TVI 360 fisheye camera with hardware dewarping.

This is NOT IPCAM, it is 2M analog HD camera. The 2M Analog HD 360 camera with one single BNC HD-TVI output can be recorded by surveillance DVR. The 360 fisheye camera has hardware lens distortion correction in side, 6 kinds of splitter mode. Splitter mode: 1O/ 2P/ 1O3R/ 1O1R1P/ 2R1P/ 4R, Orignal , Panorama, Regional Each regional can select inner or outer. AutoPan function can select the speed up to 5. Each regional view can adjust point of view. Support 4 high power IR LEDs and IR-CUT. The camera can assist the traditional camera to monitor blind spots from ceiling for cashiers, nursings, meeting rooms, hospitals, banks, small stores, buses, jails and other applications.

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