Using old digital cameras – Sony Cybershot DSC-W55

Video number four of shooting with the
compact digital cameras today I want to talk about Sony cyber-shot so my
previous ones have been 5 megapixels and moving up by a few this summer point 2
megapixel camera got this nice control dial on the back these high ISO auto
program get your film mode snow mode landscape mode there’s a nice little
camera used it for about a week and it has a fast shutter so you can get some
other quick shots if you wanted to ISO is tops out at 1000 but it does suffer
if you don’t have enough light although I did get some decent shots and
you can do video but only at 4 by 3 or 80 by 640 so there’s no cinematic 16 by
9 at all this one does have a tripod mount on the
bottom which is nice it uses Sony G lithium-ion batteries which lasted a
long time which is also another plus for the camera there’s no raw so you can
turn it on at the top and some of you may or may not like this power button
cuz it’s really not easy to turn on when you want it to if you doing it quickly
but at the same time you can’t turn it on accidentally the lens pops out which sometimes that can be good or bad
I had a bad experiences with zoom lenses which gets stuck but this one seems to
work properly so far screen when I got this camera has some dark spots on it so
that’s that’s a negative for this one it does have the nice focus points and
it worked well when shooting at night as far as video is concerned so for my own
reference this is Sony cyber-shot if you want to check out my other two videos
and also check out the results of a few of the pictures that I got from this as
well as the video stay tuned and after this thanks for watching you

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  1. Wow! Great quality Video for an older camera! I have an HP 13MP Camera and it has AWFUL video quality. Not even VGA quality. Thumbs up!

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