Venus, Sirius & Betelgeuse – Canon 80D Camera & Tamron 18-400mm Lens

Alrighty, well hello there finally we have something to see over
here. I didn’t think it’d clear out today but the clouds parted and we have Venus
over here in the western sky, looks like it’s about
three-quarters full, kind of a sideways teardrop over there and here we are on
Sunday February 16th 2020 at 6:35 p.m. up here in Northeastern Ohio, that’s in
North America for those folks who don’t know where that is, oh let me shut that
off, there we go, we’re just out here messing around with the Canon 80D and
the Tamron 18 to 400 millimeter lens and we have the digital zoom on, let me
double check, yes, so that’s as far as that’ll go and I do have an ND filter on here I
think it’s the ND 64, I’m not sure I’d have to double check, there I just took it off but what the filter did it help cut down
on the bright light so we can try to get the phase of it in so it seemed to have
worked alright, now I need to start this right okay there we go so there’s really
nothing else showing right now Orion is up over to our left along with
Sirius but I still can’t see it in my sky here, actually I do see a light
shining over there but I need to take a few pictures so I can really get a
handle on where everything is over in the southeast, so, let me put this filter away all righty that’s cool there’s uh Sirius over in the southeast and we’ll try to get it centered here then go in and do a digital zoom on it and there’s that incredible star, it’s
supposed to be a binary it has the most amazing colors that looks so cool anyway I am recording onto the Atomos
Ninja Flame and using the SkyWatcher tracking mount, that’s quite cool, that’s
good enough there okay it’s not gonna come in too well, not
on video, not on this camera but we have Orion up above the willow tree there,
Sirius down below and it looks like we have a red-hot pixel down there too on this
camera, which is bothersome all right, there we go, we can fit the whole constellation in the frame, with that damn red pixel that’s a bummer all right it’s hard to tell where I’m at
I was trying to get the Orion Nebula but I still don’t know where I’m at,
it’s around here somewhere, well I’m not gonna be able to get the nebulae in with
this type of setup, that’s all right there’s been so much talk about Betelgeuse, Bettlejuice, whatever you want to call it which is at the top left of the
constellation, there it is, of course I have it way too bright, all right, anyway so
there’s that star, alright so I’m all out of sorts here it’s been ages since I was able to capture anything woops sorry I’m standing in a puddle
here but we’ve had some really crappy skies here it’s been a horrible winter
for sky watching here in Ohio so we get what we can when we’re able to
anyway that’s gonna have to do it on this Sunday evening, so hope you’re all doing
well, take care, have a wonderful new week it’s 6 56 p.m. up here, good night now

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  1. Helloo there.. after a long time.. beautiful video as always..❤️🔥 Betelgeuse has much changed noticeably.. I want to capture too but no chance

  2. They look so pretty Jayling twinkling in harmony also had my birthday yesterday turned 33 and yes 1 day into 33hood hehe

  3. Hello my friend! That tripod you recommend me for this mount? And if I need another accessory for my Nikon P1000

  4. Wow nice to here from ya DJ I just mentioned you on another channel not more than an hour ago. I brought up your ? mark on the moon. We had a few clear skies here lately but you would have to been a polar bear to survive the cold. Have a great week and thanks for the video.

  5. Braving the cold , what a trooper you are Jayling , great to see ya as always !! Thanks for sharing with us !!! Stay warm my friend !!!

  6. Hola mi amiga los otros días estuve haciendo varias tomas de sirius betelgeuse y de la nebulosa de Orión hermosas imágenes las tengo en mi canal saludos….

  7. What a sight for sore eyes, nice to see another one of your vids, hey, did someone say Beatlejuice will explode very soon, how awful, great to hear your voice again Jayling, good night!

  8. Hello there pretty lady standing in a puddle💕😀 Venus is always looking beautiful. I think I've asked you before, which planet would you like to visit 😁. Thank you for the videos cheers from 🇦🇺💕

  9. "Well hello there".. I love that 🙂 Thanks for sharing sister!.. Awesome footage as always. Much more happening in the sky for the Feb 21st. I hope you enjoy this… Peace and Cheers

  10. the sky is a clock sun tells the time of day moon time of month and stars time of year… God put it there on day 4… like the first page of your bible says. 😊🌎🔨🌎🎥🚁⛵

  11. I feel your pain. It rained down here for four days straight not to long ago. Kept getting alerts from the Night Sky app and couldn’t see a damn thing 😆

    Then finally it stopped and I got an alert for the ISS fly over, I finally got to see it and even got a pic with my phone ❤️

  12. Love to see stars and planets. Been a while. Relax folks Betelgeuse has not exploded yet. It’s adjusting the luminosity and some of the gases surrounding the supergiant star makes it looks like it wants to. We will see it, in a million years or less.

