Umidigi A5 Pro review | Ultra wide triple camera for less than $100?

Hi I’m Gidon from
The Umidigi A5 Pro costs less than £100 or $100 but has an ultra-wide triple camera system,
a 6.3” edge-to-edge full HD screen, an 8-core processor, Android 9.0 and a claimed two days
of battery life. It almost sounds too good to be true? Let’s
take a closer look. Overview
The phone comes smartly packaged considering its budget price. Inside the box you get a
branded red micro-USB cable and a compact 2A wall charger. There’s also a SIM eject
tool and a brief user manual. The phone itself comes in either space grey
or crystal blue and is already fitted in a grippy case and with a plastic screen protector
perfectly installed. The case feels ok attached, but it’s very flimsy when you remove it
– so I’m not sure how long it’ll fit so snugly. Still, you’d generally need to spend
at least another £10 or $10 to get a case and screen protector, and you’d have to
install the protector yourself. You will at least need to take the case off
to remove the protective film on the back and front of the phone, and I was pleasantly
surprised at the build quality which would be impressive if the phone cost over twice
as much. It has a glass back which houses the triple camera, a dual LED flash and the
fingerprint sensor. The aluminium band has the power button and
volume controls around one side, the dual nano SIM and microSD tray around the other
side, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, micro-USB port and speaker along the bottom.
It’s nice to see a headphone jack but I would have liked the more modern and robust
USB-C port, rather than micro-USB, like other phones in Umidigi’s range. Still it’s
excusable at this price. It’s not overly heavy considering its build
quality and size at 205g and it measures 156mm by 76mm and 8mm thick, all without the case.
There’s no IPX rating so you’ll need to be careful getting it wet.
You’ll need to insert a nano SIM to get started, and an optional microSD card up to
256GB in capacity to expand the phones included 32GB of storage. The phone actually supports
two SIM cards which you can set up later in SIM card settings.
A long press of the power button turns the phone on and reveals the 6.3” display with
its 19:9 aspect ratio and waterdrop notch for the front facing camera. The LTPS panel
fills the glass almost to the edge with a slightly larger reveal at the bottom. The
display makes even the latest iPhone design, with its larger notch and very slightly bigger
bezel start to look a little dated! Setup is straightforward. Connect to your
wireless network, wait while it discovers if there are any updates, enter your Gmail
account or create a new one, and setup fingerprint unlock. You’ll be greeted by a stock Android
9.0 home page. This is one of my favorite features of the phone. There is no additional
cluttered user interface like many other phones. All your default apps are the standard Google
ones, that I mainly use anyway. It makes for a very slick initial experience. The only
thing I had to change, was set as the default Chrome homepage. There are
a few additional apps, most notably there is an FM radio app for the built in radio
tuner which works surprisingly well so long as you have some headphones to plug in as
the antenna. It’s likely your network operator won’t
recognise the phone, so might not be able to automatically configure the mobile data
settings. For Sky Mobile I had to go into Settings | Network & Internet | Mobile network
| Advanced and add the Access Point Name details manually.
By default there are virtual keys along the bottom of the screen. I turned this off in
Settings | Buttons thus enabling gestures which I’ll discuss further shortly.
Performance The A5 Pro has a Mediatek Helio P23 8-core
processor and 4GB of RAM. Whilst not the fastest processor around, the phone feels pretty nippy
most of the time, helped along by the decent amount of memory. There is some occasional
stuttering, and it’s nowhere near as fluid as my iPhone X. I tried Mario Kart which was
playable but not the smoothest experience. I found fingerprint unlock pretty quick, and
with the convenient position of the sensor on the back of the phone a short tap turns
on and unlocks the phone within a split second. I also tried Face unlock which also worked
fine for me in most situations. Gestures allow for even more screen space
and whilst not as smooth as on the iPhone say, they work quite well once you get used
to them. Swiping up from the bottom left goes back, swiping up from the bottom middle returns
to the home page and swiping up from the bottom right brings up the app switcher.
It did score a lowly single core score of 157 and multi-core score of 769 in the Geekbench
5 benchmark, compared to 931 and 2587 for the now two year old iPhone X. But most of
the time and for general use it’s fine, especially considering its budget price.
I did get the occasional crash with a few of the system apps which was a little concerning,
but hopefully they’ll be fixed in a future update.
The display is definitely one of the phone’s strongest points. It’s pretty bright and
its 2280 x 1080 400ppi, resolution makes it very sharp. Browsing the internet, looking
through photos and watching YouTube is a real pleasure. Outside, especially using the camera,
it could do with being a bit brighter, but it’s still usable. By default, adaptive
brightness isn’t on but it is supported. You can turn it on under Settings | Display
| Adaptive Brightness. The speaker is quite loud, but sounds harsh
with little bass. It’s not particularly comfortable listening to it at higher volumes.
