Unicorn Photoshoot

see happy Sunday good Sunday morning
everybody we are getting ready and we’re going to run out the door because we
have family pictures we haven’t had family pictures in probably seven years
so that is what we are doing today hey I think we’re all ready to go we had
to rush around the house I have my hair straight I have my nails on my makeup
Sophia let me see you you look so your nails
Ali let me see you you look gorgeous let me see your nails
and the most handsome of all you look so cute so we are on our way I’m so excited
because like I said we have not had pictures in forever she was two months
old the last time we had pictures so we’re so excited and I’m hoping that I
can film some of the behind the scenes for you guys if the photographer doesn’t
get mad but I don’t see why she would do you
great god you look so good baby guys all of you guys look so pretty
get over Alan very nice yeah except for daddy daddy doesn’t look pretty he looks
handsome got done with pictures and I think they
came out so cute Sophia can you put your shirt here thing down flip it and I
think they came out so good what did you girls think okay where’s your glasses
out okay what did you get unicorn poop you can’t find it
that’s okay it was funny because the photographer was telling us that because
we were in the woods that we could potentially get ticks on us and Jason
just happened to scratch like where his pants were and he found a tick on him so
we’re like freaking out now we have to go home take showers and hopefully
there’s no ticks on us because that can give you Lyme disease and it also I was
reading on Facebook that it paralyzed a little girl not that long ago what do
you got let me see Oh you didn’t get one out she she did that
was nice of you Ali yeah those ladies the photographer gave
out little poop and
keychains or whatever I think she had bracelets too but anyways so we’re going
home we’re gonna take quick showers because if there’s a tick on us we don’t
want to break out and then we’re gonna go where are we going Jason is craving
all of the garden so we’re gonna go get some
what are you guys doing so what is this again
apple martini or sangria it’s so good it tastes like green Jolly Rancher what are
you guys getting in your jumpsuit what are you getting what are you getting
fettuccine alfredo you look so much older and so grown-up now here are Sofia’s Nanao
she has unicorns on them so pretty if you would like a better view of the
pictures I will have them up on my Instagram at cute little cupcakes mom so
go on over there and take a look and we will see you guys in the next video bye

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