100 Replies to “Unnatural Paranormal Encounters Caught on Camera”

  1. happychaosofthenorth. . 11 hours ago (edited). . I have a hard time believing that a crew of paranormal investigators are allowed to enter a crime scene and investigate before the homeowners are allowed back in. Maybe the story would be slightly more believable if they claimed that poltergeist activity hindered the police investigation, or if the investigation took place much later after the homeowners moved back in, but even then I'd have a hard time buying it.

    Also, notice how they don't look behind the couch when the bear fell and the curtain moved, even though there is obviously room for someone to hide there. And later, when the curtain moves again, while they go behind the couch this time, the movement happens far enough to the side of the shot that again, someone could've easily hidden out of the shot and moved it. I mean, they asked the ghost to move the curtain, but don't actually aim the camera on the curtain and area? And the camera shutting off and on can't be proven because it isn't shown, and oddly doesn't happen to the one whose video we're watching. I believe in the possibility of ghosts and the paranormal, but I approach these things with skepticism and I call BS on this one.. 7 replies. 65 likes.

  2. The truly frightful paranormal encounters are rarely recorded. I had a conversation with a dog whose face morphed between bulldog, human and insect. The troubling thing was it predicted the death of someone I knew. I know these things are real.

  3. A meter, designed to detect electromagnetic fields, amazingly detects one when held against a cross. The cross happens to be hanging on the wall, directly above a light switch. Come on!

  4. What kind of police doesn’t clean up after a crime scene and let’s unknown strangers inside a house where a current crime scene has accured

  5. Great choice of videos for this, Colin!!

    #6, the murder victim house I got the strange feeling that it wasn't so much wanting them to leave, as it was
    b/c it was tired. (It must take a lot of energy to communicate!) I do have to say that the sheets moving kinda got to me.

    #5 The girl throwing the blanket, the whole orb thing didn't impress me at all.

    #4 The mirror reflection of the lamp? Holy crap, THAT one gave me goosebumps!

    #3 The one w/the dog: it's pretty clear that the dog is turning it's head towards the cabinet area (prob. the kitchen) b4 it gets pulled (or whatever), but I can't explain the speed.

    #2 Russian Museum, it's the most convincing entity recording that I've seen to date.

    #1 Warehouse Gate, OK. That one hot me! Unless this was filmed with a green screen, (which I highly doubt) this one is definitely real. And creepy!

  6. im getting sick of people hurting there dogs making videos to get famous. this is about the 5th one ive seen recently and just like any ghost video trend its gonna get out of hand.

  7. The video with that mutt was the dumbest one! Just because it turned its head a few times doesn’t mean anything paranormal was happening! LAME! 🙄

  8. The metal lamp is only reflecting the yellow glow lit by the room. The lamp is clearly not on since it is not lighting the base or table.

  9. The one with the security cams in the museum… Are we not going to talk about that 3rd camera that glitched and went out as the orb went from one screen to the other?

  10. The first video. The curtain at the corner right also moved after the teddy dropped to the floor… Believe it dropped the bear and fly to the back… Watch that curtain on right corner after the bear dropped but none of them noticed!

  11. The murder house in the first clip had an ugly interior. Maybe they got angry because someone left the nasty cheetos bag laying on the coffee table again or just super frustrated about the whole place in general. Joking of course. If it's real the spirit was just messing with them it wasn't a ghost in that first clip. The dog totally got dragged either way. That's obvious. If it had been a human who grabbed it it would have yelped in my opinion. Unless it's a hoax which I doubt. Demons can hurt animals more than humans. Animals are not as protected in general. And no animal can alert the human population if any spirit is abusing them. So they are easy targets. Spirits despise creatures that have physical bodies that can rest while many spirits cannot find rest while not in possession. Heard of the "unexplained" cattle mutilations all over the world? Demonic work. You don't really think aliens flew millions of light years through outer space to tie barbed wire around a horses genitals do you??? I hope not. The females in that case were skewered with broom sticks. That actually happened in the UK. Many times it's the same. Also the farmers who owned the cattle/horses many times said they had spiritual activity in their houses or barns the night of the attacks so… It's demonic. Not "aliens" but spirits. Demon spirits to be exact love to torture living things and mutilate them especially. It's documented that they once found a huge pile of cow heads neatly stacked in a pyramid shaped pile in the UK (forget which county) the tongues and the eyes were missing from all of the heads. And check this out when the authorities looked to find out who's cows they were? None of the farmers in the country reportedly were missing any cows at all. So… Where did they come from??? You see? In any case that is not "alien" work. It's demonic. Especially the special attention to sexual parts in many cases. That is demonic work absolutely. They'd do that to people if they could and far worse. Crazy to think people don't believe in them. But well you must regard basic anomalies if not you'll never know anything but what the majority blind group tell you. According to neuroscience there are two types of people in the world some who see anomaly and regard both the known and the unknown/unseen (like me) and some who only regard the "known" those who aggressively regard the "known" do not regard anomalies and therefore do not see anomalies or if they do to them they are not anomalies (even the really definitive ones backed up by great scientific/historic authorities in many cases). Difference between right and left hemispheres of the human brain. According to science anyway. Not really surprising though. Had to be a serious source of mental blindness out there right? By the way I leave too many comments to come back and argue with everyone so I don't ever check my inbox (l literally never do on YouTube) (Inbox comments are not really anomalies as they are quite expected, prevalent, and common). Have a beautiful night no matter which hemisphere you use!