  13. Lovely Jayling and congrats on your ever increasing subs, you deserve it … and to think you thought no one was interested. 🙂

    Ok get the choccy cakes distributed before they freeze.

  14. siempre buena calidad de imagen y tienes una voz relajante que hace apreciar mucho tu trabajo. espero algún día poder escribir en ingles saludos y gracias por compartir tu tiempo

  15. Very cool! I use a old school 135mm f2.8 for star shots. Before i use a 500mm Mirror but the pics dont lock good with it.

  16. Thanks Diversity .I wonder what's that new source of bright light on the southeast these days? Besides why does venus gets reddish before it vanishes into late nightsky?

  17. I work here in the middle east and the sky here are very clear especially at dawn if there is no sand storms. Most of the time when i look at the sky i wonder what planet or star it is that I’m looking at. Thanks for uploading i always looking forward for your videos. 🙂

  18. I'm just wondering do you use any kind of locating app or device for these bodies because I can't seem to find anything but Mars and the moon. And I don't live in a light polluted area.

  19. DiversityJ, do you feel the Earth spinning when you see those celestial objects moving in your cam? Don't you get dizzy? 😀

  20. Dj I don't know if you're going to get this but can you go to my second to the last video and please tell me your opinion and tell me if you think that's sirrus if you watch closely you can see the object next to the sun bottom right hand corner God willing u see this

  21. Star Betelgeuse light appears to have shed 60% of its light. Is he preparing to die, or is he dead from light years, and has not arrived yet …

  22. Hey there precious lady! So glad you got to see & record for us too! Thank you. I've missed you. How has this winter been for you? My family in WNY said it hasn't been too bad so far. On the hill where our cabin is got more but that's normal up there!
    I hope you have a nice week. Take care now. ❤

  23. Morn hun !😀…so nice too see your post ! Here in upstate NY ..we have had the same poop weather …ugg ! Trying to see what Betelgeuse is up too.. Im soooo hoping fingers been crossed 45yrs !! Lol! …have a great day ! …Dub ..🌙🔭🔭🔭🔭🔭!

  24. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    Question, wasn't Betelgeuse already dead? Betelgeuse exploded 642 years ago right and we are still waiting for the supernova that could last for weeks or even a month?

  25. Hello there ❤
    Listening to a stable, comfortable voice,
    The channel where you can see pretty stars!
    I'm always cheering from afar!

    Giant stars look like tiny dots on Earth.
    It's interesting to comfort us.
    It's just that distant stars are in their places.
    But it's just good.
    Your video also gives me a boost on the other side of the globe!

    Sirius color is very pretty.
    Sirius a.
    It feels like the sparkle of a couple's diamond ring.
    Or a cute and cute color like a hologram pvc.

    There's news that Vettelgius is about to explode.
    An enchanting sight of two moons in the sky?
    I am both expected and contradictoryly sad and sad.
    How about you?

    Thank you for always reminding me of the beauty of the sky!🤗

  26. I was shooting Betelgeuse last night from the Windsor area with my p1000. yeah it was treat to finally have a clear night. Hope it goes supernova in our lifetime.

  27. At least you have had a clear sky, here's it's like autumn instead of winter. 16 degrees Celsius yesterday, in Februari, what's supposed to be the coldest month of the year. We've had two winter storms past weekends and next weekend there's a third one in the making 🙁 I don't know anymore how my telescope works LOL. Anyhow, thx for the video and clear skies !

  28. Great images. You are a real natural kiddo at this star gazing stuff. Thanks. I don’t have nice equipment like you have. So I don’t get to see what you see. Once again thanks for sharing your hard work and Spectacular images I could not see and enjoy myself. Thank you keep up the hard work. I appreciate you and your channel. You have a great eye for beauty.

  29. Thanks for sharing your sights! I hope you can see this:
    Feb 18 – Mars disappear behind the moon – In North or Central America on the morning of February 18 you might be in just the right place to watch the waning moon occult (cover over) the red planet Mars.
    Portland, Oregon: Mars reappears at 4:44:44 a.m. PST on February 18, 2020 (clear skies forecast) (viewing map)
    Feb 17 – Mars at "X" of Galactic Equator and Ecliptic of Date (see sky app/Stellarium)

  30. Good morning . This time I bought a canon 18-400mm used lens. I alway learning from you DJ. Great show as always. I was used my nikon P1000 last night before the clouds rolled in. It was ok. Have a great week. Until next show, thank you again.

  31. I just hope I'm lucky enough to be alive when Betelgeuse does goes supernova. What an incredible site that will Be, for any human fortune enough to witness that phenomena 👍

  32. Absolutely fascinated by these videos, keep up the good work. I hope to get into this hobby soon, when the Scottish skies stay clear enough!

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