Useful Color Grading Chart for Lightroom

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  1. this is a fantastic tutorial – I've subscribed. One thing I would change is the music – I'd rather no music than the current background choice.

  2. This is amazing! My only question is what happens next after I put the chart on the photo? How do I adjust afterwards? Because from the video it looks like your cursor is on the photo itself and not on the point curve in the sidebar.

  3. Thanks for another great tutorial. You should see about doing some of this tone Curve and Color Grading instruction on CreativeLive! You do it very well.

  4. Oh man! Nice too see that you love Masashi Wakui too! Could you make a whole video about his editing style?

  5. Great video, thanks I will go out in evening and make some cityscapes and try to make it more film like cause so far I am struggling to get what I have in mind and I think your technique might help me 🙂 Thanks and will inform on results 😀

  6. Hello Denny, I can't seem to find the download button after clicking that link. I have subscribed hoping that button to pop out. Help please?

  7. Amazing video and very well explained this and the last two videos of tones and color hsl are great as well now I know how to better refine my photos thank you so much Denny I watched a lot of other videos on here and these are the best

  8. if you have to open the picture in photoshop to overlay the chart, then wouldn't you just edit the curves in photoshop as well?

  9. I'm doing something wrong. I open my image in PS, insert the chart and save it. Then when I set my color and want to sync if with the rest of pictures, the colors are wrong. I have set ProPhoto for external editing and when I'm setting the color on saved tiff, the result doesn't look similar on dng files. What is wrong? Thanks.

  10. Great video Denny! Could you teach us how to achieve this effect to our photos: The lights, shadows, colors, sharp and skin effect? I proved several methods but I couldn't match them together perfectly . I don't want to copy the style just to know how its done, PLEASE! Thank you!

  11. This is genius!!! I'm so thankful. You've done a great job with the tone chart, I would have never thought of something like that. Thanks again. I'm subscribing right now.

  12. IM opening as a smart object in photoshop but I dont want to edit it in photoshop but LR? what im doing wrong???

  13. Thank you for your tutorials. I found them to be very helpful in understanding how to Color grade and how to set up my own using the tone curve.

  14. hi Denny I hope you see this
    first that is a great video thanks a lot !!!
    I didn't understand how I connect the color png file to the image in Lightroom ?

  15. I'm hoping you can answer a few questions about using this chart with raw files. For external editing in lightroom it is set as ProPhotoRGB at 16bit and the png provided seems to be an 8bit sRBG. Should I be worried about this conversion? After I save a copy with the chart as a TIFF in photoshop it has limited slider ranges in lightroom like an 8 bit image. Does that mean I should WB my image before I add this chart? Maybe this tool is mean for JPEGs? Thanks for the help.

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