  12. My dog is the exact opposite of the dog in the vid. Strange things always occur in our house, thnigs suddenly disappear and later will be found somewhere else and almost each night when it's all quiet we can hear footsteps in the hallway and loud noises downstairs. then we decided to have a dog, a Japanese Spitz, and suddenly all those strange things was replaced by loud barks and my dog chasing something as if he's hunting it. I will always remember him as my guardian, my bestfriend and the bravest being i know.

  13. 1:44 “when no one is speaking” yet I can hear someone speaking. Several voices at the same time.
    However the talking might be outside that house.

  14. Why the hell are ghosts OBSESSED with doors? They are either peeking out from behind them or rattling them or opening and closing them, that's all that ever seems to happen, it's just getting boring now. You watch Hollywood supernatural horror films and there's full apparitions and possessions and furniture being flung around etc etc, you watch a 'real' ghost caught on camera and it slowly opens a door or rattles a kitchen cupboard. Big deal.
    Anyway, I think the scariest thing in this video is how he says 'cabinet' , cabnim ?? What??

  15. These were ALL B.S. and the last one was laughable. Supposedly captured on a security camera, the camera constantly shakes as it was obviously a handheld camera, completely staged.

  16. Hey In this video if you see the number1 place clip when the gate open in the right side of screen a white shadow just passed by if you see my comment see that thin immediatly… Thank you

  17. yeah funny how the lamp is on a different table one with a drawer one without, and it's missing a painting of a heart behind it….

  18. The lamp without the ♡ picture in the mirror is because the picture is on the opposite wall. It’s there you can’t see it because of the angle.

  19. Hello.
    It is funny in these videos, often the “investigators” ask the entity if they are truly present, “please move the curtain one more time” in this case. When the said entity moves the drape/curtain as requested the man literally spooks back letting out a reaction. All may be their hidden “tricks” but it’s still great fun to imagine, and have fun.

  20. Omg! The dog video is really remarkable! I don’t think this video is a hoax. The camera recording of the interior is one of those security cam so it’s not held. As the narrator said, if there were a dog’s person behind the dog, the dog would have been looking at his person. Yes! The poor pup has been launched hard backward or been pulled by something we could not see. Seems authentic.

  21. Oh good lord. The dog wasn't jerked away. You could see its ears moving.. meaning it was listening to something and got spooked b/c that happens.
    So tired of these stupid obviously NOT paranormal videos.
    I get it, you have to make content, but geezus. Some fucking quality control would be nice.

  22. It looks like light from the camera flying over the girl and the blanket to me. But then again it does make you wonder …what if it wasnt? Lol dun dun dunnn

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  24. 😭😭😭 the poor baby!! That stupid evil ghost needs to be sent back to hell ASAP!!! Dead or alive anyone that hurts a baby and a fur baby deserves to die a million deaths!!.. 😡😡😡😡😡 poor baby only she knows what she was looking at it was probably scary looking too 😭😭😭 if I lived there I would have noped right away grabbed my baby and my stuff and burn that place down!

  25. Hey Callan!
    Love ur show, keep it going fokls!
    I'v ever wondered, why do ghosts always want people 2 leave t locale of their haunting, u'd tink they would want some sort of company during their eternal unrest, someone 2 haunt/scare, or what's t point?
    Of t last clip, what need would a ghost av of picking a lock when they should b able 2 just 'ghost' through t gate/wall on their own?!
    Thanx Again-

  26. In the last video with the gates and pad lock opening did you see or mention the orb flying around the camera as the gates are being pushed. It circles from bottom right to left and then around to the top right again.

  27. Slapped Ham and Facts Verse seem to be having a contest to see which one of them can come up with the biggest bullshit videos.

  28. Those “paranormal investigators” and the house they visited are a perfect example of why kids should stay in school, not do drugs, and discourage people from having sex with their relatives.

  29. The number 1video is pretty damn impressive. I dont see how that could be faked. But the rest can be. And although there are Some orb videos that are interesting mosr ibelieve are simply dust particals or abug flying by.

  30. Something fake looking about the dog one. We don't see her paws,and the door way is obscured. She could have been on a mat,on a smooth surface,and some one,human quickly pulled the mat back.

  31. The second video I don't think was a orb. It looks like a bug cause of the way it looks and how fast it flew by. Plus, there wasn't any activity seen in front of the camera. I can see if there was a shadow or something but there wasn't. I mean dust looks more like orbs and that was neither.

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