UBĂR cu BMW M6 500 CAI (camera ascunsa)

Today we will make UBĂR with M6 But before that, I heard from Montrey That I can check if the car had problems, on a site called “Car Vertical” To check if the car has had accidents or other issues You only need the VIN number that you find in the car papers Let’s do that together This is the report from M6 Let’s see if it has any issues So, we find out … The car was bought from California It had 9 miles When was the first sign-up And in Florida it had 2389 miles We find it has had accidents But nothing serious I found a Porsche Macan S at a very good price And when I checked on Car Vertical and I found out that it was involved in an major accident That’s cool at Car Vertical You can see see if the car has had accidents It’s pretty bad We see that the Macan left Texas At 16 miles And it was still in Texas at 4000 miles, the current millage But, unfortunately, it had an awful accident And we see it’s at Copart Where you can find bargains, but with problems That’s why it’s good to check out the car’s history at Car Vertical Thanks Montrey for telling me about this site From now on, if I buy a car I will always check it on Car Vertical And now, let’s do UBĂR with the M6! METIN! Hello! We are on the fleet aaa
Speak romanian? Yes Yes
Come on It goes.. Especially with these tariffs at UBĂR Look, consumption 30%.
It’s super small Okay, it’s got a small engine
5L, you know? Are you romanian? No See? I knew.. Do you like Turkish food?
Yes, I just worked there Yes?
Yes Seriously? Where? Which location? At Square Budapest Yes, in Budapest, yes
Where it was before they moved it? Yeah, and after it moved for another three years Oh, yes?
That’s why I know you out of sight That’s why, right?
Yes Are you still selling phones?
Yeah ( I never sold phones btw 🙂 ) Man, I searched your phone number a month ago Seriously?
Oh, and I did not find it I searched for crazy What phone do you need? Oh, I bought one Oh, yes? What did you buy?
8 Plus 8 Plus, yes .. I’m using this from iHunt, you know? One piece – 1100 lei It works…
Very good! I don’t want to spend big money, you know? Well yes UBĂR money is difficult to make Yes, but did I sell you a phone or ..? You sold me more Yes?
Yes It goes with the phones, it works It goes, huh?
Well … You see the car I got? You earn well at Dristor Kebap
If you go only with UBĂR These taxi drivers are trying to race with me, did you see? As if they know I’m an UBĂR driver
Yeah But does it show you what the tariff is? Yes 40 lei 40 lei? Do you think it’s too sporty, too stiff? No, it’s okay
I mean, it’s good. Give me your phone number … 07 … So you sell phones, right?
Yes I kinda remember your name … Something with A Yes Alex?
Yeah You’ve remembered
Yes Let me give you a short call for you to know who’s calling in the future You rang? I love convertibles a lot, you know? Yeah, it’s beautiful, it’s cool That’s why I was wondering …
I’m waiting for a Logan, I say what the hell? You did not want to get in Yeah, well, I said what the hell … I thought that maybe you will take me and abandon me somewhere.. This car is meant to be raced, you know? I like it like this, faster.. UBĂR That is another UBĂR guy We’ve met in traffic An UBĂR guy with another UBĂR guy But do you see eachother? .. Eh, we’ll see each other when we get to the depot at night My glasses keep falling when I ride it hard, you know? Ah … 31,1% average consumption See how it grows? Convertible, did you see the other luxury car? Luxury!!! Someday a boy asked me:
When you ride it so hard your eyes pop out of the orbit? Congrats lady! She occupied a lane on the crosswalk So, did you see how it was parked on the crosswalk? Yes I know… I scared myself a bit.. I sold phones to those people… (actually they knew me from YouTube) Hello Hello! How are you? Good luck! Thanks thanks! You know, if I sell so many phones people know me in this city… See how fast the next UBĂR calls me? It works!! You have to accept the UBĂR call fast, otherwise you lose it. It’s like fishing, you know? I was in Constanta, brother.
Man, there is no UBĂR out there And I think that in the summer UBĂR would rock! Man, I’d move there in a split second
You do realize.. Thank you very much, Alex, good luck with everything and keep in touch. (he called me when he saw the video on Instagram) And when you need phones, let me know Yes, clearly Thank you, thank you very much
Hello! Bogdan?
Hello Are you from UBĂR?
Yes UBĂR fleet That’s why the cars differ Hello For UBĂR, you are not allowed with cars older than 10 years This is 12 years old Yes, Logan appeared to me What engine does it have, huh? 5L If you want me to go slower, you tell me..
OK Do you mind if I make a small clip when …?
Sure No problem What were they doing? Okay, Andy, all right, Andy! Hello, hello, hello! I’m still selling phones, we know each other Damn, this car is brutal! I like it! I like it so much! It’s my second day of UBĂR, you know? Second?
Seriously Wow, it’s crowded here
Only expensive cars, see? Here people have money, in the NORTH Part of Bucharest It’s the new fad I live in the SOUTH area of Bucharest, in the poor area You get off here, right? We’ve catched up! Have a beautiful evening!
Bye! Thank you very much! Thank you!
A good evening! Five stars! Five! Thanks, bye! Bye!

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  1. @AndyPopescu cica nimic foarte grav,dauna in romania de 20k euro…sau (90000 lei noi) 900 de mil lei vechi,nimic grav :)))) si masina a fost data dauna in Romania….SOC SOC SOC :)))) SOC IN MOTOR.

  2. Car vertical, nu este 100% corect, de exemplu, partea cu California și la Dacia duster înmatriculat prima data în România, arata ca e din California….. Mai ia și bani sa crezi

  3. Al dracu Andi, ne-a mințit până acum cu ce se ocupă el ! Dacă nu apărea băiatul ăsta nici in ziua de azi nu știam ca Alex se ocupă cu telefoane 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Ba deci mor! Ai asa o vrajeala 😂😂 Mai vand telefoane pe aici sti ma cunosc astea 😂😂😂 esti prea tare ! Respect!

  5. Important este sa ajungi repede la destinație nu sa te zmucesti.Eu am făcut 15 minute pana la Otopeni cu un Tico,fără sa dea nimeni cu capul în parbriz sau în tetiera :))

  6. 0:29 a fost dauna totala…..
    Nu are nimic nu bate nu troncane
    EDIT: și scrie ca dauna a fost în România. .

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