There aren’t earphones included, but I’d recommend investing in some.
I’ve recorded a sound test with my binaural microphones for 3D stereo sound. Listen with
headphones for the best experience. Phone call quality was acceptable, but both
ends of the call sound quite hollow. It’s nice to see a 2A or 10W charger included,
and the phone’s sizeable 4150mAh battery needs it! Other phones in Umidigi’s range
like the S3 Pro and the Power that use USB-C support true fast charging up to an even faster
18W. Still the battery is 50% bigger than my iPhone
X’s 2700mAh battery and it lasted well over a day of heavy use. And the phone charged
at the full 2A right up to about 80% before dropping slightly, with a full charge taking
under three hours. When it comes to connectivity, the A5 Pro’s
budget credentials become evident. Although I doubt it’ll make much difference to most
of us. The phone only has WiFi 802.11n, not the latest faster ac version but speed and
reliability was fine to my Sky 802.11ac router. And there’s Bluetooth 4.2 – not the latest
5.0, but I didn’t have any issues connecting to various Bluetooth speakers and earphones.
Finally there’s no NFC support for quick pairing with compatible devices, something
again other models in Umidigi’s range have. Cameras and camera app
As well as the screen, the triple camera is one of the phone’s big attractions. The
primary camera uses is a F1.8 16MP either Sony or Samsung sensor, with a 28mm equivalent
focal length. Above it there’s a 5MP depth sensor for portrait shots with background
blur and below there’s the rather interesting 8MP ultra-wide 120 degree lens – similar to
the new iPhone 11’s. There’s also a 16MP F2.0 front facing camera.
The included camera app works pretty well and has a clean lay out. You can switch from
the default primary lens to the wide angle view, or the front facing camera. If you swipe
right a couple of times you get to the Bokeh mode which uses the depth sensor together
with the standard lens for portrait shots, with an adjustable amount of background blur.
Swiping left from the default picture mode takes you to Video where you can capture at
a maximum of 1080p with the primary, ultra wide and front facing camera at 30fps apart
from the ultra-wide camera which appears to capture at 24fps.
In many of the camera test shots I’ll compare the results to an iPhone X which still has
a very good camera for a smartphone. Hopefully this will provide some form of benchmark.
Let me know in the comments how you think the budget smartphone compares.
The picture quality in sunny conditions was pretty good for both rear cameras, and having
the extra wide angle is genuinely useful feature. And the Bokeh mode using the depth sensor
did actually produce some half decent results if you don’t look too closely – which is
often the case even with my iPhone. In murky conditions a lot of shots were a
little under exposed by default, but you could tweak the exposure levels before taking the
shot. The front facing camera didn’t fare so well
– photos came out very soft. As light levels dropped even a little bit,
the photo quality was not so good, as you might expect with a smartphone at this price,
with noise becoming quite noticeable, but the results were still generally acceptable.
And the cameras don’t do a bad job with white balance in most cases.
The lack of any image stabilisation makes videos look very shaky. The primary camera
does auto focus which could be useful, but there’s a lot of focus hunting filming outdoors.
To the point I’d recommend holding down your finger on the screen to lock focus and
exposure for these types of clips. The wide angle lens has a fixed focal length,
and being wide angle also means most things are in focus anyway. It makes for a fairly
useful video camera – if you can keep it steady. The front camera does a better job for video
than it does for photos, and results are acceptable. I tried other camera apps like Open Camera,
but thus far they don’t support the ultra-wide lens.
Overall it’s unlikely you’ll be blown away by the image quality, but taking into
account the price of the phone and the flexibility of the triple camera system, it’s still
quite appealing. Conclusions
The Umidigi A5 Pro is a compelling budget smartphone. The build quality, impressive
screen, battery life and clean Android 9.0 install justify its asking price.
I wouldn’t purchase this phone for the camera alone, but there’s still no doubt it’s
a versatile system and in the right conditions it can deliver good results.
Its performance was generally good ignoring the occasional minor app crash, but phones
do slow down gradually over time. And the entry level processor isn’t going to provide
a lot of headroom – although the 4GB of RAM will definitely help. I’ll report back in
the comments how it’s doing after a few more months of use.
It’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to update to the
latest Android 10, already available on some devices, but honestly I don’t think that’s
a big deal for most people – my Samsung Galaxy Tab is still running Android version 8.
Overall if you’re after a smartphone for under £100, I’d give the Umidigi A5 Pro
some serious consideration. But I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you
think the phone offers good value for money. What do you think of the photo quality? Let
me know down below. And as always, if you have any questions,
please ask – I read every comment and will do my best to respond.
I do hope you found this video useful. Please like the video if you did. I’m releasing
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Thanks for watching!

