Using old digital cameras – The DL 352M

Hello everyone so this is the digital
life 352M it’s one of the first cameras that I got several years back I
only used it a handful of times and I was curious to see if I can make
pictures with this with all the knowledge that I have since that time so
I’ve gotten used to using DSLRs which are pretty big so you can see if it is
very compact camera and it still works so I wanted to see what kind of pictures
I can make this is a 5 megapixel camera there’s some other functions on the back
menu button mode button so nobody really uses these anymore
most people take pictures with their phones now
so it takes triple-a batteries one drawback to this is that it does eat the
batteries real quickly so I forgotten that it takes a lot of power it only get
like maybe a couple hundred shots it only shoots in JPEG it does take SD card
and the batteries are can get expensive if you use if you’re using using a
camera a lot but it still works I really don’t want to throw it away or they
can’t give it away I guess you could try selling it but they’re not gonna give
very much for it so I did use it and obviously the low-light is terrible you
have no control over now the aperture or focusing for that
matter it’s very limited but it works fine I
said the only thing is that it just takes a lot of battery power so you can
get really expensive buying triple-a batteries here are some of the functions
that you do have you know auto white balance well you can take single or you
can take a burst of pictures a self-timer time stamp and you can also
do you can those well do a video with this there’s the main menu
that’s your album that’s the camera you’re about to take a shot you get a go
to the head it’s a little camera icon for video video resolution this 480 so
it was very low that’s the settings menu so I’ve used it for about a week just to
see what I can do with it so like I said the the low-light is terrible the flash
if you’re using the flash it takes up a lot of battery power so if you use the
flash four or five times you’re gonna be changing the batteries a little macro
setting right there micro USB port so let me show you my results I was kind of
surprised and I also enjoy the fact that it’s very very small so yeah follow me
along and I have some samples right after the video thanks you

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  1. I actually like the sample shots. It's a cool challenge to take this camera and try to take interesting photos with it.

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