25 Replies to “Van Life with the new Google Assistant on Pixel 4: Hands Free Captures”

  1. she could've literally opened the camera app by hand and she still would end up with same result, what's the point of using google assistant to open camera app if ultimately she's going to tap the shutter button ? If she would've shouted "Hey Google take a picture" while standing on top of the van then it makes sense.
    Am I missing something here ?

  2. On my Galaxy note 10 I can use the S pen to remotely trigger the camera or change modes… i almost got the pixel 4, till i saw what a letdown it was, so i'm still sticking with Samsung

  3. Congrats are your success, Jennelle!! Love your channel! But be careful out there. There are a lot of jealous Nuts – as you can see from the comments here.

  4. i heard jennelle contracted pink eye from all the sh'i'tting in buckets she does inside her van , vomit!

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