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  1. Do you think the phone offers good value for money. What do you think of the photo quality? Let me know down below!

    0:00 Intro

    0:19 Overview*, unboxing

    0:30 Supplied phone case and screen protector

    0:52 Build quality, buttons and ports

    1:26 Weight and dimensions

    1:40 Dual SIM tray, microSD expandable storage, included storage

    1:55 Turn on for first time, display with waterdrop notch, LTPS panel, edge-to-edge design

    2:10 Setup stock Android 9.0 Pie

    2:32 Change default Chrome homepage from Umidigi's

    2:37 FM radio app

    2:44 Mobile data settings (for Sky in this example)

    2:56 Virtual buttons configuration

    3:05 Performance*

    3:08 CPU (MediaTek Helio P23 Octa-core), Memory (RAM), performance discussion

    3:22 Playing games (Mario Kart)

    3.26 Fingerprint reader speed

    3:32 Face unlock

    3:37 Gestures

    3:50 Geekbench 5 benchmark results and discussion

    4:13 Display LTPS HD 2280 x 1080 19:9 ratio

    4:30 Turn on adaptive brightness

    4:36 Speaker quality and recorded sound test (use headphones for the best experience)

    5:16 Phone call quality

    5:20 Charging (2A) 4150mAh battery

    5:46 Connectivity: WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.2, no NFC

    6:14 Cameras and camera app*

    6:19 Triple camera, with ultra-wide lens and depth sensor

    6:39 Front camera

    6:41 Walk through camera app

    7:15 Example photos versus iPhone X

    7:55 Example videos

    8:14 Front camera example and audio test

    8:23 Open Camera app

    8:36 Conclusions


  2. I bought this phone from Bang-good for £84.
    The phone is beautiful, I have the crystal blue version, great build quality.

    Superb, vibrant screen. Battery lasts very long time. Yes, I agree the camera is not the best, and the speaker is average, but works for me.
    I am very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended, if you need a no nonsense smartphone. Value for money 10/10 !

  3. I clicked on the video expecting the phone the to be absolute crap… But came away from it pleasantly surprised at just how usable it is. Phones at this price point use to be pretty much useless for anything but calls and texts. Nice review.

  4. I have the phone. It's great. You're talking about a gsm unlocked phone with decent specs phone for around 100. I paid 119 from Amazon because I couldn't wait a month.

  5. Headset speaker is really weak. In noisy place you can't hear . I'm disappointed from Umidigi.

  6. I purchased this phone because I believe the hype turns out it is trash literally not even led notifications it freezes so much camera not poppin

  7. Phone came through the post and have been using it for almost a day.
    I have to say this is a beautiful product and a big well done to Umidigi:') the screen panel is the same technology from the huawei p20 (very impressive), great for watching media content, 32gb storage is ample 🙂 I recommend this to anyone who doesn't do heavy intense gaming, the chipset isn't bad.. Well.. For the price it's great! Though don't expect to run everything you throw at it. I can't fault this phone for anything else as for £82 it's a steal!!
    Buy it, it's beautiful! Especially for media goers 🙂

  8. I'm considering getting this phone, does the camera need to be updated manually or has it already been fixed?
    Also is it fairly easy to set up?

  9. i just got it and earpiece call volume si so low u have to struggle to hear what the other person says, i tried some "solutions from engineering menu and boost apk's " but no chance, this is a deal-breker for me , it's almost unusable for phone calls

  10. All That For Under $100? Unbelievable And Absolutely Splendid…I Don't Like Rubbish Bin MediaTek Processors~Or That Bloody Ridiculous Camera Placement~And No USB Type C…But It'll Do For That Price… ESPECIALLY That Massive 6.3 Inch Display…

