing. That is easily my favorite photo. You're right though, the one with ilysa and the neon ring is frickin n0ice. I like what you're doing with making them gifs or whatever too.

  5. I really like the second window photo with the reflection, the orange around the window really compliments the pale outside world!
    Also the photo of Illymation in front of the neon circle is straight fire

  6. Juuuuust subd. Really digging this video about your journey with photography. My favorite is the subway pic. Cant wait to see whats next. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹

  7. I love them all because I like what you did with some of the backgrounds and with how well they look. But I mostly loved watching Emily and Illy pose because they are the Queen's of good pictures. I love this video and keep up the good work dude. 😊

  8. Pat….. How could I pick a face they're all so good. I'm glad you've started this series cause I've always loved your photos so to get a bit of insight on what you're thinking when you take them is really cool. Would be cool also to see how you edit them as well cause D A M N they're good


  10. Hey, I noticed all your videos are gone. I remember there was one inspirational video that helped me through a few times and it would be awesome if you could re-upload it and it might help someone else!

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