hey guys it’s Allison I hope you’re having a super happy day so far I am so excited to share this video my friend Lauren’s and
I we did the ugly photoshoot wait ugly location photo shoot
challenge and it was such a blast I have been wanting to do this for quite a
while now so we finally just went on and did it we went so if you’re not familiar
with the challenge basically you’re supposed to go to ugly places which the
think exploiters are really really ugly they’re just not typical photo shoot
locations so you’re supposed to go to them and try to take beautiful photos in
means uncommon or ugly places so it was a fun little challenge some were
definitely more challenging than other ones and it was just a really good time
and a good way to get creative so the first place we went was at home this one was I thought it would probably
be the easiest one since they have a huge flower section seriously their
flower section is huge so I thought that would be make it easy because flowers
are beautiful you know they’re fake flowers granted but still beautiful so
we went there it went pretty well but there definitely were more challenges
than expected we were kind of just like warming up to the challenge too since it
was our first spot so I would have to say those probably our most challenging
one but I really do like this picture next up we drove over to a gas station so lovely and this was pretty much the
only location where I already had a vision going into it like an idea of
what I wanted to do for the photograph and I came to end it to be Star Wars
esque because may the fourth was coming up so I just wanted to kind of get a
little photograph to celebrate May the fourth and I brought my baby a cub and
it was a good time and I loved the natural lighting I always loved natural
lighting so I think these turns out to be really awesome next up we headed to target so in target
we’ve had a lot of fun and we actually lead to so many different locations I
would honestly a little worried about target because I loved her yet but where
exactly is a good place to take a photo couple turn it state I’m in a car in the
freezer aisle so first we stumbled upon like the beauty section the lighting was
really really lovely there um we have lots of lighting to work with and so we
played with the shopping cart and reaching for some things just like the
dance moves but that was fun and then we took some shops in the produce section
with some oranges and that just really went well with this number and really so
that was a good spot to do it as well and then we grabbed a mug in the home
section and then we headed to the book section and had some sweet photographs
there reading a cute little Mother’s Day book actually and sipping on some air
cuz there definitely was no coffee in my mug and then finally we just took some
photographs by the shopping cart and we ended up running some errands doing
getting some stuff we needed while we were at RIT then lastly we went to McDonald’s so
this one was pretty great everything went pretty well when we were all I was
buying was a large fry to take photos with and because yummy I love McDonald’s
french fries so when we were checking out like the
lady was like oh you’re doing some photographs but she like didn’t seem she
didn’t say it nicely like I just she’s just like are you doing photography like
yeah and then she just didn’t say anything if I was like uh are we not
allowed or is you just being curious I don’t know so that was a little funny
but thankfully she loved us but the McDonald was so updated like it was a
brand they must have renovated or something in the inside it was really
nice but it didn’t really look like I McDonald’s obviously so we just went
outside and me took some cute pictures by the side so that subset have I hope you enjoyed
this ugly photo location challenge photoshoot I don’t know if it’s mouthful
I had fun watching this let me know if you do the challenge as well thanks for
watching guys bye


  1. Aw wonderful video I loved it!!!! I have question what happened to your self care video??? 💕😍

  2. I haven’t watched the whole thing,but ik your going to do well.I can just tell.#notificationsquad

  3. Such cute pictures !! Love love love …
    Btw Allison where did you get the pink purse that’s hanging by your door ? 😍💕

  4. I have been obsessed with this challenge lol I am deff doing one here in Mexico .. I'm going to walk the streets and go to my everyday places & just have a photoshoot (the ugly locations) lol

  5. Hi this is Lauren. First of all you took this vid to a whole other level girl💗💕💗 Second, I was wondering if I could personally ask you some questions about editing and presets and YouTube. My instagram is @laurenbelardi I am trying to step up my Instagram and YouTube channel. Please contact me if you can!

  6. Okay so what I've learned is that if you're as adorable as you then you can take bomb photos ANYWHERE omg (plus that lightroom preset damnnn I need)

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