  11. Greetings from the Philippines! I am Cris Anthony Ortaliz Bondoc, a Filipino and a stroke person. I have watched your videos and they are very informative and helpful. I can barely walk because of my sickness. Since life for me now is a little bit dull, I am, I know, recovering from this dreadful disease. To overcome my boring life to becoming well again, I became a heavy user of phone. I use it daily for YouTube, FB, messenger, call & text and browsing the internet. I use it daily for 5 – 8 hours and for my daily driver, I use an Alcatel 1S. I plan to change to Umidigi A5 Pro. Actually, I bought one already at our local on-line store and I am just waiting for the item. Do you think it will support me with its 4150 mah battery? And is QI receiver ok to use with this as I have "heavy hands" as a result of my stroke, I wirelessly charge my phone. Thank you so much for your response-Cris

  12. Hello, thank you for the review its very clear and easy to understand for a non native English watching. Between this phone and the Redmi 8A which one you would recommend? I don´t do gaming, I´m interested in two things: one the camera (does the Umidigi has a yellow taint problem like someone said?) and also the bands because the Redmi 8A that I could buy does not have many 4g bands and that is my concern, I will be moving to Italy and there are saying that 3g will stop working in 2020, like in other parts of Europe 3g is going to be shut down and I will not be able to connect to the 4g network. Thank you.

  13. Not sure if you’ve reviewed or heard of the Samsung Galaxy a10s, but would you recommend Umidigi a5 pro or Samsung Galaxy a10s?

  14. I've been contemplating to either get this or Meizu M6s as a phone to upgrade to. My budget literally can't go anything above 110$ so I've been pretty hard on myself searching what could be nice to have.

    Thank you for the review 'cause I'll definitely do a review too if I ever get any of the two models I've been contemplating to buy.

  15. Just bought this phone from 11.11 and got it a few days ago, the only major issue I've noticed is that wi-fi becomes unusable if you use bluetooth, great device otherwise.

  16. Between a redmi 8 A and this, which would you prefer for a phone, ps, I have been using the redmi note 3 since 2016 and it's time for an upgrade. Obviously I want something that will last 2 years or more.

  17. Hi Mr technology man I like ur review and ur respect to reply all comments,, I tried to order this phone (umidigi f2) from Amazon but the reply was "can't be shipped to my country then I went to Ali express then there I met two VERSIONS of the product,,, EUROPEAN UNION VERSION and NON EUROPEAN UNION VERSION,,what does this mean Mr tech if I live in non EU countries like Tanzania (Africa ) and what different are the products. ,,,UMIDIGI F2,,, help

  18. I've been looking for a video of a complete review of this phone, haven't seen the first that talked about the Image Stabilization so thanks about this! For 90$ and includes case and screen protector, its way beyond expected. You should do one of the Umidigi F2, nobody has reviewed that one. Awesome video! 👏🏻

  19. The phone is not there no more can you send a new link please i need a new phone im currently using a random phone i found in my house with my wifi

  20. Greetings from the Philippines. I am Cris s Filipino. I have watched some of your videos and they are very informative. Thank you, they helped me. I now own an Umidigi A5 Pro. Can you review this phone – status after a few months and any tricks and tips. Thank you – Cris

  21. BEWARE: In Sept 2019, I ordered this from Amazon: UMIDIGI Power Unlocked Cell Phones 64GB+4GB RAM 5150mAh Battery. It was a very nice phone, BUT the speaker was HORRIBLE. I could barely hear anyone on a call in the house, and outside, the phone thought I was a deaf man. UGH. Thankfully, Amazon took the phone back. UPDATE: I just heard the audio test in this video and it sounds HORRIBLE. Note that it is coming from a SINGLE speaker. The video shows the volume all the way up, but sounds low. Maybe the producers have super hearing? Ugh.

  22. Hey bro thanks for the awesome review of the Umidigi a5 pro I loving the phone so far and it feels very premium for the device. After looking into the specs it feels like the I phone x but better in my opinion just wish they make more phone cases for this Umidigi a5 pro

  23. Clean stock Android with Android 9.0
    4,500 maH of battery
    triple camera
    120° wide angle lens ( i mean, seriously?)
    400 ppi
    small teardrop notch

    that's more that what i expect before i click the thumbnail. considering its a $80 smartphone,
    its seriously a good choice. thumbs up

  24. Great review. Thanks, mate! I got one for my 12-year old son and I'm jealous 🙂 Great display, apps are running smoothly. My son loves it! I can't really comment on the camera but I've done some tests and the results are more than ok for a phone sold at that price…

  25. My Umidigi A5 Pro screen died 20 days after I received it! That was 3 days ago.
    Also it never got to 4g only 3g.Why? I dunno.
    I was enjoying it until the screen died regardless of its few flaws.Now I am reluctant to buy another Umidigi product.
    The End.

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